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  1. @Voodoo you can close the report. Thank you for looking into it!
  2. Server and location: S2 SOSNOVKA CAMP former Toymakers camp Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-07-25, 05:00-10:00 (not sure) Your in game name: Vlad Borcea Names of allies involved: - Name of suspect/s: logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): - Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): http://prntscr.com/ojvyed http://prntscr.com/ojwda4 http://prntscr.com/ojwbrp http://prntscr.com/ojwc0p http://prntscr.com/ojwc8b http://prntscr.com/ojwcdc http://prntscr.com/ojwcqe Detailed description of the events: As it shows from the pictures we have a military tent in which we used to stash: meds, medical protective cases, bandages,syringes and some other medical stuff and now its almost empty only there left are some pills.In the other car tent we used to stash guns inside and the only guns left are some pistols a sks and a CZ and the camo netting on it is gone as well. There are also car parts missing and probably some more things that got unnoticed. As is shown in the pictures we put a extra layer on top of the first row of walls to prevent boosting so there is no possible way to boost inside only if there are like 4 persons boosting together and there is a airlock with 2 locks that are intact. I would've not report this just cause of some gear, its replaceable, but its the second time things are disappearing without any walls broken down or locks.
  3. HAPPY B-DAY DAYZRP!! Black Cowboy hat! GREAT !
  4. Welcome to the community @Heinrich !
  5. Welcome to the community! Hope you gonna enjoy it!
  6. +1 cant wait to see a priest getting tortured by some muslims lol. OR the other way around why not :))
  7. Spliting s1 and s2 just to counter a problem with ghosting in bases its a nono from me. -1
  8. What would happen to the establishments on S2? If s2 is locked until s1 is full that means some of us that have a base/camp/loot stashes on s2 we cant acces that. -1
  9. Excuse him, he’s just an old man. Welcome tho’!
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    I'll forgive u this time!
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