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  1. alexro


    we found it working in severograd. no one was around it
  2. Is there any way i can change my characters familly name?
  3. alexro


    Stop trying to get attention, thank you.
  4. alexro


    Hoarding? We are building an outpost my dude.
  5. I spent these couple of days all the time in the rain and i didnt get any loss of blood or something like that. I think its ok if you stay in the rain, for the moment atleast.
  6. If the winchester rounds are in the game now yes. Its a feature. But please devs spawn with from now on with a hunter scope
  7. If i remember corectly it spawned it in my hands with the wrap on the blaze
  8. No, It gave me the gun and the ghillie wrap colored. Oh and the blaze is green aswell
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