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  1. Aeryes


    I quit on the forums and discord. Hope you all do well. To everyone who I roleplayed with thanks and if you want to RP just let me know. I wont be using social media for this community anymore, only RP related stuff. Nothing more.


    1. JackZRP


      awh 😞 bye man!

    2. NikoteenRP


      awwww byeeeeee

    3. RavenousRP


      Such a sad time 😞 Thank you for all your work

    4. JimRP


      Thank you for all your work and dedication regardless of what it came down to.

    5. FalkRP


      Thank you for your work. 

    6. Whitename


      thank you for all your work! 

    7. JamesRP


      Bye handsome ❤️ appreciate all the work you did for the server my man! 

    8. Luke


      Thanks for everything you did without most of it being noticed by the majority.

      Wish you all the best in the future man, I hope shit get's better for you bro.

    9. Aeryes


      Thank you @Luke

    10. Watchman


      o7 , thanks my man

    11. Aeryes


      @Watchman  No thank you for being such a cool guy 🙂

    12. arttu


      sometimes i feel like doing this too tbh

    13. CamoRP


      Well shit. Good luck to yah.

    14. Whitename



    15. baskorthuis


      You really did a lot for this community, shame to see you going.

      Good luck!

    16. Whitename


      This makes me sad

    17. PandaOG



    18. CamoRP


      Yeah, I am sad to see Aeryes go too. 😕

    19. Azu





    20. Eagle



    21. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      He dead.

    22. FalkRP



    23. CamoRP


      I hope he returns.

    24. Zero


      o7 aeryes 

  2. Aeryes

    Does the community want "Build anywhere."

    This is pointless, Rolland does what he wants anyways. Yes, Build anywhere should be added back but restricted to certain objects.
  3. Aeryes

    DayZRP 19.6.4

    It never was about gear. It was about creating cool settlements to RP in. The settlement RP was fun for those who dont care about PvP but PvPers line the coffers so they need to be looked after!!! Now the mod does nothing more than adding a few textures.
  4. Aeryes

    DayZRP 19.6.4

    I understand the tents but nothing else needed to be removed. That is just pure overkill and unneeded. The tent issue should have been solvable with a reduced view geo and geo. EDIT: To add, there was never issues with deployment of any of the base objects. The only issues were with tents spamming client logs. And some non critical casting warnings. Big fat -1 to the removals.
  5. Aeryes

    Zombie Horde Discussion.

    This won't be happening now, at least not from me.
  6. Aeryes

    VIP rank change

    Ahhh okay. Thanks for clearing it up I also agree that the changes are good.
  7. Aeryes

    VIP rank change

    Then why is @Kerkkoh VIP
  8. Aeryes

    VIP rank change

    Maybe us MVPs and VIPs and Legends could choose our own colors if that were possible? @Roland EDIT: Also shouldnt I be VIP according to these rules
  9. Aeryes

    VIP rank change

    Seems inaccurate considering I was a developer but I'm MVP lol
  10. Aeryes

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    My word when it comes to modding apparently wont be worth much anymore now that every change no matter how small has to go through Rolle. You're better of just asking him anymore tbh.
  11. Aeryes

    Server Cap and Car Drive-ability

    I wanted to give a serious reply but then I remembered that Rolle will do what he wants anyways. The cap was fine at 80. I dont see why it was changed.
  12. Aeryes

    Remove Garden Plots from the Build Anywhere mod

    Good. That is his job after all
  13. Aeryes

    Dear Devs: How did you get your position? + General Questions

    Was there a formal application process? Not really What sort of a programming / modding background do you have? I have programmed for some time. I used to do Minecraft modding and I have used Python for data analysis. What were the scopes of previous projects you've developed that you think helped you get the position? I dont think anything really had an effect. What IDE do you use for DayZ scripting? Sublime Text and the Workshop that comes with dayz tools.
  14. Aeryes

    Remove Garden Plots from the Build Anywhere mod

    I dont take suggestions directly anymore sorry.
  15. Aeryes

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Same to you dude. Had a lot of fun tonight
  16. Aeryes

    Zombie Horde Discussion.

    That's the reason why I am adding conditions for performance. The big bases we have ingame are far more performance intensive than this is.
  17. Aeryes

    Zombie Horde Discussion.

    Mmmm. The big issues here are all out of my reach. I can only work now within the scope of what Roland allows me too, the ability I once had to let my creativity flow is no longer there. Lots of things have changed recently and it feels like the direction of our modding has also. It may be for the best if you either talk to the big man about your concerns or make a suggestion thread detailing your issues. I cant do much about what you describe here. All the server related things are directly handled by Roland.
  18. Aeryes

    Zombie Horde Discussion.

    Cities get removed when player cap goes above 70. Also, all horde get reduced by 5 zombies. I call it "Performance Mode"
  19. Aeryes

    Anime Profile Appeal

    Thank you, the dev team stands firmly behind you sir.
  20. Aeryes

    Steel Vs Wood Walls

    The answer to this is yes, we can affect each type if they inherit from different classes we can add checks to see which item is what and then apply building times using beautiful simple "if" statements. However, I'm almost sure that the metal sheet fence is not a new fence type, it's just a proxy attached to the wood fence.
  21. Aeryes

    S1: KoS in Chernogorsk - 15/06/2019 02:13

    POV: If I am not mistaken @Randy this was the same time I logged in and got killed by a man who misidentified me but i already figured that out with him. Other than that i am clueless to when and where this all happened.
  22. Aeryes

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    The problem is it's never "every now and again" its usually an every day occurrence. The focus should be on creating mod prefabs to assist raiders and leaving building times alone.
  23. Aeryes

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    I disagree, 15 minutes only helps top fraggers get into bases and ruins settlement RP which is going really well right now. Better idea is to just remove the ability to store rifles in anything but weapon racks.
  24. Aeryes

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    Neither is 15 minutes.
  25. Aeryes

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    I don't see why Shemagh crafting was removed when we could have just made it more expensive. Also Why did we reduce the building time to only 15 minutes, literally defeats the entire point of making settlements again because people will just destroy them all as fast as it takes to put them up. Terrible changes on those two points.
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