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  1. Aeryes


    Just a heads up to all the people who normally like to directly message me with suggestions and ideas. Don't bother doing it anymore, if you really want something in that badly just make a suggestion thread on the forums or the discord channel for suggestions.. Chances are the things you want will never make it to live if you just ask me directly without seeking Rolles approval. I wont be taking direct suggestions like that anymore. I am taking things slower after the last few weeks of drama etc, I will just be doing what is requested from me directly by the staff team as well as picking and choosing suggestions that are approved by Rolle. My base plans might still happen, it all depends on some personal factors that I don't wish to discuss here.

    To sum it up, if Rolle says yes to it then ask me to make it. Otherwise I will just straight up tell you to go to the forums or discord suggestions mediums.

    1. FireDude


      DM Roland then???

      Jk dude, take it back a bit, everyone agrees that the work you do for the community is second to none. Keep it up in the quality you always bring. 

    2. Aeryes


      @FireDude Its not even a joke. DM Roland or some high up staff member to get approval for the idea before asking me to make stuff or else make a suggestion thread with a poll. I don't think everyone would agree with your statement but thank you for the kind words 😉

    3. FireDude


      Who saying what u doing isnt good enough! Gah! Letmme at em, show em to me ill rough em up for ya! 


    4. Aeryes


      @FireDude Its not really a big deal, I just don't want people to waste any of their time. 

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