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    Just a quick update on Dev stuff I am working on for those who read my profile posts. Right now I am focusing on to things, drug effects and base building.

    The goal I hope to achieve for drug effects is a visual and possibly physical effect when a player consumes drugs such as Cannabis, Codeine and Morphine. The visual effects will vary depending on the drug been consumed. Right now the only issue with this is the same issue that is facing the new admin tools. Issues with RPC framework not working as expected. Hopefully we will find a solution to that shortly. 

    As for base building, it is my main focus. I have a few goals when it comes to implementing new things for base building:

    - Solidify settlements and make them more permanent.

    - Add modular building units to allow players to build the most customized varied bases possible.

    - Add utility buildings such as build-able water pumps and farms to enhance a bases survival rate while been attacked.

    - Add unique defense structures to add some interesting twists to besieging a large base.

    Overall my goal for base building is to increase longevity. I want to encourage people to group up and survive, this will also provide less hostile groups with a purpose as well as helping hostile groups find new RP opportunities through attacking large settlements.

    Base building will also benefit from a large variety of items such as new storage containers, new tent variants for smaller camps, more types of stashes (sleeping beds) and road blocks to block areas of from cars.

    Let me know what you all think of this 🙂

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