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  1. Aeryes

    DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    I will not return to DayZ until they add mod support into the game. I am bored to the bones of vanilla play and Chernarus. Too many years of the same old boring map. I think this game will continue to perish to the winds of time unless mod support is added very soon.
  2. Aeryes


    I've been trying to get back into RP but I am finding it hard to meet people in game without running half a decade to meet them :(

    1. Chewy


      Severo. :D

    2. Brayces


      Yep! I think Severo is the hot spot atm, my dude.

      If not, RC and ask to meet people! :D

  3. Aeryes

    Falk's Diary. [WIP]

    Thank you. Enjoyed reading it.
  4. Aeryes

    Endeavour Western - The man who had it all. [WIP]

    Thank you very much !!! Enjoyed it Keep it up !!!
  5. Aeryes

    Boys Only Thread

    Okay well here I am !!!!!
  6. Aeryes

    Boys Only Thread

    Am I too late?
  7. Aeryes


    Where is the rp at? Getting fed up been alone :(

  8. Aeryes

    Endeavour Western - The man who had it all. [WIP]

    I am interested Quote me when it's up so I know.
  9. Aeryes

    Endeavour Western - The man who had it all. [WIP]

    Still waiting.... how long are the evenings where you are from?
  10. Aeryes

    [Open Frequency] Hallowed Be Thy Name.

    *Hearing a priest on the radio brings back memories of old to Braxton's mind, memories of Sunday mass back in the bog land of County Galway* "Welcome, father. I think many of us are in need of a few prayers. I finally got what was coming to me after years of wrong doings. Pray for me father...." *The radio goes dead*
  11. Aeryes

    Prapor Vlkodlak Media

    Thanks for the mention. That RP was sweet. Looking forward to what is to come.
  12. Aeryes

    In Need Of Assistance.

    *The man on the radio can be heard loud and clear, he sounds like he is in extreme pain* "Please help me, I just got into some deserved trouble and I am injured, the bleeding...... wont stop......" *The radio goes silent, the man eagerly awaits a reply*
  13. Harvey

    • Harvey
    • Aeryes



    1. Aeryes


      I sure did :)

  14. Aeryes

    Yeah, so I have returned.

    Thanks guys. Missed you all. Im glad to be back in action
  15. Ireland, home of the once well known Braxton Lowe. Braxton grew up in the rural lands surrounding Galway, a county burried in western Ireland. As a youngster Braxton was always curious about how his father and brother made their money considering that he was sent to a private school and had the best of everything unlike others in the local area. As he grew up he became familiar with a gun and a mixture of profane words to aid him in getting his way with the locals and the local gardai (Cops). Braxton came to South Zagoria on a buisness trip which clearly went bad, now he finds himself stuck here among the dead and living.