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  1. Aeryes

    Cipher's DayZ Media

    Nice PvP, but where is the RP?
  2. Aeryes

    Interview With A Community Member: Cipher

  3. Aeryes

    Campfire Collection Version 1.

    All will come in good time friend
  4. Aeryes

    Energy/Water Rework

    I think food and hunger is not an issue but water and thirst is an issue. You get thirsty far to fast after drinks about a liter of water.
  5. Aeryes

    Campfire Collection Version 1.

    The 5.56 T-shirt has been removed to prevent any issues it might cause
  6. Aeryes

    Campfire Collection Version 1.

    We are adding in a lot of different kinds of clothing. We will get to the darker shades in later collections. This is only version 1. There is still a lot more to come from this collection and other collections. Most of the darker shades will be in the Bandit collection along with the more "blend into your environment gear".
  7. Aeryes

    Change Clothing Inventory system

    This is a good idea. I actually might look into making this happen at some point in the future.
  8. Aeryes

    Campfire Collection Version 1.

    Oh oh. But yeah, if people get upset or it causes any issues with RP itll be gone as fast as lightning
  9. Aeryes

    Campfire Collection Version 1.

    The 5.56 shirt will be gone if it causes any trouble or if any Admins want it gone. As for the EL Presidente shirt it was a special request from the big man himself. Most likely yes.
  10. Aeryes

    Campfire Collection Version 1.

    Items are next
  11. Aeryes

    Campfire Collection Version 1.

    Considering that the first version of the Campfire Collection is finished, I have decided to go ahead and make a little log of all the new things that the first version will contain. The first version focuses on the textures of items already in the game and adds more variety in clothing for players to use during RP. The next version will focus on adding the new items we have made. The main reason why I have not added the items into this version is because I want to figure out some chinks in the armor such as not been able to pick modded items up with the F key. They will be coming soon !!! New Textures: Backpacks: - Grey Child's Backpack - Pink Child's Backpack - Yellow Child's Backpack - Brown Hunting Backpack - Black Mountain Backpack - Cyan Mountain Backpack - Orange Mountain Backpack - Pink Mountain Backpack - Violet Mountain Backpack - Yellow Mountain Backpack - Black Talon Backpack - Cyan Talon Backpack - Orange Talon Backpack - Pink Talon Backpack - Yellow Talon Backpack Gloves: - Cyan Working Gloves - Green Working Gloves - Grey Working Gloves - "Jeans" Working Gloves - Pink Working Gloves - Dark Purple Working Gloves - Red Working Gloves - Yellow Working Gloves Head Gear: - Cyan Balaclava - Green Skull Balaclava - Red Skull Balaclava - Violet Balaclava - Yellow Skull Balaclava - "Jeans" Baseball Cap - Violet Baseball Cap - Yellow Baseball Cap - Cyan Beanie Cap - Orange Beanie Cap - Violet Beanie Cap - Yellow Beanie Cap - Grey Cowboy Hat - "Jeans" Cowboy Hat - Pink Cowboy Hat - Dark Purple Cowboy Hat - Yellow Cowboy Hat - Cyan Flat Cap - Green Flat Cap - Grey Flat Cap - Red Flat Cap - Dark Purple Flat Cap - Yellow Flat Cap - Cyan Radar Cap - Green Radar Cap - Grey Radar Cap - Pink Radar Cap - Violet Radar Cap - Yellow Radar Cap - Cyan Ushanka - Pink Ushanka - Violet Ushanka - Red Ushanka - Yellow Ushanka Tops: - Cyan Bomber Jacket - Pink Bomber Jacket - Red Bomber Jacket - Violet Bomber Jacket - Cyan Hoodie - Cyan Quilted Jacket - Pink Quilted Jacket - "Limited Edition" Rain Coat - "5.56" T-shirt (Removed) - "Beard Standards" T-shirt - "Chernorussain" T-shirt - "Eagle in Flight" T-shirt - "Fighting Irish" T-shirt - "Karate" T-shirt - "KIS" T-shirt - "ILM" T-shirt - "ElPresidente" T-shirt - "Russian" T-shirt - "USA" T-shirt These are all ready to be added to the game. Just waiting for the right time to update the server. I hope you all enjoy using these new textures to enhance your roleplay experience
  12. Aeryes


    More good soundtracks to listen to when in RP 🙂

    1. Finn


      I just watched this movie this morning 🙂 great movie

    2. Aeryes


      I love listening to this kind of music if I am roleplaying as a deep character.,

  13. Aeryes

    Development Blog #3 - CHRISTMAS!

    they are all in the loot tables.
  14. Aeryes

    Development Blog #3 - CHRISTMAS!

  15. Aeryes