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  1. Aeryes


    Good to be back 🙂

    1. Falk



  2. Aeryes

    Website, premium and item updates

    The fix for fog is in init.c by the way, like line 5 or 6, just disable or change the weather values. @Roland
  3. Aeryes


    SeNd Me SoMe GoOd MemEs PlOZ

    1. Osku


      image.png <- here's one 😉 

    2. Aeryes


      @Osku-chan The unfortunate truth.

  4. Aeryes

    • Aeryes
    • Simatho

    Your alive still??????

    1. Simatho


      Seems like it 🙂

      Im trying to hop back in RP slowly.  

    2. Aeryes


      Let me know if you want to play sometime.

    3. Simatho
  5. Aeryes

    More gender neutral options when making a character page

    No. Lets not turn DayZRP into an SJW server ty.
  6. Aeryes

    Bullet damage

    It is possible to change bullet damage. Very easy thing to do.
  7. Aeryes

    ? Torch Holder ?

    @Mademoiselle night time isn't broken. The lighting intensity just needs to be increased which is something I did before I left the dev team. As long as they didnt scrap all that stuff it should be good.
  8. Aeryes

    DayZRP Mod Wiki

    Lol, this is a good idea but have fun adding in over 100 texture items xD
  9. Aeryes

    S1- AOGM, Ruleplay, NVFL, BadRP, (Invalid kill x2) at GM - 1/31/2019 05:04

  10. Aeryes

    S1- AOGM, Ruleplay, NVFL, BadRP, (Invalid kill x2) at GM - 1/31/2019 05:04

    @Zanaan sorry my video is taking so long to upload but its almost done.
  11. Aeryes

    S1- AOGM, Ruleplay, NVFL, BadRP, (Invalid kill x2) at GM - 1/31/2019 05:04

    This is true.
  12. Aeryes

    S1- AOGM, Ruleplay, NVFL, BadRP, (Invalid kill x2) at GM - 1/31/2019 05:04

    Aeryes POV: I was a witness to the entire situation. I was the guy with the Black Mountain Backpack in the video. I wasn't a part of the main group that was questioning this player but I did see the entire thing close up and I am uploading my video of the event as we speak, I have the video from the start of the whole encounter until I died and it is about 20 minutes long. It might take some time to upload but I will post it when I have it ready. I spoke to the accused on TS and he explained the situation to me and apologized for killing me. I am fine with that. I am not sure about NVFL in this case because he did have a gun and everyone else had knives, he also told me in TS that he had two friends there too. He did lag considerably but I don't think that was a fault of his because I was lagging a lot too earlier, so it could have been the server or it could have been his computer giving the issues.
  13. Aeryes

    Order Of Demons [Open Recruitment]

    Rather than make a report I would like to talk to whoever the yellow armband guy at GM was today that killed me out of nowhere.
  14. Aeryes

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Thank you for the add. Looking forward to the RP this group will provide ?
  15. Aeryes

    HUD to track statistics

    As long as it doesnt show player kills I think its fine.
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