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  1. YNW Pep

    Regarding the server split

    This is the group you knowingly signed up for, if you dont like it, leave it.
  2. My good man @ThrashRP would like to have your facebook Also have a great stay here, i hope you enjoy it!
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: my character- Jonathan Shmeck is an american jew who has a deep desire for money, gold, diamonds etc... Thats why my character was called ICLY by friends mr. Krabs, as his behaviour towards anything profitable resembles that of mr krabs from spongebob, and since then i barely used his real namenand only had people inside and outside the group adress him as mr. Krabs, To add, this character existed even since before Jackals was formed and I had recieved no warning or nobody telling me nothing about the character. I have also posted other radio posts on the forum using that nickname which got me no warnings at all. also how is that trolly in any way shape or form?? About the message itself, it was adressed to a guy that had nothing to do with what happened and came in to shit talk, he had nothing to do with any of it he was a legit random chiming in for the sake of trashtalk. I also dont see it aggressive in any way shape or form, i simply asked the rando who is he and called him a clown for what he said. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: This is not the characters real name in any way shape or form, its his nickname given to him ICLY because of my own IC actions, how can this be trolly in any way shape or form? My message was adressed to a random person just posting on the thread with nothing to contribute other than shit talking wolfpack and legion for no apparant reason as he had nothing to do with what haplened. I simply asked who he was and called him a clown for what he said. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: point revoked and post reinstated What could you have done better?: not adress my character using its nickname given to it by other people ICLY and phrase myself better?
  5. I get you i get you ill let @YungBrandonRP know that next time only 360 noscopes and quickscopes are allowed in his montages
  6. @Voodoo, @Bobby initiated and they all admit to taking part in that fight, giving me and brandon rights, me and brandon were also present in the fight itself but we didnt have any firearms so we tried sneaking around finding a dead body or something to get a gun, we were also shot at ourselves
  7. YNW Pep

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    @Tom @Dew @Dusty @Blake @Joe @YNW Jasper @YNW Law @YNW Viking @Bobby @Diamond @Apollo @Wendigo @Hollows @Shroud @Nik @youngbrandon or whatever ur name is @ShanePVP @Sleepyhead @evanm23 :(, the bois ( and sleepy) @G19RP @Real VegasRP, @JamesRP, @NorwayRP, @OiramRP, @ThrashRP, @General Rickets, @WongRP , @Cipher @NikoteenRP, @Hex , @SeversonRP @Kordruga, @Eagle Also the bois And ofcourse @NozzyRP a true supporter of the cause stay safe brother
  8. YNW Pep

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    And last but not least my good friend @Blake the mass shooter
  9. Agreed @ImNovaaa, no bad blood b, apologies for my attitude, we good lad.
  10. @Dew's knife initiation where its at
  11. -- USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS PORTION OF THE POST -- You can see the shuffle from the video evidence we provided, kinda clear you were acting sus tryna get a shot on us. Your other friend there was caught lying red handed already, wont be too suprised if you lied too. Have a great day friendo
  12. Ladies and gentlemen, we got 'em. 1. Admitting to being there watching us the entire time 2. One of the guys from the same people wjo were hiding in the tree acting sus runs to us and starts shooting 3.admitting to being there to use his defender rights on us since his friends are there, and also admitting to using the rule as an armor to stick around running on god mode. Thats your problem, you didnt wat to get shot you shouldnt be shuffling behind trees aiming down your sights.
  13. Logs show that bobby died an hour and 15 minutes roughly before Yungski shot OP, bobby died at the beggining of the fight, firefight ensues for some time after, and ever later than that me and Yungski got shot at by those people, we still had rights on them since they took part in the fight and it hasnt even been an hour since the fight has ended. Would like to discuss this with @bob123 on dc or dms if he want to, other than that have a great day people.
  14. On his OREL character lad @Realize, try Ivan Petrov.
  15. YNW Pep

    Let's Talk About Dexamphetamine

    Dex is fine keep it as it is, maybe lower the amount in the pack from 50 to like 30-25
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