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  1. YNW Pep

    S1 KOS Stary

    Aight, I guess talking to someone is abit too grown up for you, if youre mad you died just have a chill, grab a drink or something, have a great day g
  2. YNW Pep

    S1 KOS Stary

    @Ravenous im not doing a back and forth, if you want to talk about it in DC hit me up.
  3. YNW Pep

    S1 KOS Stary

    There was a firefight at Kab lonely, where I was initiated on and killed the 2 initiators, we then started taking shots from the woods but couldn't find the shooter as he was gone by the time we got there. Some time passes and we arrive at Stary, there i think it was @Jackfish who was roleplaying by the store heard the OP talking about how he was involved in the firefight that happened in kab and how he survived, after confirming time after time htat he did say that thing and who he was, I decided to shoot him, as i ran up and opened fire he logged out.
  4. YNW Pep

    The Mafia (Open Recruitment)

    gl people
  5. YNW Pep

    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    I still dont get why the group hasnt been approved yet, the roleplay they provide is great and affects alot of people aswell, they been getting mostly positive feedback lately. I dont think its "staff doesnt have time" since UN has been approved in days, just a shitty situation.
  6. YNW Pep

    Gun attachments.

    I think the best thing to do is just let all weapons have scope mounts, so that for example an ak and an svd can have an acog and long range scopes, or that an m4 can have a long range scope or something
  7. YNW Pep

    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    congrats on the approval boys, well deserved.
  8. *A radio would be handed right into Micheal's face, all bleeding and beat up from the torture* "This is Officer Harris of the United Nations command in South Zagoria," *An angry man's voice could be heard in the background, shouting at micheal while holding his gun tightly* "I want to say goodbye, I couldent help people out they way i wanted to, and sorry to Lt. Muladir, what a legendary man," *the man would aim the gun at Micheal's chest and look him in the eyes* "Slava Chedaki!" *A spray of bullets can be heard in the background as the radio suddenly stops*
  9. Joined the VDV at the age of 19, Evgeni was sent with his platoon lead by Major Vyacheslav Mikhailov. After the eventual Retreat from South Zagoria, Evgeni, now a LT. who returned to his home was not happy with what was going on and with the brothers that were left behind, either dead or in hiding. As he was stationed on the border after the deployment, he deserted from the VDV and got back into chernarus, trying to find russians and russian supporters to group up with and survive. After being found by the Chdkz and explaining he was a VDV member and has fought in south zagoria, he was recruited by them.
  10. YNW Pep

    Specific magazine pouches

    I think only the specific magazine pouches should be added, and it should be only Pistol magazines for the belts. with no other mechanics blocked or reload speed reduced.
  11. YNW Pep

    UN Investigation Frequency

    *Hearing the transmission from his office Harris presses the PTT* "Viktor-6 This is officer Harris of the United Nations, I will contact you back, have you got a place or a frequency we can talk in private?" *He would roll a smoke and light it up, releasing the PTT*
  12. YNW Pep

    Mordhau server

    Mordhau Duel RP
  13. YNW Pep

    Jasper's Avatar Thread

    @YNW Jasper i need something good with Mr. Krabs
  14. @Kain @GenjiRP, great RP today really enjoyed it!
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