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"You aboutta hear a f*cking snake rattle"

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  1. Pep

    Stamina to fix all your needs

    Donno why i voted yes lmao. More stamina is good but infinite stamina would just annoy more than it would help
  2. Pep

    What is the one song from any video game you can never get out of your head?

  3. +1 for me, make it like a double tap button, same as the walking animation. If possible ofc
  4. Pep


    Thank you @FireDude we do our best to provide a unique and interesting rp experience! I hope to meet you ingame!
  5. Pep


    Welcome new people, and hollows.
  6. Pep

    Whats your occupation?

    Tank crewman.
  7. @Osku I hate my superiors. Cant leave you be for a minute, always gotta evade them to have some free time.
  8. Pep

    HUD Meta + more

    Nah you are making this way more complicated than it should, its day 600 of the infection people should automatically know what ammo goes where and what type of weapon is that. Kinda get the ammo part but still you should knkw how much bullets you have, its not hard.
  9. Lmao what? The guy been acting shady as hell running his lip so we punched him. Punching him was an act of rp and definetly shouldent result in me getting shot and killed. To my knowledge shooting and killing a guy for a punch can be taken 1 way; -Ruleplay
  10. Pep

    Removal of buried stashes

    @JimRP i agree witchu but the problemis that the automatics etc. Are not rare because its 600 days into the apocalypse its because people are stashing them in numbers. If the weapons spawns were actually rare from the start i wouldent care, they were forcefully made rare because of groups or rando's just hoarding them.
  11. So you killed me because i punched someone? You also forgot the part where i did cpr on him after he went uncon Your boy was talking mad shit thats why he got punched. Even after getting punched and surrounded by 12 fully armed people he kept trying to run away, didnt want to talk at all and still kept talking mad shit. Calling He kept walking calling us "green fag.ots" and "cunts" even tho we had people right on him talking so he can get into a position where you can have a shot on us. hella bait.
  12. POV- I can't really say definetly what happened, GMAK was ontop of his base tower and he gets JFK'd, i see the guy who shot him and chase him, shooting him as i run, we run up to the bridge thats when he peeks and we have like a standoff or something and others arrive and finish him off.
  13. *Shekels picks up the radio and clicks the push to talk, you can clearly hear a strong Jewish accent* "Captain, This is Sergeant Shmeck , IDF task force, 50th battalion "Moshe" Infantry Company I read you loud and clear." "We were cut off from the main joint task force and are now looking for assistance, Contact me on a private frequency, Were here to assist." *Shekel would put the radio back in his vest and continue walking*
  14. Pep

    What are your religious views DayZRP?

    Atheist, but technically a shekelstein.
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