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  1. Honestly? bring back mod until BETA is released, the Arma 3 or Arma 2 don't care, just not standalone please ):

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  3. Exotic's Dank Media Thread

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    Enjoy the Beanz.

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  4. This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
    Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
    Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
    And a hundred percent reason to play the game.



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      everyone! #PrayFor@Shane.

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    "At the time I was wearing a haunted mask that changes me into a childish psycho clown demon thing. My character doesn’t fully understand the powers of this mask yet. Usually my character is very placid and chilled out."

    Are you actually using it as an excuse? 

    1. Iso


      Good lord, private messages are a thing, unless you're just looking for some attention.

    2. OnionRingOfDoom


      Hi Pep,

      Thank you for taking your time to review my case.

      Perhaps maybe I should have worded that statement better or differently.

      I hadn't thought through the whole complete story behind it, at this point. I found a mask, got inspiration by the film 'The Mask' starring Jim Carrey (GREAT film btw), and thought to myself, "Heck, that'll be something abit different and potentially interesting". The video in the report was very early on to finding said mask, so I was still figuring out how this could develop, and was very much improvised.

      There has been an argument that this isn't realistic to the RP world... are Zombies? Is Mr Pinky (RIP buddy!)? Are Muslims?

      But I have had a chat with PatZ (My Mentor) who has filled me in on the etiquette of Super Natural and realism.

      So in answer to your question, no, certainly not an excuse. It was more of an experiment to try and develop my currently very vanilla and bland character.

      But again, I thank you for your input into this matter. I appologise if your immersion was ruined IC because of this, I have realized my mistakes and am taking steps to better myself :) 

      If you were not involved; I apologize if this mishap effected your life in such a way to make a post on my profile regarding it. I wish my life was as great as yours, if this is your largest concern of the day! I'm envious. Also, have some beans for the contribution :)

      - Onion

    3. Samaritan


      @Pep he needs to explain himself in the report (which he did) not on a status update. Let the report run its course first.

    4. Jamie


      I fucking love memes. 

    5. Vytis



      There has been an argument that this isn't realistic to the RP world... are Zombies? Is Mr Pinky (RIP buddy!)? Are Muslims?

      Nice jab at his group.  Here's a map of the real world with some idea of where Muslims are.



      Here's a map of Chernarus:


      Chernarus borders Takistan.  Takistan is a predominately Muslim country.   I'd say you're more likely to run into Muslims in Chernarus than you are to run into haunted masks. 

    6. Jamie


      Take my beans vytis. 

    7. Pep


      @Samaritan, Thank you for your reply, that's the reason I did a status update.

      @OnionRingOfDoom, wasn't effected at all, but I do thank you for caring so much!, the fact that you RP it ingame is beyond me. even if you would RP it well... its not unique, not developing anything in any ways, and is really ruining others RP.

      But they way you did it, that's troll. that whole video is proof of that, and it should not happen at all.

      Also, as Vytis stated, nice jab attempt. if only you were actually educated... 

    8. OnionRingOfDoom


      Thank you @Vytis, for having something relevant to share with me! TIL. I do applaud you there!

      @Pep, there was no jab attempt, it was a question, which was answered. And educated? @Vytis, correct me if I'm wrong, please... But Chernarus is fictional I believe?

      @PepI'm bored of this conversation, I really am. Feel free to continue flaming on my profile about something that is completely irrelevant to you, I will no longer be responding to this thread. If you would like a discussion, I'm open forum in TS.

      Yours respectfully,

      - Jack

    9. Vytis


      Hello @OnionRingOfDoom, you're welcome.  Sometimes, people in this community need a refresher about the region that Chernarus is in.

      Yes, Chernarus is a fictional country, so is Takistan.  But the information I had posted above is not fictional.  It is very unreasonable to believe that a country positioned where it is in the world, made-up or not,  would not have any Muslims.

      DayZ is also just a video game, everything in it is made-up.  However, we are playing on a Roleplay server.  An RP server which has a set of rules that are agreed upon when you sign up and go through the whitelisting process.  There is a certain expectation that you are to provide others with a realistic, reasonable roleplay. By your own admittance, your RP was not up to this standard and you yourself believe you should be punished. 

      It's quite surprising to see this behavior out of someone who had just recently participated in the Mentor program.  Your own words:


      As a new whitelistee, and an inexperienced RP'er, I was apprehensive and somewhat nervous about joining this community. After witnessing first hand the dedication and commitment that the vast majority of people put into their characters here, I was concerned about 'letting the team down', as my acting career has never taken off, and my creative talent falls short of what seems to be expected falling into such an area where a focus for an experience which is created by the end user... of course I didn't want to ruin my own experience, or ruin the immersion for any one else.

      The mentor program, on paper, seemed to be the solution to my problem.


      PatZ and I spent our first of two 90-minute sessions completing, what I'd like to call, a theoretic training and knowledge induction. We covered areas such as what I know and have learnt so far. Improved on those areas by ironing out any bad habits I had picked up. Went over what is expected of me by the staff and other community members. 


      This second sitting consisted of putting into practice what I had learnt in the first. I would consider this more of a casual, yet complete, practical exam. We set ourselves up OOC to be in the same area IC for the purpose of this exercise. We met up in a small town, where we handled initial contact, communication and story telling within the DayzRP lore. It was comfortable, nothing too difficult, and we spent half an hour afterwards having a debrief. PatZ made a point of bringing certain areas of improvement to my attention and showed me where I did well.

      Overall I am confident that this exercise has made me a better RP'er. Gave me more of an insight of the community, and made me realize that this is an experience for EVERYONE. And just like everyone else here, I am responsible for the enjoyment of everyone else's time, just as much as I am my own. I would highly recommend that everyone give up a few hours of their time to complete this course.

      You realized that there was a community of skilled RPers and that there was an expectation, as you did not want to let the team down. I understand not everyone is the best RPer, or has the best acting skills.  But there's a difference between genuinely not being great at rp, and WANTING to troll.   Your post above is not old, you did not forget what you had learned in the mentor program.  That post was just a few days ago. 

      Your review of the mentor program, knowing of the expectations in this community, combined with your behavior in game as well as your low-key jabs makes me think you're just trying to troll others.

    10. OnionRingOfDoom


      Unfortunately you and I have different perspectives on this point. As I have said previously, I my mentor and I never covered super natural (we have now). MY intention truthfully was to RP as this 'Alter-Ego'. I have done similar before with great RP and success. This particular practice in question, I can honestly see, from everyone else's point of view; is troll-worthy.

      Now I've admitted seeing flaws and mistakes. I've apologized to everyone it effected. I'm accepting responsibility and the consequences, EVEN THOUGH the reporter has decided to drop the accusation, I'm still asking to take the hit to make an example of myself for the future benefit of myself, and the community.

      Now I really don't see any further benefits to continuing with this discussion. But again, I thank you for spending the time to look through my history and bring a case against me together :)

      Have a great weekend :)