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  1. @Rolle maybe what Jet suggested? sounds perfect and can fit the lore easily
  2. We need a place where you don't get robbed by everyone everytime. I mean right now its more chaotic then the villages filled with terrorists I use to patrol on a daily basis.
  3. That's just a part of the RP, I can suggest not having a load of gear like fully kitted M4's etc... or roll around with a group of friends! safety in numbers.
  4. I'm out bois nice knowing ya! I'm gonna go oppress some Palestinians now.
  5. eat and drink until you are energized and hydrated or use a bloodbag
  6. True man but if i had to chose right now ill go with standalone, still more steady than the alpha
  7. I thing we should make sure the mod is good before we start putting out advertisment, the open alpha is out and me and a couple of friends decided to test it out, buggy problems with loot spawns and zombies, problems with the blood loss and other.
  8. Once your whitelist application is accepted you will get all the details including the password.
  9. work on the story, there's alot of holes in it
  10. 10/10 music

  11. TOP kek Western factions will work for a while and then just die out and people will move on. I'm not against the Idea but it can be really hard to get it functional. Like @Ducky said, wait for the lorewipe if you wanna add a large faction.
  12. thanks
  13. thanks took me and hour in paint