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  1. what about the UAZ mod? @Ducky think its a cool one that actually fits the setting and lore is that also a ported mod?
  2. JewRP

    Staff Feedback: Crimson_Tiger

    You still haven't responded to my feedback, you answered @NozzyRP and @KennethRP and brought up some points but i still want an answer for the points i brought up myself.
  3. JewRP

    Squillium's Lit Media Thread

    Now thats epic well done squill
  4. Me (left) @NozzyRP and @Gatorr after the great meme war -circa 2016
  5. If you were in this community for more than a day and a half you would of known this "discussion" pops off every week and is mostly negative towards hostileRP. Calm down lmao
  6. Why do those topics keep poppin off everytime Just deal with it and let people play whatever they want, stop with the elitist attitude of im right and whatever you say is dismissed as wrong If its bad rp then report it. We have rules. Bye
  7. JewRP

    It's that time of year again

    Remove all firearms and put us back in the 1800's Change my mind.
  8. @BandsRP good kill lad
  9. JewRP

    Staff Feedback: Crimson_Tiger

    Feedback: what is qouted above and your general attitude as a staff member is extremely worrying . 1- You think that because of your rank you are immune to making mistakes, but you dont realize that you can make mistakes and now that you are a staff member your mistakes are effecting other community members too. This is the power staff has, you dont seem to comprehend that by the slightest. 2- It's definetly not good that GM's appealed most of the points you hastily given out. Not good at all. You still dont seem to have a grasp on the rules and still too trigger happy. Its like you hand over a test and then the teacher corrects all your mistakes so you get an A+ , it doesnt work like that at all. If you have a high precentage of appealed points you given out, maybe its not the GM's job to appeal them, its yours to make sure what your giving is valid in the 1st place. This is terryfing since your mistakes again, leading me back to my 1st point, effect other community members, to the point of an unjust perma ban. 3- experience shouldnt only come from trial and error. You dont seem capable of handing out points or anything at all without another staff member having to babysit you. Just because you are new to a role doesnt mean yous hould start handing out points left and right without thinking of the consequences since according to you ("staff arent afraid to make mistakes"), you think that you are taking that role seriously but looking at your responces and other peoples feedback latel it looks like you are just spamming as much stuff as possible to rank up and grab more and more power for your own personal agenda. Improvment: either step down completely, and come back after learning what staff should behave like. Chill down and realize that your actions have consequences. Step down to support untill you learn. This is an extremely concerning attitude.
  10. Pep McCarthywas born in Galway, he was always a rough man. Reared into a farming family, by an extremely strict father. He was an extreme believer in the IRA's beliefs in Ireland since young hearing stoies about them. He would look after the machinery, if a problem arose that he could not fix or god forbid did not fix effectively, his father would beat him until he did it right. A tough life but it the long run it stood to him. He lived in the middle of no where, no pubs, no other families, no nothing. His grandfather owned a vast amount of land in the area around the house, there was no one for miles. The only trip away was for the farming business to a town 3 hours away. The family lived off the land, never had to shop for groceries. In his spare time he pushed tractor tyres around the yard, flipping them over, he would lift digger shovels attachmente as weights and bench press sheep funny enough. He was always a big lad, big boned as most would say. He had a giant ginger beard, the curse of the Irish. One day he was working in the shed on a camper van, it was late at night and his father had taken a trip away to deliver bails of straw with the tractor. He heard a scream 'PEEEEP!' He sprinted towards the main house, a man had met him at the door, with a shocked face, Jason grabbed him by the neck with both of his oily dirty hands and shouted for his mother, there was no responce, he squeezed and screamed 'WHAT DID YOU DO!' The mans face started to go purple he was struggling to breath, all of a sudden there was darkness. He woke up on the cold conrete of the front door, he felt a sting at the back or his head, he brushed his hand back and felt dried blood, he looked to the left and there was a shovel on the ground to his left, a heavy one at that. He started to remember what actually happened, he ran inside and burst open the kitchen door with a shoulder, there lay his mother on the group, cold and white as a ghost. The false press where money was hidden was broken open. A clock was on the ground beside his mothers body, blood stained. He began to sob into his hands, who would do this to an old woman? The Gardai were called he was asked to give a statement but he was left emotionless, something died in him too that day. He was hell bent on finding the killer, the next day he was in the shed, when he heard a door bang. He opened the shed door and two men burst in, they tied a noose around his neck while the second man was tying the knot hesitantly, they stood him up on a chair and kicked the chair, the rope was tied with too much slack and his feet hit the ground, he swong a kick towards the fist man and stumbled him he pushed him towards a cars opened bonet and slammed the bonet down, he grabbed a sledgehamer beside the car and smacked down on the bonet, blood started to pour from the bonet. The second man was a young man, terrified, it was clear he was dragged along against his will. Pep made him talk, he said that they work for Russians in Novigrad that pillage coutries under the guise of everyday criminals and move again. He told him of the bosses name. Pep knew he wouldnt be returning one way or another so he packed a couple things, he knew he needed a gun. He called up his old school friend Thomas John who was a member of the RA. He arranged a deal for a hand gun and a sawn off. He exchanged the money and the deal was done that evening. Off to Novigrad they went via boat, a less than professional transport company who lack passenger vetting we shall say. Novigrad, the man travelling with Jacob told him his sister was kidnapped and he was forced to do the jobs given to him or his sister would he cut up into pieces. Pep vowed if he helps him wilingly he will help find his sister. Upon arrival something was off.. it was quiet a bit too quiet... all of a sudden an earth shattering scream is heard, something charging towards Pep and the man, Pep side steps from the boat ramp and the thing falls into the oceon. "What the fuck?" Next he sees something strangly dressed men running, the fuck is going on screams Pep towards the men. Come with us, now! With a strange smirk on his face. With nothing to lose and friends to make Pep agrees and runs with the men in hope to make some connections to further his investigation to find the man responsible for the death of his mother. The men exchange names, Bogdan and Buzzo. "You work for us now." the men said while looking at Pep smirking...
  11. JewRP

    It's that time of year again

    Hey @Major dont be like that bro i still read ur lore bb Lore wipe new VDV ? Chabu @Dew-chanski?
  12. JewRP


    @Randy I'm on deployment, i wont be home for another week and a half. I do play with the boys whenever im back home tho
  13. JewRP

    The Current Whitelist

    After reading this @Ryan Shepherd i have 3 words to say This the Truth there needs to be some way to prevent that kind of just ignorance towards the rules and orevent any misunderstandings. Especially the KOS cases.
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