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  1. What is the United Nations? What is the W.H.O? The first outreach from the UN was approved on the 11th of July, 2017 after civil unrest that had spiraled out of control faster than any other recent disaster, man-made or natural. The country was worse than anticipated, the infection took us by surprise, and we were forced to regroup come September. South Zagoria was left abandoned by international military personnel, and it remained that way for over a year before Lieutenant Palladino received his assignment. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ The world is in panic; many countries are in varying states of disarray. The United States has split down the middle; the West Coast is overrun, the East Coast is teetering on the brink of destruction, the infection has wholly thrown humanity to its knees. Europe isn't much better off, massive chunks of the land were left to the infected, and even smaller pieces had the remnants of civilization. Almost a year after the infection, the U.N began mobilizing teams of peacekeepers branded 'Civilization Restarters' with the intent of bringing the law back to the native countries. Lieutenant Palladino took command of a Platoon of peacekeepers with the sole purpose of restarting humanity in South Zagoria. However, the country was still under rabid contention; many groups claimed the area for themselves, and their numbers were massive. Conflict rose and subsided faster than the sun had risen and set, now there was not only the threat of the infected but also the threat of other groups. With the central goal of providing aid to all of the people within South Zagoria, Lieutenant Palladino and a platoon of peacekeepers set out to liberate the last section of the country, (Current) About three months later, Lieutenant Palladino's squad went MIA. The UN Colonel, over the South Zagoria Region, Decide to send a one-last squad of troops. These troops will be under the command of First Lt., Ikemba Muladir. Ikemba is given little to no intel on the area, he is only given 4 other troops until he is able to accomplish major fractions of his mission. Until then he will not be reinforced. His mission is to figure out where remaining squads went, and why they went MIA. He is to set up comms at a Radio Station so he can stay in contact with the UN. His personal goals are to redeem the UN's name, bring peace to the region, and to continue the mission where other UN units failed. (Written by @Major) The initial deployment of United Nations personnel was never supposed to last as long as it has. Following the eventual withdrawal of peacekeeping forces from South Zagoria the UN focused it's efforts on relief operations and assisting the greater organization in Europe with research and development pertaining to the infected. Many people in Chernarus desperately required assistance from the UN but were unable to receive it due to the fact that local bandit factions often raided and ambushed relief convoys and killed personnel. By January 2018 the UN had been more or less confined to their compound in Miroslavl. They benefited greatly from the strong nature of local Chernarussian government security forces, despite the growing frequency of terrorist attacks. During this period the size of the UN deployment was reduced drastically and new mission objectives were set, allowing the newly organized and re-structured task force to complete missions more effectively. However, missions outside of the fortified coastal safe zone continued to be problematic due to higher concentrations of infected and the growing intensity of conflict with the Belozersk People's Republic. Attempts to distribute aid to civilians in Belozersk resulted in a series of tense standoffs with peacekeepers, culminating in a bloody firefight that ended in the destruction of a UN convoy and the deaths of many civilians caught in the crossfire. Following this incident the UN moved its main base from Miroslavl to Primorsk, ensuring a much higher level of security for research operations and future deployments. Many leading officers were sacked and shipped back to the NATO safe zone in Switzerland due to incompetence which had led to many of the disasters which had occurred. @YNW Pep| Micheal Harris @JamesRP| James Collins @YNW Law| Mongo Okeke @dawsonpark| Matias Martinez @Joe| Joseph Harrison @dany1| Aadavan Modi Short-Term - Begin instituting official trials for accused criminals where civilians can decide their fate, to be held in Stary Church (By day 910) - Establish a permanent town or base for the UN to occupy and provide permanent housing and safety for civilians (By day 900) - Recruit 3 medical staff to help sustain an medical station for all (By day 950- 0/3) -Gather information on known cannibals/bandits/murderers and other people related to such activities Never Ending Goals - Restore long-lasting peace to South Zagoria by providing shelter to those in need and work on dismantling groups that disrupt the peace. - Mediate large-scale battles between groups, and promote peace between them. - Restore The United Nations in South Zagoria back to it's original strength -Establish connections with locals and local groups to retain a healthy relationship - Gather information on all groups living within Chernarus and make contact with them. - Gather supplies and hand them out to civilians at certain times and places - Deal with the aggressive and hostile groups living within chernarus and disrupt their intentions in chernarus peacefully or by force - create a strong relationship between non hostile groups to benefit the common survivors and the region Rank Structure; (Ascending Order) Rank Responsibilities; If you wish to join the United Nations, please fill out this form and PM it to me @JewRP or @JamesRP Graphics and thread revamp by @Mademoiselle and @BigDaddy
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  6. It's because they're Pro-Palestine, not much you can do.

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