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"Through mud and blood, we stand tall."

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  1. JewRP

    Interview With A Community Member: PhoenyxxRP

    I do enjoy a good tim's, nice interview @PhoenyxxRP
  2. Why can we not get actual feedback Please people if you want to shit on us atleast make it formal and post actual feedback and we will be happy to respond
  3. Not to mention the fine jewish RP, where its all about the profit
  4. *presses the ptt*, "You saying youre based there? If so please head over to the closest local Anarchy goverment checkpoint to apply for a building permit" *releases the ptt*
  5. Im still waiting on my most wanted
  6. My character when he sees a shekel on the floor https://youtu.be/RU6vlbW4Ft4
  7. JewRP

    Old Timers

    Good day fellow boomers Gl bois
  8. JewRP

    Upcoming new mods

    @Roland can we please call the currency Shekels ?
  9. Ok who do i need to backhand @NozzyRP? This is a solid group thats doing better than most people around, im actually enjoying this war and the fact that groups actuslly finally made a coalition against us
  10. JewRP

    To the people at Skalisty

    *micheal hearing another UN mrmber presses the PTT* "A UN survivor? Corporal this is LT. Harris, currently incharge of whats left of the last UN aid task force sent, I am here but alone, we need to link up and deal with whatever you need" *releases PTT*
  11. *presses the ptt* "Ayeee yo you need a bank and a law firm on that island my man? Im down. Slava bernarus" *releases the ptt*
  12. JewRP

    Kamorovo WeedStore!

    *pressing the ptt* "I support this man with whatever he does, its also pretty good aye? *he passes out*
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