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  1. Hearing gunshots go off, hiding in the first building i see and scanning the area is NVFL? If I had kept running down that road, guess who i would have ran into? people like you. So I chose to hide. I hope you understand if you were not so blood thirsty, you could have just stayed outside the shed and told me to put my hands up, or asked who i was, or anything before just shooting. You were not even involved in the fight yet you took it upon yourself to run into town and shoot the 1st person you see. You should just man up and take the punishment as you certainly had no intention of any RP. Like I said there were sooo many better ways you can handle that situation but instead you KOS me.
  2. I was using my ACOG scope from the back of the large shed. I saw movement on the road so I lowered my weapon. You popped in front of the entry way. I was hoping you would RP with me. You ruined all chance for any RP, instead you only were concerned with PVP. When you appeared in the shed I made no hostile action, I did not initiate on you or your group to give you any kill rights on me. Had you just asked what i was doing or at least said put your hands up, we could have had a lot more fun. I hope you understand this is a RP server not a pvp server.
  3. Server and location: S1 - Hiding in a shed outside Grishino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 2018-11-04, 00:58 Your in game name: Carter Ames Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: No clue Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: Was running to meet a friend to trade in grishino and heard gunshots, seemed more than just zombie so I ducked inside a shed as to stay out of the way and wait for things to die down before I got outa there. Saw a man run down the road so i stayed crouched. Man came to shed opening and did not say a word and killed me.
  4. bcarterames

    This is odd

    Those logs had STRONG sexual content and would not be good for dayrp.com
  5. I see, so 45k total items on a server. Looks like Eugen means items on a player/tent etc arent considered for the lifetime expiration. I UNDERSTAND thanks guys
  6. I have always read that items on players/tents/bags etc don't count against the loot that can spawn in the world. Having 5000 SVD's in a bag doesn't affect a SVD from spawning. The quote from Eugen states exactly that.
  7. I never saw the part about a max amount of spawns per item. Where did you see that?
  8. "Items in tents/backpacks/player inventories are not part of the calculation!" - still not sure why more guns spawn after a p wipe :3
  9. I thought the CLE didn't account for loot on players or in stashes. I have been able to find everything except svd and fal. Can someone explain how a wipe makes rare spawns better?
  10. Answered your question :D

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    2. Ender


      I believe Rolle needs to send in a support ticket to GamingDeluxe in order to wipe persistence, so when ever he wakes up from his drunken stooper and whenever GD support solves his ticket. Best guess is uh..... Soon. :D  

    3. bcarterames


      Would be helpful if it was in announcements or something, I barely noticed in the top right under server time.

    4. Ender


      Same here to be honest. I didn't notice it until just an hour ago.

  11. Any Admin Q1: What exactly happens on a persistence wipe? Will I lose my barrel / any gear not on my person? A1: Ender: Persistence only wipes barrels, tents, and vehicles. You will not lose anything on your character. However, you will lose everything in your barrel including the barrel itself. You will lose everything in your tents including the tents themselves and so on for vehicles as well. If you don't want to lose something important to your character or important in general that is stored in a barrel, I would suggest you log in and store it on your person before logging out.
  12. *Peeks around the bushes to make sure he is alone* *Pulls radio to his face and presses PTT* "Name is Carter, maybe we did some trading a while back?" *Thinks about the past and the people he met and tries to put a name to the voice* "By any chance did you ever request my services and need a brown looking military plate carrier with some handy pouches and a holster for your sidearm? If it is who I think, reach out to me on my private frequency. *Deresses PTT as he pops open a Rasputin Kvass and thinks about his past*
  13. *Looks at his gear for any canned food* *presses PTT* "I have not much food, but i found more books.... and I heard another trader looking for ammo, I can drop some of that off tonight" *releases PTT and heads towards to Vybor area*
  14. *Drops off books and pulls out radio, presses PTT* " Anna, I took some ammunition and left some books, let me know if you are looking for anything in particular" * releases PTT as he refills his magazine and ponders where to crash for the night*
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