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  1. Hey y'all!

    Welcome dude!
  2. You might also want to work on your spelling. Lol, your title "so im dont get accepted"
  3. Awesome thank you

    Smith? Lol, everyone has that last name Anyways welcome!
  4. Title says it all, do all rp servers have the same hive?
  5. Changing my character's backstory

    Not to steal your topic but can we change the back story whenever we want? Or do we need to pm a admin to change it for us?
  6. Group photo this weekend!

    fuuu i was so close i didnt make it as well
  7. Got accepted!

    Nice dude!
  8. I understood what you said. And you are right. lol
  9. Will it increase my chance to get accepted? I donated 10
  10. Alright I want to donate to buy a skin but should I wait till I get accepted? Or now.
  11. Ahh, thanks man I was also wondering if they accepted the max players already? Or do they read all the white list then decide?
  12. I have been waiting for a full day now. And it still says pending I am not mad etc I am just simply wondering if they have read mine
  13. Got Accepted!

    Im hoping I get accepted
  14. Marriage

    Wow, i wanna join this?