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  1. Not much is known about J, born from a fractal state within one of the most heated peninsulas in the world. Even he bearly remembers his past, or how he had come to wake up cold, hungry, and lost. With the sounds of wolves echoing among the trees, it was time to get the hell out of there. The wind began to lick at his exposed heels. Twigs and branched cut up his feet as he ran. Running for... anything. A house, A tree stand, fucking anything to keep himself safe. Somehow, he made it, safe in a broken down shack in the middle of the woods... The books he found he couldn't read, the scraps of food left behind were covered in flies, and the river water was not beginning to sit well within himself. Surely he will be dead by next morning.
  2. Free the banned homies Forgive, but don't forget. ? Old rules pls. #NerfNordic jk
  3. The young man shot up from splitting wood for the night, hearing a faint voice amongst the feedback of the radio. Once the message had played through he couldn't help but laugh. With a steady hand, he swiftly pressed the PTT to respond. "The first voice I hear in months, and it's a smart ass." soon after, there was a brief pause in transmission "I'm glad to know you people out there still have a sense of humor. Stay safe." Soon all that could be heard on the frequency was deafening static.
  4. (Found on "radio frequency" 87.5) (The voice speaking has a smooth tone to it, no background noise can be heard. The connection is quite clear if you are near the areas of Green Mountain/Balota.) This Message is for everyone, hold your loved ones close, friends expire like milk. Making new ones in this type of environment is near impossible too... Stay safe out there. -pause in transmission.- I've still got a lot of juice left in this thing. I wanted to share what may be my final moments left of contact with whatever civilization that may still exist. I know there may be no one out there who can even hear this transmission but if you are, please lend me a moment of your time. I want to warn you of a few things. Things that I wish I was told before any of this shit ever started. Your biggest obstacle is your mind. Pick up books and start reading, or work out, play chess by yourself. anything that takes your mind off of what is going on around you. I'm suffering the results of poor mental care and it's frightening. I'm paranoid, paranoid of everyone and everything. There's always a gun to the back of my head somewhere. I can feel the heat of the barrels presence, even when I sleep. I see faces of people I have never met. They stare at me discouragingly, as if to tell me to give up on myself. Sometimes they taunt me. I'm not crazy, you are. -brief pause- Don't drink the pond water. Seriously don't. All the pond water between Vybor and south-ish of Tisy might as well be sewage. Sure it smells, looks, and tastes great, but what you don't know is that theirs a full squad of bacteria just waiting to ruin that already strained backside of yours. Let's face it, toilet paper is a commodity now. The last thing you want to do is wipe your bare ass on every leaf in the forest. The water in the north past Tisy is a gift from heaven its self for the most part if you can get past the god damn army of wolves who call it home. I've run into them a few times already, even named a couple of em' too! The third thing is, never... ever... under any circumstances you share a canteen with someone or drink from one that's been handed to you. Herpes is the least of your problems now. You never know what people put inside of them. All it takes is a few drops of a certain something and it'll leave your body colder than ice, but hey. Look on the bright side, at least you don't have to wake up every morning now! I know this rambling probably isn't interesting but this advice is something I, or someone close to me, learned the hard way. If I can make one insignificant mark on this world before I leave, perhaps its the change that I may make in you, listener. Maybe some of this will save your life one day, or at least save you from grief. My biggest fear in life is dying without making some sort of impact. If you, the person listening to this transmission are alive and well and you can spare the battery power, point it south-west and adjust the frequency, I would love to hear something about you. It'll help make my days go by easier (responses can be left in comments).
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5XmwMcwKbk
  6. “Anger” Music My friends still talk to me sometimes. Although they had died many days ago I still feel them around me. Kyle, Adam.That was the gang, the gang I thought I would make it out of here alive with. Funny how things work out, right? They didn't make it too far. I saw them eaten alive right in front of me by those disgusting creatures. Subhumans is what I would refer to them as. However, maybe “the dead” is more fitting. There's no real humanity left in those corpses anyway. I recently crossed paths with a man I surely thought was dead from the start. A man by the name of Frank. Unknown to me, this was the man who I would be spending most of my time with from now on. He was the man asleep in my boat I used to get to the mainland from that prison way back when. That's a long story I'm not sure I'll even bother writing about… Not like I could remember much of that day even if I tried. It's hard to trust him, I barely know a single thing about the guy and conversation between us is usually short and non-important. I can tell he had a rough time before all of this. I can hear the weight of his emotions with his every footstep, he treads heavily. One day, he will break. I'm not entirely sure what to do when that happens, but I'll be sure to put an end to him if he even dares to turn on me. He's weak, and I'm sick of the weak. Speaking of things I’m sick of. I’m sick of greed. Frank and I had come across an interesting scene somewhere in the northern woods. A fine selection of cars, each one seemed to be fixed up and ready to roll. However, I wouldn't trust my life in one of those things. In all honesty, they look less like cars and more like coffins if you catch my drift. With all of them here, that meant there were people who they belonged to… And boy oh boy, was their people, and they smelled worse than the dead that walked around us. I didn't remember much names, All I remember was a man named Marv. He was okay I guess, kind of looked like one of those stupid bikers you would see in some 80’s movie. Leather jacket, sunglasses bigger than anything I've seen before, and the icing on top of the cake... A doo rag. A fucking doo rag. I feel bad for him. Maybe I can get him something to wear on his head before he continues to embarrass himself anymore. Here's to hope I guess. Another man wore one of those shitty half-off clown masks you find hidden behind the reject Christmas trees in the holiday isle. I mean, I know it's the end of the world, but that doesn't mean you have to look like a moron, right? Nothing says hello like hiding away behind a sheet of plastic. Maybe he's doing us a favor with that thing on. Now that I think of it, he should probably keep it on after all. Its… fitting. There were a few more that I didn't even care to get a good look at. Besides the ridiculous attire, they were nice people. Untrusting and fishy as hell, but nice. They welcomed us with some water from their well and some awkward conversation to go with it. I wasn't too interested in chatting all day but Frank couldn't seem to get the hint to leave. No, instead I have to sit here and listen to a bunch of old heads chat about the weather and other useless shit that doesn't matter. I know it can get lonely out here, but come on. These guys were obviously going mad, it was written all over their faces. The man named Marv started babbling on about “tribal” mentality and how everyone was out for their own. He had dropped a few names of some groups I've run into. Anarchy, Socialists, that's all I really remember, I stopped paying attention after that. Those groups could eat dirt for all I care. What are they going to do, restore peace, order? I'll see it when I believe it. Not like people haven't tried that before. I guess we will see what is made out of them. This pen is starting to run out of ink, but my mind is still racing with thoughts. Might have to go for a midnight walk down to the beach or something. I mean, we are close enough. Maybe it'll help me clear my head. Until then, staying alive. Alex. 3/16/2018
  7. A Just yesterday as of writing this I received news of a tragic event at the church. I'll spare the details but the major outcome was an explosion, a explosion that took everyone I loved away from me, an explosion that struck fear and uncertainty into the hearts of good people, A explosion that meant the end of the church... Wolves attacked the holy land. Joseph and Vitus seemed off... I could tell their faith is getting better weaker by the second. Who can blame them? I decided to leave them alone for the time being to let everyone calm down. It's for the best we all band together and make sure this clinic remains a safe heaven. As for Kyle he was caught in this horrible act upon the holy... They took him from me, my only hope of sanity, my only hope of family, my only hope of living happily..is gone, and I took the whole damned thing for granted. I now live amongst the wolves alone, how long until I become one... How long until I can see my friends again? God let it be swift. Give me this one shred of relief, I beg you God... The only person that has listened to my thoughts was Liam, a man that Chris told me I shouldn't trust. He was kind and caring, a lot more then Chris. He listened and and talked to me, he made sure I was okay and I could tell he had been concerned about me. Chris never cared, he would always tell me that I'll bounce back. Bullshit, I don't plan on being his "friend" I could give less of a shit about his people. My people are gone so this deal has no meaning between us. The only fear I have is if I tell him I'm leaving... I don't think he will be happy, I just hope it won't be the death of me. I need to be alone, I need to focus on my wellbeing, I need to help the clinic as much as I can. I don't want to get myself into more trouble then I am. Entry:6 REFUGE “And like a snap of the fingers he was dead… Organs spread onto the walls, ...My god there was so much blood…” I haven’t written in awhile, I’m not sure on how to structure my thoughts onto paper but I guess I will try my best. Alot has happened to me and others over the past weeks. It feels like years to me if I am to be honest. My new family feels like less of a home. Not to say that I truly know what such a thing would be like but It dosen’t feel like Ozerko, a place I would consider close to a home. Although we are far from people I still do not feel safe resting my head at the Flats, The people there are the ones I would want to avoid, Yet I call them family… Sometimes I even confuse myself. The only one I feel close to is Chris, I’m not sure if he is just using my feelings to take advantage of me in some obscure way, if that even makes any sense…. I do care for him, he is some-what fatherly when he wants to be but at the same time I feel like one pull of the trigger wouldn’t be too much of an obstacle for him If I were at the end of the barrel… What am I saying? We are a “family” right? I’m seen as a weapon to the rest, emotions are just “the gun jamming”. At least that is my “shot in the dark” guess as to what they could possibly think of me Maybe they actually care for me? Maybe I am thinking too much, or perhaps not enough. I tend to keep it to a minimum. I’ve done things I thought I would never do, a “black angel” being one of them. Such a disgusting, dark, downright horrid act. I can’t even write the process. I’m still in shock of it… The muffled cries of the man I had slaughtered, The tears he had shed, and I didn’t even flinch. What am I doing? Wasn’t it just a month ago I was fearing people who would do something so vile? Wasn’t it a just a month ago where I was happy, safe, care-free, and united with friends? It’s truly insane how time can change a person and a situation. I haven’t felt much empathy in a while… I don’t feel much of anything other then my heart beat and the pain in my legs… I don’t understand what is happening to me. I don’t want to loose my head, I need to stick true to my plan and that is to survive and hopefully find my way to home again, alone… I want to be alone, let me live in peace… Maybe I can find somewhere in the east, I heard it was known for the forests that covered it. It seems like a dream to me but It truly is right within my grasp… Question is do I want to risk my life for it? Do I want to put these people in danger or upset them in any way? This dream seems awfully selfish just like the acts we commit. I’m done writing tonight… -A
  8. Mason Collins was a pilot for a relatively small, US based private military company called The 74th Round. He flew both planes for a variety of missions that he was tasked with; Whether he was doing recon, bringing in supplies, he did it all. He was fearless in what he did. As long as there was a paycheck attached of the line, he was down for it. He originally was a transport pilot for the United States Marine Corp at the ripe age of 22. He loved what he did. August 2nd 2013 was a date he will never forget. During a recon mission in Iran, his plane’s engine mysteriously caught fire. He ejected 1.6km in the air, pulling his parachute and hoping for the best. He was found a few hours later by a nearby American-backed convoy and taken into emergency care. A month of recovery revealed the true state of his body, he found it hard to use his right leg (the one that had been broken). Along with this he would experience seizures, the cause being unknown. Due to his injuries he was honorably discharged soon after, ending his career with the air-force. A year passed when he was approached by a man who told him about a company he worked for, that Mason’s skills in aircraft expertise would be a valuable asset to them. So after some time, he took up the offer and began to work for them for over 5 years. One day as he was running through a pre-flight checklist on a Boeing B-17 that was issued to him, his boss came down from his office in the hanger and handed him a letter that had said he’d been reassigned to their new international division in the poor, old-soviet nation of Chernarus. Upon his arrival to Chernarus he was given a hotel room, a beer and a map of the local area. “This place ain’t half bad” he chuckled to himself. “I might just like it here”
  9. Very nice guide. Loved the format of it. Maybe add the "Killer look"? It seems to add to the prep.
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