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  1. It has been removed and is now part of the "holiday items". We have been robbed of our argent beard and we are not content!
  2. Pontiff

    How many ARE THERE.

    But did you save the pig though? :-]
  3. Alright, it seems this thread has become a place for cheap jabs and memes and has most definitely derailed from its intended purpose. Thank your for participating.
  4. Sorry that happened; I fail to see however how this thread fits in the 'troubleshooting' section, considering you already troubleshot your own issue ...
  5. To whomever it may concern, the prison on Livonia is smack down in the center of the map, on a nice little hill. You might want to wait around for that if you like the idea of a prison inland.
  6. Until this very day I thought that my time on DayZRP.com had been utterly wasted, this makes it all worth it. Good shit.
  7. Although we shared some time together during our previous tenure in staff, I feel like I did not get to know you as much as I would, or should have. You're a good lad, and I hope we get to cross paths again down the road! Good read, keep up the good work!
  8. Name: @FalkRP Reason why: He's a good lad, a bit of memer but with a really good heart. And if he fucks up it'll be the perfect opportunity to get rid of him anyway. (jk jk)
  9. I, Pontiff hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form, again.
  10. Ponchos look to be made out of plastic-like material though. Almost has if someone had just torn a hole in a tarp; I could see it having some waterproof properties.
  11. Make sure you are logged in, do not refresh your page and try reading the rules out loud, it's been known to help.
  12. Yeah, it bothers me to have to disable features ensuring the safety and privacy of my data just to play games. Could we at least have the rationale behind the decision? I'm not contesting that decision but I am genuinely curious as to what lead to that change. @Roland, if you would care to enlighten the masses at your earliest convenience, that'd be swell.
  13. All items I have encountered are the same than on Chernarus+. I found OREL clothing in police stations, BDU gear in military tents. The main differences were the """"new"""" stuff like the double-barrelled shotgun, the definitely new buildings and environment and all texts being in Polish instead of Czech. (e.g: road signs, maps, ...) I have only played for ~6 hours, I have most likely missed a few things.
  14. Pontiff

    Pontiff's Gallery V.2

    V.2 of this gallery since Roland had to delete the previous iteration after it broke the notification system somehow. Enjoy !
  15. I've been using this website for some times now, but any other service offering a direct link to a .mp3 file will do. (you will need to sign up to access the upload feature.) https://kiwi6.com/
  16. All gucci then, group outfits when?
  17. I have a few issues with your suggestion; like it's been mentioned above, you should not be expected to spend money to belong to a group; second problem is that outfits on organized groups are a mark of status, a testament to their supply lines/their scavengers/their quartermasters/their ability to not die and keep their gear in pristine condition. If you see a group of people with mixed/semi-random outfits, you can gauge their strength and, to a degree, their intentions; the same logic applies to a fully-kitted death-squad. If you just make it so that anyone can get to that point without having to work for it, while it looks cool, it also takes away from the role-play in my opinion. As for outfits in general, @Roland told me that the feature was in the works but other, more critical matters were being worked on and that the outfit feature would most likely not see the light of day until next year.
  18. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: I'm not sure what warranted that ban; I was merely participating in the conversation taking place in #general and trying to defuse the tension with a joke. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The last statement I made was following someone saying "Some people are not here to RP" or something along those lines to which I jokingly replied "I come on this server to dab on Campfire RPers with my adequate PVP skills", a known inside joke of the community; often used in the long and pointless debates that attempt to split 'Hostile' RPers and 'Campfire' RPers into two distinct category. I realize now in hindsight that, while this is common knowledge for older members of this community, this might have been misconstrued by newer players as an endorsement of the aforementioned behaviour. EDIT: I'd like to add that I have racked a grand total of 1 kill in the 3+ years I have been on the server because I genuinely suck at PvP, and anyone that played with me for any length of time is well aware of that fact. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Discord ban revoked. What could you have done better?: Provide better context to my jokes and not take part in bantering activities while waiting for my work to compile.
  19. I know right, something about ripping and tearing ...
  20. *the man speaks again, he sounds out of breath but the howling has receded to a mere whisper* "Greetings, this is the man from the tower again; supplies were running low, I have made a run for it. I am wounded but nothing I cannot handle, I hope. If you were diverting to come to my rescue, I appreciate the effort but you are free to resume your journey. Stay safe out there." *end of broadcast*
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