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  1. Pontiff

    S1 Vybor Military Base Invalid Execution - 2019/03/20 21:40

    Verdict @Mak - Invalid Kill - [Not Guilty] Summary To shortly summarize the situation, @SgtPretzel had just been robbed of his M4 a couple of minutes ago when he encounters @Mak, some talking ensue and after a few minutes, @Mak's allies roll in and initiate on @SgtPretzel whom decides to flip them off instead of complying, leading to his untimely demise. Let us address the rulebreak at hand here. Invalid Kill: As seen in the evidence provided in this report, @SgtPretzel did not comply when being initiated on. It appears to be a genuine mistake that he pressed the shortcut for a quick middle finger instead of raising his hands. Regardless of the error, the kill is indeed valid for @Mak and his allies had no way to know that it was not intentional. However, in light of this event stemming from an accident, @SgtPretzelwill not be found guilty of NVFL. Outcome @Mak - Invalid Kill - [Not Guilty] - No action taken. @SgtPretzel - NVFL - [Not Guilty] - No action taken. Signed by: @RandyRP, @Zilly and @Pontiff
  2. Pontiff

    • Pontiff
    • RandyRP

    Happy birthday my dude !

    1. RandyRP


      Thanks man even though it is NOT my Birthday

  3. Pontiff

    Rule break punishments

    There you go son.
  4. Pontiff

    Are cheaters allowed in the community now?

    In this report we decided that the OP had been of good faith because he went ahead and reported a rulebreak and provided video evidence despite the fact that his crosshairs could be seen, and he did not deny nor try to hide that fact. Seeing as he made no use of the "cheat" in the video he provided and that he claimed he had simply forgotten to disable them, we were inclined to believe him and decided to burn up his final warning caution and offered a firm reminder in his report warning. Cheaters are of course not allowed in the community nor will they ever, but, if circumstances allow like we feel they did then, we might choose to give them a second chance. If this answer is not satisfactory, feel free to send me a DM so we can discuss this further.
  5. Pontiff

    Amnesty Who?

    I am a firm believer in second chances and I have been fond of the Amnesty system since its inception. We now start to have solid and meaningful statistics showing that the players that came back through Amnesty, so far, have had an undeniably positive influence on the server, both in and out. Some may claim that Amnesty players just play nice for three months and then reverts back to their old ways once they are in the clear but being active under the weight of a final warning is an ordeal in itself. Even if Roland and Jim decide to accept a player back, based on their "biased" opinion of said player, it will not protect them from any rulebreak they might commit. The staff team is not at liberty to be biased and will be sure to punish any rulebreak from any player, regardless of the owners' fondness for them. Have faith in your fellow man so you can look him in the eye when you pull the lever.
  6. Pontiff

    Interview With A Community Member: Watchman

    Nice interview, however, I was told that staff member couldn't get interviewed. I demand to be interviewed next or for an admin to finally confirm that Developers are not actually staff, thank you. (╭☞•̀o•́)╭☞
  7. Pontiff

    Where is all the melee weapons?

    I've been using a sword since pretty much forever. It's a one-shot kill to the head and it's rather fast all things considered. The pipe is also a brilliant option and can be tucked in your bag. The most important tip we can give you is "aim for the head", body-shots do very little damage.
  8. Pontiff

    Building storage!

    I've been deceived ! Well, you know better than I do.
  9. Pontiff

    Building storage!

    Custom crafting recipes have been disabled for now because they were causing issues in the latest iteration of our mod. Hopefully it will be enabled back soon.
  10. Pontiff

    Staff Feedback: Pontiff

    Hey @Eagle, sorry for the delayed reply. As there is an ongoing appeal regarding this report, I am not a liberty to openly discuss the report itself. However please know that your feedback has been heard, loud and clear and that I truly appreciate it. I have taken steps to ensure I will be even more thorough in my report verdicts moving forward. Mistakes were made, there is no denying it but I have taken upon me to see this situation through and will not swipe this case under the rug to avoid the embarrassment. Once the appeals have been dealt with and should you wish to discuss this in more details, you are more than welcome to get in touch either here or on Discord. Thank you again and have a good day!
  11. Pontiff

    Remove NBC clothing from item shop (When the radiation mod is released)

    Great minds think alike, I mentioned that fact to Aeryes earlier this morning. I enjoy the idea of tweaking the spawned version of the NBC Suit! Big ole +1 from me.
  12. Pontiff

    Restraining people in game

    Fair enough.
  13. Pontiff

    Restraining people in game

    I agree with you, my proposal is more about covering your ass should they decide to not comply after all.
  14. Pontiff

    Restraining people in game

    I think this is indeed an excellent solution. Another solution would be to tell the player OOC //you will be restrained, do you agree? and if they do and still pull a fast one, that would powergaming in my opinion.
  15. Pontiff


    There is no plan for the map as of today.
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