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    1. Pontiff


      It's not my fault !

  2. Pontiff

    Pontiff's Gallery V.2

    V.2 of this gallery since Roland had to delete it after the previous iteration broke the notification system somehow. Enjoy !
  3. Pontiff

    Fence Building Question

    This is not entirely true. It takes the same amount of time to break a fence regardless of whether you are 'inside' or 'outside'. However, breaking a fence from the 'inside' will allow you to get 100% of the materials back. Other drawback include not being to attach barbed wire for example. As for the rules, if your compound is still accessible somehow (e.g: Having a locked gate, your location is not reachable only through a glitch, ...), you are not breaking any.
  4. Pontiff

    New Items in the Item Shop

    Hey @DaRsnn, these items will become available after the release of the February update for the DayZRP Mod, where they will be implemented in-game.
  5. Pontiff


    Could use a black and white edit, maybe I'll get around to it one day.
  6. Pontiff

    Stuck on Joining Game when loading into server

    @Bill the butcher Try using this method instead then.
  7. Pontiff

    Stuck on Joining Game when loading into server

    When you launch DayZ from your Steam Library, you'll get a choice between DayZ and DayZ Launcher, this is where you will find it. If it still launches DayZ SA Launcher, please uninstall it.
  8. Pontiff

    Stuck on Joining Game when loading into server

    Hello @James Thatcher and @Bill the butcher, First off, we are not using the Winter_Chernarus mod any more, please disable it. Please make sure that you are using the correct launcher and not the DayZ SA launcher. The 'correct' launcher being run via Steam; and that the only mod enabled is the DayZRP Mod. If everything there is correct, unsubscribe and resubscribe to the DayZRP Mod and verify your game files.
  9. Pontiff

    Character Spaghettified 1.0.1 update

    Glad you managed to figure it out. Props to you @Combine my boy, I never would have found that one out !
  10. Pontiff

    Winners of the Screenshot of the Month Contest

    Yeah, yeah. Stop bragging now. Victory is mine next month, mark my words.
  11. Pontiff

    Character Spaghettified 1.0.1 update

    Hello @Aidicon184, please try unsubscribing and resubscribing to the DayZRP Mod in the Steam Workshop, it has helped a few other players who had this problem. Let us know how it goes !
  12. Pontiff

    "I'm the hero Chernarus needs..."

    I am the night, I am ... the Blyatman !
  13. Pontiff

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Once again, a lot of fun with my Vox people but a nice little journey with Frank (who's not Frank so I couldn't find you on the forum you tit.) and @Shikaka and his mate. Thanks lads for this little piece of fun to top up my night ! Cheers !
  14. Shnitz

    • Shnitz
    • Pontiff


    My man, you want me to do one of those feedback things for Vox? Tomorrow tho if at all, I'm tired af

    1. Pontiff


      Hey son, if you feel like it we'd be delighted to have some feedback. If not, no hard feelings either way. Take care !

  15. Pontiff

    Softskill guide.

    I had noticed it before but since it appears to reset to zero after some time even without mixing stuff up, I never bothered with it. Thanks for sharing, maybe we can dig the code out make soft-skills of our own !
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