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""Alright for a French man.""

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  1. Where are you friendo?

    1. Pontiff


      Around, not much time for DayZ these days but I keep on lurking around the forums; how are you doing brother? How are things around here? The game good yet? New lore okay? Magnum make it back in the game yet?

    2. Zero


      Game is bad. Mods make it better. New lore is doo doo. Magnum still not here, so it’s impossible for me to do cowboy rp. 

  2. It has been removed and is now part of the "holiday items". We have been robbed of our argent beard and we are not content!
  3. Pontiff

    How many ARE THERE.

    But did you save the pig though? :-]
  4. Alright, it seems this thread has become a place for cheap jabs and memes and has most definitely derailed from its intended purpose. Thank your for participating.
  5. Sorry that happened; I fail to see however how this thread fits in the 'troubleshooting' section, considering you already troubleshot your own issue ... ?
  6. To whomever it may concern, the prison on Livonia is smack down in the center of the map, on a nice little hill. You might want to wait around for that if you like the idea of a prison inland.
  7. Until this very day I thought that my time on DayZRP.com had been utterly wasted, this makes it all worth it. Good shit.
  8. Although we shared some time together during our previous tenure in staff, I feel like I did not get to know you as much as I would, or should have. You're a good lad, and I hope we get to cross paths again down the road! Good read, keep up the good work!
  9. Name: @FalkRP Reason why: He's a good lad, a bit of memer but with a really good heart. And if he fucks up it'll be the perfect opportunity to get rid of him anyway. (jk jk)
  10. I, Pontiff hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form, again.
  11. Ponchos look to be made out of plastic-like material though. Almost has if someone had just torn a hole in a tarp; I could see it having some waterproof properties.
  12. Make sure you are logged in, do not refresh your page and try reading the rules out loud, it's been known to help.
  13. Yeah, it bothers me to have to disable features ensuring the safety and privacy of my data just to play games. Could we at least have the rationale behind the decision? I'm not contesting that decision but I am genuinely curious as to what lead to that change. @Roland, if you would care to enlighten the masses at your earliest convenience, that'd be swell.
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