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    Miss you bb. 💔

    1. Pontiff


      Miss you too mate. I'm trying to sort out my third-world country internet situation and I'll come back around. The new DayZ looks pretty damn good !

  2. Pontiff

    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    I don't give a damn about football but I'm going to win apparently so yay my team I guess ! #OpportunisticPatriotism
  3. Pontiff


    Taking air guitar to the next level.
  4. Pontiff

    SCREENSHOT OF THE MONTH CONTEST - Lakes, Streams & the Sea

  5. Pontiff

    Rping as different religions?

    I'm personally profoundly agnostic yet I've never played anything else other than a catholic priest since I first joined here. Roleplay is all about getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things, religions are no different; however, you have to put plenty of time in research in order to make this side of your character believable, else you'll have some heat coming your way ! It's much like roleplaying a mental illness, do your research, be thorough and you're in the clear. Hope it'll all work out for you !
  6. Pontiff


  7. Pontiff

    Hailee's goodbye

    *the old priest let a tear roll down his cheek as he hears the new of his dear friend's death; he leans against the wall of the ruin he was exploring and slides to the ground, his legs refusing to carry him any further. He ponders for a minute and decides against a prayer, an eulogy of sort would have to do. He grabs his radio, strengthen his resolve and starts his broadcast* -his voice is raspy, choked by emotion- "Greetings, it's the Preacher. Hailee was a good girl, she'll be missed. May she rest in peace, far away from this wicked, cruel world. I've never been kind to her because she was precious to me, to us, the last jewel of innocence, the last example of what it meant to be good ... *he sighs* I needed her to grow tougher, to be mean, but I had to drive her away to do so ... I had to smear mud over her perfect figure, conceal her radiance to the outside world, hide her like one would hide a relic ... wish I hadn't ... we could have used some of that ... doesn't matter; she's at the side of the Lord now, wherever that is, it can't be worse than down there. Stay safe out there, God is with you, Preacher out." *the broadcast ends*
  8. Pontiff

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Great turnout for @Eddie's wedding ! Thanks y'all. Hoped I managed to do this lovely couple justice ! Cheers ! (and screw this game from crashing at the worst of time !)
  9. Pontiff

    Stuck under a house and or rock? FRET NO MORE!

    Tried it for myself right now, it bloody works. Good job !
  10. Pontiff

    Fides et Virtus [RECRUITING]

    Alright, afraid I'm coming with bad news. It's time to let go of this project for now. I hoped that starting a group would keep the DayZ hype going but, in hindsight, I should have waited for 0.63. Life goes on in South Zagoria, even without the light of the Lord to guide its people ! Thank all of you who supported the idea, I'll be sure to be back for round two as soon as the game gets better. Cheers ! (please archive this group, if that wasn't clear. <3)
  11. Pontiff

    Two Kingdoms Collide [PVP Medieval OOC Event]

    Stuff came up, I'm out folks. Y'all have fun !
  12. Pontiff

    Fides et Virtus [RECRUITING]

    @The Ford, @darczon69, @Rosiak, @Karma We did it folks ! This is the start of a great and grand adventure ! Thank you all for the kind feedback and we'll see you in-game soon ! Cheers ! (PM me if you want to join, love y'all.)
  13. Pontiff

    Fides et Virtus [RECRUITING]

    Please welcome @Karma as the second official recruit of this great group, thus saving us from the dreaded and dusty archives below ! Congratulations ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Updated goals according to current events.
  14. Pontiff

    Whats your Career , or are you studying? :)

    Former grave-keeper turned blacksmith and working on my English Studies degree on the side !
  15. Pontiff

    Persistence Wipe Expectations?

    Not this kind of maintenance though. @Spartan, you had a clue about what might have happened. Would you mind enlightening our fellow players ?