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  1. Pontiff

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    Good stuff! Quick side note however (seeing as this faction special product is information) while all information purchased during the event will be usable in game, it will be delivered to you OOC (Discord or Forums PM) to prevent people eavesdropping for free information.
  2. Pontiff

    Temporarily banned - Again

    The staff team has reached a conclusion on the report you had pending. Please be careful not to delete the footage pertaining to a report you have opened. We're trying to work with you to get to the bottom of a situation, deleting footage prevents us from doing just that. What is or isn't useful footage is not up to you to decide. You can understand how your reluctance to provide evidence in your own report might appear suspicious. Appeal accepted, temp-ban lifted.
  3. Pontiff

    S1 Prison Island - Unnecessary Racism / BadRP

    The staff team has reviewed this report and will now proceed to close it; no suspect was found and no one came forward since the report was put up; the video evidence provided did not allow for an identification either. Please know however that the staff team has deemed these events to be acceptable behaviour. While racism and slurs are not tolerated in any form OOC, it is tolerated IC. If it makes sense for a character to be racist/rude and they keep it inline with their character motives, there won't be any problem. Reporting someone for BadRP/Racism is a good initiative, but know that these topics are not outright banned IC. Signed by: @Pontiff & @BrianM + notes
  4. Pontiff

    Fifty Two | Open To Interest

    Good stuff, carry on citizen.
  5. Pontiff

    Fifty Two | Open To Interest

    Very good looking thread, and I enjoy the theme you have going on! Not too sure about the font size, it looks neater but it's such a pain in the ass to read, a shame when you have a solid lore like yours!
  6. Pontiff

    The Vale (Recuitment Active - All Welcome!)

    Best of luck ladies and gentlemen!
  7. Pontiff

    Our Story

    Hello @Kirby-KP, We do not allow work-in-progress in group ideas, please post this thread once it is fully prepared. You will have to either PM a Moderator+ to have it unarchived or make a brand new thread.
  8. Pontiff

    WTF! Most expensive DLC pack. Collect them all !

    Still less expensive than Star Citizen ... (27K)
  9. Pontiff

    S1 Turovo Griefing 4/11/2019 After 8:00 Before 14:50

    Outcome @Zero - Griefing (Not Guilty) Summary The staff team has deemed this situation not to be griefing since @Zero had IC reasons to take what he took, seeing as he was technically taking back what had been stolen from him in the first place. @Zero appears to also have been careful to only take back what was his and to not damage/steal any other goods in @Joe_Mo 's base. Verdict @Zero - Griefing (Not Guilty) - No action taken. Signed by: @Pontiff, @Banshee, @RandyRP & @Samti
  10. Pontiff

    I'm going to the Store, yall need anything ?

  11. Pontiff

    S1 Bashnya Ruleplay 2019-04-10, ~03:00

    Verdict @ScarRP - Ruleplay (Not Guilty) @YNW Dusty - Baiting (Not Guilty) | NVFL (Guilty) | False Report (Guilty) Summary @ScarRP and @YNW Dusty happen upon one another in the night. @YNW Dusty keeps on moving, closely followed by @ScarRP. They eventually meet another group nearby, there @YNW Dusty tries to have the group help him initiate on @ScarRP; @YNW Dusty quickly realized that the group was allied with @ScarRP and tried to leave. With @ScarRP still on his heel, @YNW Dusty turns back and punches him in the face, leading to @ScarRP promptly killing him. Let's address the rules that were mentioned in this report. Baiting: @YNW Dusty is not guilty of baiting since he did not attempt to gain kill rights from this situation. 4.7 You may not bait other players into situations where you provoke the player into using hostile actions and then using kill rights to kill them. This is known as baiting. NVFL: @YNW Dusty, you punched an individual having clear hostile intentions against you while said individual was carrying an assault-rifle in his hands. This unrealistic behaviour shows that you cared very little for your character well-being. 3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead. Ruleplay: The staff team has deemed this case not to be ruleplay, to do otherwise would create a loophole. We cannot allow for situations where people with rifles are unable to defend themselves from punches because it's considered ruleplay. It's not ruleplay either, since one is always allowed to defend oneself when attacked. 3.3 You may not focus on out of character gains to the detriment of RP. For example, "rule play" is prioritizing things like kill rights or OOC information above more appropriate IC actions or behavior. Always prioritize role play over rule play. False report: @YNW Dusty, you will be found guilty of filing a false report. You punched a man with an assault-rifle in his hands and allies in direct vicinity. While you might have been surprised that you got killed, the fact remains that you put a report up despite being the first person in the situation to start hostilities. Outcome @ScarRP - Ruleplay (Not Guilty) - No action taken. @YNW Dusty - Baiting (Not Guilty) | NVFL (Guilty) | False Report (Guilty) - 7 day ban, 15 warning points leading to the permanent removal from the community. Signed by: @Pontiff, @RandyRP, @Onyx & @Samti If you disagree with this verdict, you are welcome to file an appeal via support ticket or contact email.
  12. Pontiff

    Are EU Servers down?

    Both servers are based in the US. S2 is an overflow server that only opens when S1 is near capacity and closes when it is not any more. The "main" server is S1.
  13. Pontiff

    Stuck in my own base?

    Default combination is 111, try that out. It is also possible that someone changed your locks. Grab a hacksaw and go to town if you want back in.
  14. Pontiff

    S1 Vybor Police Station RDM

    Thank you, your temp-ban has been lifted. Please keep an eye out on this report, should we have any further question for you.
  15. Pontiff

    S1-21:32 4-15-19 Killed with out a real RP reason

    The staff team has reviewed this report and agreed to honour OP's wishes. We are glad you managed to talk it out. With that said, this report will be closed. Signed by: @Pontiff, @RandyRP & @Banshee
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