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    You need to bring back preacher pls <3

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      Wait derp I just looked at your character page

      Pls get in game <3 Or at least make some nice radio threads ♥

  1. Is it possible to make a currency?

    Currencies were based on physical commodities such as gold or silver until recently. To create a new currency, you'd have to stockpile a ridiculous amount of something deemed valuable in a post-apocalypse world. Ammo or tobacco is a commodity, not a currency of its own, else it's just trade/barter. Gameplay-wise, I'd say chances of that happening are slim. Unless you can make people have faith in your economical model to sustain itself (like the real world, it's fucked up btw), you'll have to be crazy powerful. If you need food, I'll trade you some for most of your belongings. If you're not happy with my fee, you'll try to smoke my greedy ass, and that's fair game. I think it's more fun this way; however I'd be down with some fat oligarch running South Zagoria as his own little playground, having the livelihood of everyone in his greasy palm. That'd be dope.
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    I missed you bb.

    1. Pontiff


      I miss you too man, I fucking do. Life is a bitch tbh.

      Once my schedule is somewhat set, I'll try to give DayZ some love again.

  2. Benoit Moreau

  3. To preach or not to preach, that is the question.

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     You got the PC goin?

  4. Finally managed to work the computer situation out, I'm picking it up tomorrow ! Fuck yeah !

    1. ToeZ


      FUCK yeah! I spent too much money and will have to order it in a couple days when the pay check comes in

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      (That timing tho, just after I fried my god damn GPU)

    3. Ezra

      Finally is right.

  5. People are too trusting

    Sounds like we're all living in the same neighborhood; you wave at your neighbor while on your way to the bi-weekly community barbecue.
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    1234 BeanZ, heh.

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      haha look at that :) 

      Have a 185th BeanZ on me ;) 

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    France, we come from France. Sorry couldn't help it.

    1. Pontiff


      Baah, it's alright. You're the first to use that reference, congratulations I guess !

    2. Major


      Took me a while to realize that the majority of references my parents used in my childhood came from Coneheads. 

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