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  1. Zero

    • Zero
    • Pontiff

    Where have you gone my love?

    1. FalkRP


      He's gone looking for nazi gold

    2. Pontiff



  2. Chief

    • Chief
    • Pontiff

    miss my Favorite religious Zealot! 

  3. Pontiff

    • Pontiff
    • DaRsnn


    1. DaRsnn


      Making him proud 😈

  4. Pontiff

    • Pontiff
    • Xehara


    1. Xehara


      I love you Pontiff. I'll do you proud.

  5. Pontiff


    Thank you DayZRP for having me amongst you in the past few years, but I will now be taking my leave, hopefully indefinitely. Below will be a name dump of truly amazing people and important people to me and that I hope I will get to meet one day for a pint and to whom I wish the very best. (in no particular order)

    @darczon69, @The Ford, @Cowboy, @Ezra, @DaRsnn, @Xehara, @RandyRP, @Phatal, @Major, @Falk, @Crim, @Raptor, @ToeZiesOG, @Onyx and all the others that I forgot about and will take offence to not being listed. ❤️

    May we meet again on a better game.
    It's been real.
    ~Pontiff, the last preacher~

    1. Luke


      Whilst I never met you properly Pontiff, you've shown yourself to be nothing short of a great chap who goes out of his way to help out those around him.

      The work you've put in here will be remembered and I hope we hear from you soon!

      Till next time ❤️ 

    2. FalkRP


      For a French man your alright. 


    3. groovy willsky

      groovy willsky


    4. Horse



    5. Saunders


      didn't know you personally but always sad to see long standing members leave. wish you the best in life and hope to see you again sometime in the future. goodbye mate ❤️

    6. ToeZies


      Don't know why you're off mate, but I enjoyed every minute of the probably hour we spent actually in game together over the years. You're a stand up bloke, don't let anyone tell you different. We'll share a pint one day mate. Hope to see you again in another life brother.

    7. Crim


      Stay in touch mate, dayzrp was lucky to have you.  

    8. DaRsnn
    9. Xehara


      Now it's not unprofessional to send those pics. 

      ❤️ I'll do you proud and game in another world with you.

    10. Mademoiselle


      💔 Bye bye Pontiff, you preached well last lore for Hope. Will miss you my french friend!

    11. Raptor


      I love you man! Please dont hesitate to hmu on Steam (I always appear invisible :3)

    12. Cowboy


      Take care frenchy gonna miss ya brother, great role player right here ladies and gentlemen, and a damn good friend to talk to!

  6. Kieran

    • Kieran
    • Pontiff

    gonna miss you gamer, you did good.

  7. Pontiff

    S1-Troitskoe Invalid kill

    The staff team has reviewed this report and agreed to close it. Please be mindful of the accusation you level against another player and make sure it fits the situation. With that said, this report will now be closed. Signed by: @Pontiff + notes
  8. Pontiff

    S1-Troitskoe Invalid kill

    Hit Logs 19:21:50 | Player "Jacob Kras" hit by Player "Oliver OBrien" into Head for 100 damage with BK-133 from 3.24864 meters Kill Logs 19:21:50 | Player "Jacob Kras" killed by Player "Oliver OBrien" with BK-133 from 3.24864 meters Connection Logs 19:17:44 | Player "Jacob Kras" is connected -KILLED- -STILL IN GAME- 18:39:52 | Player "Oliver OBrien" is connected -STILL IN GAME- Calling in: @Hex for their full and detailed PoV, please also provide any unedited video evidence you might as well as the name of any ally involved in the situation. @Gaard | POSTED @Hex |
  9. Pontiff

    S1: Invalid Kill Near Bogatyrka Compound - 05/08/2019

    Verdict: @ToeZiesOG - Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - Guilty Summary: After some time spent roleplaying at Camp Eden, @bunsojr and a group of player are being led outside and away from the compound by another group amongst whom is @ToeZiesOG; after walking for a short while, @ToeZiesOG's allies initiate on the group while @ToeZiesOG himself initiates on @bunsojr, asking him to drop his weapon; @bunsojr does not react and his then put down when he turns around to face @ToeZiesOG. @ToeZiesOG, you are found guilty of an Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) stemming from an invalid initiation. As seen in the footage that was provided, despite your intention to say "Mr.Blue" the only thing that can be heard is "Mr.Boo", and the footage also shows @bunsojr being completely clueless and unaware as to whom the initiation was addressed. 4.1 All initiations and hostile actions as well as their demands and conditions must be made clear and unambiguous to all involved players. Hostile actions or initiations must be done personally and on specific targets who must be aware who the attacker is, for example they cannot be done remotely through radio or PA system. Outcome: @ToeZiesOG - Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - Guilty - 3 day ban and 10 warning points. Signed by: @Pontiff & @Samti If you disagree with the outcome of this verdict, you are free to file an appeal here.
  10. Pontiff

    S1 Novoselki: Invalid Kill & Bad RP

    @Games Dean & @Sapperton Does any of you have any video evidence regarding this situation? @Games Dean, do you confirm that you indeed held @Sapperton at gunpoint when asking him to put his hands up and dropping his belongings?
  11. Pontiff

    No active Character

    Hello @Gaard, your character switch cooldown has been reset; I see that you recently joined us and understand that you might still be in the process of figuring things out; please note however that this is a one-time only favour, you will have to wait out the full cooldown duration next time.
  12. Pontiff

    Fourth Reich

    If you intend to separate yourself from the Nazi party and their beliefs/values/practices in all but the name then what is the point? Nazism on this server is the most slippery of slopes and there are countless boot tracks on it already. The "Communists" can have other enemies than the "Nazis"; this is not Call of Duty, be subtle. Nationalism is fine and dandy and a core value of many current and past groups and we have no issue with it; we don't even have issues with racism (IC) when done right, much like everything else, but Nazism and Nazi paraphernalia in general are not allowed on DayZRP like stated above.
  13. Pontiff

    Character story

    If you decide to permanently kill your character (which you are not required to, regardless of any death that happened inside the game), you will have to create a new character and thus write a new backstory for them.
  14. Pontiff


    Alright, I'm back in purple, let me know if you need anything folks. :]

    1. Xehara


      Let me get my list.

    2. Horse


      I could still use a sword. 

    3. Malet


      Plz fix DayZ 🙂 

    4. DaRsnn


      Think I had a baguette lying around here somewhere


  15. Pontiff


    Don't see watchu talkin' 'bout son.
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