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    S1: RDM in Cherno - 29/03/2019 22:30

    I'm deeply honoured by your praise and dearly wish I could conclude my sentiments at that. Though it is unheard of for me to make a second post in a report thread, I feel it is only fair and fitting that I make a proper retort to such a thorough cross examination by the astute, albeit misguided gentleman. As you have opted for a sequential and condensed approach to your riposte, I hope you will not regard me as blunt or dispassionate if I do the same. Swift? If there is one word ill-suited to Lord Ashford, it is swift. He is a careful and deliberate fellow, who planted the seeds of his initiation in such a painstakingly overt manner that one would have to be rendered quite insensible in order to misinterpret his staunchly reiterated opposition as a mere suggestion. Though the timing of his action might have been unagreeable to you, I doubt anyone present at the event would decry it as unsuitably surprising. Whilst the illustrious history of the Nivek family is well known throughout South Zagoria, as well as his close connection with the optical, cranial enhancement company, 'GoPro'. It is also well known that the GoPro is not and has never been an accurate measure of time. In-game FPS, recorded FPS and exchange of data between the server and the user is not synchronized, thank goodness. Not to mention, that the GoPro only seems to deal in second intervals, which in a firefight situation, can constitute an entire lifetime, figuratively speaking. However, even if we use the GoPro as a reliable measure of time, we find that whilst the first shot was expelled sometime within the 57th second of the video, the follow up shot was not fired until the closing of the 58th second. Whilst this may seem like an indistinguishable and inconsequential moment of time. When bullets are flying it is quite a significant and potentially deadly pause. What is the purpose of this occurrence? Again, to allow the assailed egress, so that they might assume a more compliant stance in the face of such deadly force. An option which unfortunately Mr Nivek failed to capitalize upon, instead using his last moments on earth to hurl profanity at his assailant. Using what I believe to be a more accurate measure, the logs, we see quite a different story. 22:19:25 | Player "Kevin Nivek" killed by Player "Edwin Ashford" with KA-M 22:19:25 | Player "Jordan Nichols" killed by Player "Sebastian Sladek" with M4-A1 22:19:26 | Player "Edwin Ashford" killed by Player "Radek Svarc" with M16A4 It seems to me that rather than return fire on Mr Nivek's shooter, his mercantile companions instead chose to give fire upon Mr Nichols a man who, like Mr Nivek, is a little slow on the draw, as evidenced by his lack of successful hits. Why is this significant? It shows rather than instinctively responding to the fire emanating from the barrel of Lord Ashford's rifle, they instead chose to attack a still, motionless bulwark of British stoicism. To me this suggests that they did not bare direct witness to Ashford's first shot, but rather heard his initiation loud and clear. In the time between that initiation and Nivek's death, Mr Sladek was able to select an appropriate target and dispatch it, in roughly the same time it took Ashford to dispatch his own target. If we are to understand this evidence correctly, then we must assume that Mr Sladek and Lord Ashford began firing at almost exactly the same time. Following the argument of the witness, should Mr Nichols not have been afforded the same time extension to make his position known? Though it is true that Kevin was much slower than his allies to react, this does mean he was not behaving in a threatening manner. In the time given to him, he had ample time to shuffle his position, suggesting that he was, at least subconsciously, prepared for the incoming hail of bullets. Whilst his legs were busy scrambling and his waist swiveling, there was not even a hint of movement from his arms. No faint murmurings of a surrender animation or the holstering of a weapon. As such, I must conclude that Mr Nivek, despite his distinguished character, had every intention intention of proceeding in the same aggressive manner as his fellows. I believe you are far more qualified to answer this than I. Thank you, then let us proceed to the final stage of this bloated diatribe. I'm afraid I must disagree entirely with you first statement. Prior hostilities, whilst not directly linked to the initiation, give a clear indication of the level of threat that participants are under. To give a simple analogy, a man who has been on the receiving end of verbal assault is far more prepared for an incoming punch, than a man who is struck on the back of the head by unknown assailants. Therefore I believe prior actions should be considered carefully, when determining what is and what is not an appropriate length of time to give to someone on the receiving end of an initiation. I'm afraid you misconstrued my earlier comments as an attempt to besmirch the roleplaying authenticity of your group. I merely wish to challenge some of your more excitable colleagues on the level of hilarity they were deriving from the situation, and have them reconsider their actions, just as you are asking me to reconsider mine. I thank the Gamemasters for their continued patience with me, and as I'm sure they'll be delighted to know, I am done with any further interjections, for fear of causing a cascade of back and forths. 'As a quick edit and in response to what I believe to be a reasonable request by one of the witnesses. I would like to clarify that I believe the shot taken to have been unnecessarily hasty, and, given another chance to initiate I would have preferred to have given the receiver a longer period by which they may appropriately react. Inexperience in hostile roleplay and the intensity of the moment are a powerful cocktail. However, I believe my words and the evidence provided have shown that there was no willful and malicious attempt to gain the upper hand in an otherwise hopeless situation.'
  2. Aristocrat


    "Being mayor isn't the cushy office job that I'd been led to believe."

    1. Brayces


      Is it ever possible for you to NOT be IC? Even on the forums? 🤦‍♀️

  3. Aristocrat

    S1: RDM in Cherno - 29/03/2019 22:30

    I'll make a short PoV and expound upon it later, as I'm still presently in-game. Ashford PoV: Lord Edwin Ashford and his attaché, Mr Nichols, were enjoying an al fresco dinner beneath the stars with Sergeant Merkelo of Alpha Company and a trader of unknown origin. Together they shared whimsical, campfire tales and sampled the most exquisite, pork based cuisine. Alas, even the most enchanted of evenings must wither before dawn. After saying a fond farewell to his fellow dining companions, Sergeant Merkelo made bid to leave the walled town of Albion whilst trader Joe stayed behind to discuss further mercantile propositions with Mr Nichols. In the manner of a gracious host, Lord Ashford thought it only fitting to escort Mr Merkelo to the gates himself. In a jovial mood, his lordship thought little of throwing open the thin metal doors which guarded the tiny peninsula and its populous from all manner of nefarious ne'er-do-wells. Though, instead of being greeted by the optimistic dawn, he was immediately set upon by a mob of unruly tradesmen. Having suffered through numerous attacks in recent days, Ashford remained wary of admitting such a large rabble of strangers at once. However, despite numerous protests, the gaggle of merchants swarmed towards the entrance, their insatiable lust for commerce overwriting any sense of propriety they may have once possessed. Attempting to stave off a wave of unwanted spices and silks, Ashford slammed the gate shut. Unfortunately this only served to split the caravan in twine, stranding some of the feral traders within the confines of the lower battlements. Fearing a riot of black friday proportions, Ashford reluctantly opened the gates once more, allowing the entrapped vendors egress. Clearly, his lordship underestimated their desire for trade, as yet more eager salesmen came pouring in through the breech. Appealing to their better sensibilities, Ashford tried in vain to dissuade them from proceeding any further into the confines of the settlement. The head of the ravenous pack faltered beneath this barrage of thoughtful rhetoric, and it seemed, for a brief, shimmering moment, as though Ashford's eloquent discourse had soothed the man's incongruous temperament. These hopes were then promptly dashed as the mad fellow retraced his steps, only to halt before the Lord's countenance and garble at him, with what can only be described as a mouth full of marbles. Even the gentleman himself seemed doubtful of his odd, vocal performance and displayed this uncertainty by remarking to his fellows, "Did that work, was that like, intimidating enough?" Nonsupporting of his peculiar theatrics, the groups continued to flood through the tunnels unchecked, sweeping past Ashford like a wave as he attempted to contain the crowd. Noticing some of them had drawn their weapons, the Lord Mayor came to gravely fear for the safety of Albion and its numerous denizens. Hurrying after the quick footed sprinters of the group, the somewhat less sprightly Lord managed to catch up with them on the upper balcony, where he found them confronted, by a bewildered Mr Nichols. Though he was outnumbered and outgunned, Ashford knew that the only opportunity to stop this villainous trading conglomerate from overwhelming and re-branding the settlement, was to act with haste and secure the high ground, thereby entrapping the rest of the party underground. Weapon at the ready, Ashford raised his rifle and voice with as much conviction as he could muster, speaking the final words which would spell his inevitable doom. "Right, put your hands up." A second passed, no one moved an inch, then slowly, the stripey devil before him turned to acknowledge the threat. Hesitant, he did not raise his weapon but stared dumbfounded at such raw, untempered, British tenacity. Ashford, feeling no such inclination, squeezed the trigger, blinding and deafening himself to the world as he took the life of the man who threatened him and by extension, the people of Albion. Then, blackness engulfed him as he was lit up like a field on Guy Fawkes Day, undone by his own carefully constructed murder holes, through which a spear of fire was thrust and the bridge won. OOC Notes: - The group was fully aware they were already acting against Ashford's numerous requests to leave the premises. Which should have prepared them for the inevitable result of acting against those wishes. - Despite being warned not to proceed, they continued to do so, suggesting they were fully aware and accepting of the consequences of forcing entry into an occupied settlement, as clearly evidenced by their drawing of firearms. - After the initiation was dropped, the defendant stood still with his weapon held out in-front of him for what I believe to be more than a reasonable duration of time, given the extreme circumstances. - Even if the defendant was not suitably prepared for the initiation, his associates certainly had more than enough time, killing Mr Nichols within the same second as Mr Nivek's death, and avenging him by slaying Ashford only a second later. 22:19:25 | Player "Kevin Nivek" killed by Player "Edwin Ashford" with KA-M 22:19:25 | Player "Jordan Nichols" killed by Player "Sebastian Sladek" with M4-A1 22:19:26 | Player "Edwin Ashford" killed by Player "Radek Svarc" with M16A4 I don't believe anymore evidence need be presented. In future, I would prefer if you had addressed your feelings of animosity in discord or DMs. As someone who is not often involved firefights, I'm disheartened to discover that this community remains as prideful as ever when it comes to the inevitable deaths of characters, particularly ones as hostile as these. In addition, I cannot help but feel a little disappointed by the standard of roleplay offered by some of the more experienced members of this community, one of whom I have considerable respect for. It seems to me that the premise of forcing entry into an unknown settlement, should not be an action taken with levity or humour, as this poses a genuine risk to all parties involved. Furthermore I find it odd that your characters would undertake such a dangerous venture for the mere purposes of 'baiting some strangers into a trap'. All in all, I hope our next encounter can prove more fruitful for everyone involved, I'm remorseful that it had to take such a drastic turn.
  4. Aristocrat

    Ban Rape RP

    Whilst I understand the arguments made by players who don’t wish for their characters to be constrained by an imposed system of morality. However, I think it is naïve optimism to believe that a mere ‘//’ will protect players from all manner of unwanted predations. In these scenarios, consent is not often asked for but taken for granted. This makes new players particularly vulnerable, as many of them remain unaware that they have a right to refuse actions which make them feel uncomfortable. Experienced members of the community are not immune either, for there are those who may be pressured into giving consent for fear of being labeled a ‘snowflake RPer’, someone who isn’t willing to engage in the dark side of RP. Even actions which begin with consent, may become increasingly uncomfortable for the person playing the victim, to the point where they want it to stop, but feel unable to withdraw their consent in case they cause a fuss. Additionally, as mentioned by others, regardless of the rating of the game, we have minors on the server now, and to be honest, even as an adult I’m uncomfortable witnessing emotes of that nature. Consent cannot be extended to all players who enter the vicinity of such actions, and as such cannot be allowed to occur. And let’s be honest with ourselves. The vast majority of instances where this has occurred in the past, players have not taken the subject matter with the degree of sincerity that it is owed, and have instead used it perversely, to humiliate and brag.
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      Merry Hristmas Everyone!

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    The Cavaliers [Recruitment Open]

    Only if you wear a kilt.
  7. Aristocrat

    The Cavaliers [Recruitment Open]

    A tremendous thank you to everyone who commented and offered their support over the last few weeks. Truth be told, I was initially hesitant to bring this group back, but your kind words have shown me that there is still a place for scarlet coated gentlemen in this community. Rest assured we will continue to strive to be worthy of your lavish praise. Keep checking your rusty mail boxes, you can all expect a handwritten invitation to our upcoming tea & crumpet, celebratory gala. @Brayces @Dino @Grimnir @KennethRP @BrianM @Falk @Quill @DrMax @Zero @Samti @Symmetrical @neom @DerrickStorm @Blackfyre @Scarlett @Xavier @Clarence @Stannis @Sam Fields @Iceinfly @AlanM @Semiazas @Zanaan @Sleepyhead @YungBrandonRP @Denton Fitz @Castiel @Rainmaker @Stagsview @uSx @Onyx @HolyCow @InnKinn @Corpsman @Jonal @Credidred @Uplink @Razareth and everyone else we've encountered on our merry travels through the post apocalyptic wastelands.
  8. Aristocrat

    The Cavaliers [Recruitment Open]

    Huzzah! I'm obliged to you for taking the time to read my colossal magnum opus.
  9. Aristocrat

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  10. Aristocrat

    The Cavaliers [Recruitment Open]

    ⊕ ⊕ ⊕ The Cavaliers have always been something of an enigma. On the exterior they present themselves as the perverted realisation of an eccentric nobleman's fantasy. Garbed in scarlet coats and equipped with antiquated rifles, their garish regalia is neither practical nor menacing. Yet beneath this jovial facade lies a pertinacious will to survive. More than that, they flout the morbid conventions of cataclysm with a sangfroid sense of assurity that has become a hallmark of British stoicism. Others might be content to breathe another day but to be a Cavalier is to live, fight and die for the honour of one's Queen & Country. Though they march through fields overgrown with anarchy, their polished boots tread the righteous path of civility. Whether drawn to serve by a patriotic sense of duty or personal loyalty, every member is sworn to uphold the core values of the order; strength, duty, honour. ⊕ ⊕ ⊕ Chapter Ⅰ History of the Manor Claudette's Lament ⊕ The Freemen | Friendly +65 ⊕ Sheriff's Ranger Department | Friendly +50 ⊕ Alpha Company | Friendly +50 ⊕ The Saviors | Neutral +10 ⊕ A New Moon | Neutral +10 ⊕ The Green Dragons | Hostile -50 ⊕ ⊕ ⊕ Send the following form to @Aristocrat and if we like the cut of your jib, we'll provide an in-game taster session. If you're mad enough to want more, we can make further arrangements for roleplay encounters, giving your character a chance to prove themselves worthy of wearing the redcoat. Remember, being accepted on the forums doesn't guarantee IC acceptance. ⊕ ⊕ ⊕ Writing by : @Aristocrat & @Brayces Graphics by : @Sam Fields
  11. Aristocrat

    Bad RP | Invalid Kill | East Severograd | 1:20

    Server and location: Server 1 - East Severograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 13 November 2018 - 1:20 AM (GMT). Your in game name: Edwin Ashford. Names of allies involved: Annabelle Claudette Ashford: @Brayces, Nikolai Hagelund: @Dino, Jordan Nichols: @InnKinn Name of suspect/s: Edan + Allies Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Negative. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://1drv.ms/v/s!ApC3nFhBnMN8gS9ZdbPmZhZQY5N3 Detailed description of the events: Edwin Ashford was strolling around Severograd enjoying the weather, when suddenly a strange fellow with no shoes popped out of a building in front of him. After greeting the man, he introduced himself as 'Edan' and inquired whether Ashford had a sewing kit on his person. Edwin, being the kind gentleman that he is, radioed his associate Jordan Nichols and requested that he meet him in town with a sewing kit for his new acquaintance. Whilst they waited, Ashford offered the poor man some footwear for his beleaguered feet. The man refused, explaining that it was his God's will that he not wear shoes, for possessions weighed his 'soles' down and would ruin his connection with the earth. Lord Ashford, always the curious sort, asked for more information about this strange religion. However, Mr Edan refused to produce any further discourse relating to the matter, stating that his Messiah would not allow it. Intrigued, Edwin requested to meet this Messiah, in order to learn about the strange new people that inhabited this land. However, after talking to his religious leader on the radio, Mr Edan explained that his Messiah was in a most foul mood, and was under the impression that Ashford was holding Edan hostage for some peculiar reason. Over the in-game radio, I could hear people with raised voice screaming profanity, whilst Edan tried to dissuade them from raising their weapons against me. At this point, Mr Nichols arrived, along with Ashford's niece Annabelle Claudette Ashford and their good friend Nikolai Hagelund. At the insistence of Ashford, Claudette gave the man her sewing kit and in exchange he offered them his weapon cleaning kit. He then told them that he was taking the kit to his Messiah and that they should make themselves scarce, for he was still under the impression that we had taken Edan hostage, despite Edan having a clear line of communication to the rest of his 'congregation'. It was at this point I heard the phrase, "I'm going to shoot that bastard." over the radio, or something akin to that. Ashford did not want to seem rude, however he was no reckless fool and decided it would be best to put aside proper decorum for now. Departing, the young Lord and his dashing companions wandered up the road for a bit, so that Edwin could talk to them privately about some news he'd heard over the airwaves earlier. After a short while, Claudette announced in her very authentic British accent, that she'd spotted a man wandering around the construction area nearby. Turning, we waited to see if we could spot the elusive shadow and after scanning the horizon for a bit, our vigilance paid off, as we saw Mr Edan walking over the field towards us, clear as day. Waving at him, Ashford walked over, while the skittish Claudette hung back next to Mr Hagelund and Mr Nichols was so nervous his decided to vanish into thin air, as his puppet master's game crashed into oblivion. Alone and undaunted, Lord Ashford approached the man and asked him what more he could do for him. At which point, Mr Eden extended an invitation for them all to come join their congregation. Intrigued by this proposition, Edwin beckoned to Claudette and Mr Hagelund to come over, and give their take on the matter. During this period, the strings attached to Lord Ashford were also severed, as I was rudely disconnected from the server. Upon rejoining I noted that Mr Hagelund had already refused the man's offer on Ashford's behalf. When Edwin inquired as to why, it was explained by Mr Edan that all present were required to take off their shoes in order to be admitted into the cult. Ashford was rather proud of his new riding boots, and was rightly rather reluctant to part with them in the name of some vague Holy Shoe Stealing Light. After some back and forth between Edan and the Englishman, it was decided that no one was to remove their shoes, aside from Claudette, who was apparently keen on the idea. At which point Edan informed us all that, "As a messenger I've been told this is your last chance to take off your shoes, it's non negotiable." Not a particularly superstitious man, Ashford requested that the Messiah show himself and demonstrate why taking off the shoes was so entirely necessary. Following this declaration, shots began to ring out around us and Ashford concluded that he'd best nip behind cover before one of them accidentally struck his dignified personage. Alas, that exact sentiment was the last thought that passed through his mind before his dire prediction came true, and he was struck by the shoeless fiends, dying a few feet from the sanctuary of the wooden fence. OOC Notes: Initiation was not made clear, demands were made but no consequences were given. From an RP perspective, it seemed as though it was tongue and cheek, the suggestion was that they'd be punished by some Divine being, not with concealed rifle fire. Furthermore, it appeared as though Edan was not taking the ordeal seriously, as he could be clearly heard giggling in-between his vague religious sermons. It appears as though this shoeless God was entirely fabricated in order for Edan and his dynamic to have some RP reason to initiate on us, given the lack of any details he could provide ICly. Furthermore, I have reason to believe that all members involved in the shooting were not in a group, and thus do not share kill rights. Additionally, @Brayces character, Claudette Ashford had taken off her shoes as requested, but was still shot at anyway. Following Edwin Ashford's death, @InnKinnwas able to get back in-game but was shot at regardless, even though he had not been part of the initial initiation.
  12. Lord Edwin Ashford was born the second son of an English patrician on the 3rd day of December 1984. From Portland he was whisked away to the Kentish countryside estate where he would spend much of his childhood. Privileged in all but name, he was afforded luxuries few could dream of. Privately educated at a premiere boarding school, he saw little of his parents, his only close family being his elder brother, who became something of a role model to him. Though he looked up to the man, he grew to resent his status and close connection with his father as heir apparent. Frustrated by his neglect and position in life, he held little interest in his studies, save for history, which he absorbed himself in, surrounding himself in past glories. In his mind he longed for yester years, in whence his position meant something, where he could be more than a symbolic vestige of a time forgotten. Though his brother did not share his views nor his opinions, choosing instead to embrace the life of lavish excess, which was so common for boys of his wealth and stature. He held little interest for running the estate which his father, and forefathers had maintained. It was only by threat of disinheritance that he was forced to settle down and raise a family, as befitted an heir of the Ashford estate. Meanwhile Edwin continued his studies, going to Oxford University to study Classical History. Upon graduating, he used his modest wealth to travel the European continent, visiting many sites of antiquity. It was on an ill-fated trip to Chernarussia, that he received the news of his father and brother’s passing in a fatal plane crash. Leaving him with the title, the estate and care of his niece, Annabelle Claudette Ashford.
  13. Aristocrat

    Interview With A Community Member: Brayces

    Wow, that interview had some panache, certainly got my feathers all ruffled. I'm going to give it a solid nine platonic peppers out of ten and a ghostly Ashford thumbs up.
  14. Aristocrat

    *also wipes dust off an old account*

    Another lost red coat returns to the DayZRP wardrobe. Welcome back ol' boy!
  15. Aristocrat

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    Congratulations! ❤️

    Ban me all night long baby.

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      *Gives Beanz*

      (I ran out of beans so i cant actually do it)

    2. Brayces


      I would if I could but I can't so I won't ❤️

    3. Tony


      Good on ya kiddo

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      Thank you, Tony! I remember being a wee little Whitename when I first met you. 

    5. Whitename


      did somebody say Whitename?

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      Yeah like 4 days ago. Get with the times Old man ❤️ 

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    About to leave ol' blighty to travel to the rebellious colonies. I'm in need of some native advice.

    1. Spartan


      Don't bring tea to Boston, their tea parties have a different meaning than the British tea parties

    2. Harvey


      Listen ere' ol chap, I eerd' ah rumor that them yankies daan know what a bloody biscuit is... They call savoury bread cakes fookin biscuits, and the crazy buggers put fookin creamy gravy on em'!!!

    3. Chewy


      If you order chips they will give you crisps.

    4. StagsviewRB


      Tap some murican girl m9

    5. Brayces


      Don't bring up the fact you ruled us for a decent while before we decided to fuck off to our own land.

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    The Atlantic was born today

    And I'll tell you how

    The clouds above opened up

    And let it out

    I was standing on the surface

    Of a perforated sphere

    When the water

    Filled every hole

    And thousands upon thousands

    Made an ocean

    Making islands where no

    Island should go

    Oh, no


    Most people were overjoyed

    They took to their boats

    I thought it less like a lake

    And more like a moat

    The rhythm of my footsteps

    Crossing flatlands to your door

    Have been silenced forevermore

    The distance is quite simply

    Much too far for me to row

    It seems farther than ever before

    Oh, no


    I need you so much closer

    So come on, come on


    Fuck the Atlantic

  18. Aristocrat


    *Will hobbles up the beaten, stone pathway, the tip of his boot catching on the cracks in its uneven surface as his wounded leg drags woefully behind. Glancing up at the doorway, he raps his walking stick on its wooden surface, shaking free a few loose chips of bright red paint. After an arduous few minutes of waiting, he sets his cane to rest against the wall and turns to lean against the door, eyes scanning the street for signs of activity. No sooner than he was comfortable, than he'd find himself lying sprawled out in the entryway, Lo's face staring down at him with a quizzical expression, a door handle in one hand, a radio in the other.* "For you." *She smirks mirthfully and thrusts the radio into Will's bewildered visage. Holding the familiar nail bitten block of cheap Chernarussian plastic in his hands, he glances at the frequency dial before looking back up into the face of the towering mini-human.* "What are you doing with thi- Who have you been talking t- Urgh." *He grunts, pressing his free palm flat on the ground as he pushes himself up into a vaguely comfortable sitting position.* "It's Roxanne." *Shooting Lo a warning glare, he raises a finger to his lips and depresses the PTT.* "Hello? Roxanne, it's me, Will. If you can hear me, I'll radio you back on that frequency you gave me." *With that, he releases the PTT, making a few careful adjustments to the knob on the side of the device before raising it to his mouth again, preparing to speak.*
  19. Aristocrat

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    We spent 2 of those 3 minutes running away from refrigerator thieves.
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    Born of the sea
    A thousand miles away from me
    A court of angels, wards of the sun
    A future forming, a curse undone


    Loving you and missing you everyday.

    1. Brayces


      Loving you and missing you too. :( ❤️?

  21. Aristocrat

    • Aristocrat
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    Hey there, you're pretty damn awesome! And I think I like, really like you a whole lot and you're the best ever and I just wanna give you a lots of hugs, okay!?

    1. Para


      Did Brayces get ahold of your phone?

    2. Aristocrat


      Whhhaattt??? NOOO!!! This is my TRUE FEELINGS for BRAYCES. She is the VERY BEST!!

    3. Para


      Hello Brayces

    4. Lyca


      Awwww that's so sweet :P 

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    I heard this one recently, I thought you might appreciate it.

    Whatever I feel for you
    You only seem to care about you
    Is there any chance you could see me too?
    'Cause I love you

    1. Brayces


      So I'm picking up a book
      In the search of what I need
      From religion, to fiction
      Being lost about at sea
      And all I can imagine
      Is being brushed against your cheek
      So if you love me, if you love me
      Come clean

    2. Brady


      I saw this one recently, I thought it would relate to this status update. <3 

    3. Brayces


      LOL BRADY. You community meme, you. <3

    4. Monday


      Holy shit how didn't I recognise this 3 months  ago

      Wood kid is such a class band

    5. Aristocrat


      The real question is, what are you doing with your life that you've got the time to go rummaging through my 3 month old status updates? o.O

      Joshing aside, Woolkid is an excellent band; they have a truly unique sound and style.

    6. Monday


      You're status updates with brayces are adorable. 

  23. Aristocrat

    Show some love <3

    Great idea for a thread. I'm going to fill this post out with names when time allows, but a certain someone was getting highly impatient with me. @Brayces - Love you too, you big ol' gay.
  24. Aristocrat

    My Edited Screenshots

    Breathtaking as usual @Watchman. It brings back fond memories to see Will in his rustic ensemble, thank you for sharing.
  25. Aristocrat

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    Per request. Happy now? ¬¬

    I guess what I'm trying to say is I need the deep end
    Keep imagining meeting, wished away entire lifetimes
    Unfair we're not somewhere misbehaving for days
    Great escape lost track of time and space
    She's a silver lining climbing on my desire
    And I go crazy 'cause here isn't where I wanna be
    And satisfaction feels like a distant memory
    And I can't help myself
    All I wanna hear her say is are you mine?


    Well are you?

    1. Oliv


      great fucking tune

    2. Brayces


      Solid song!

      Here's another that I really like, a lot.


      Secrets I have held in my heart
      Are harder to hide than I thought
      Maybe I just wanna be yours
      I wanna be yours, I wanna be yours
      Wanna be yours, wanna be yours, wanna be yours


    3. Lyca


      *looks to her Sis*

      Is there something I should know about?

    4. Brayces


      UHM. N-no. Why, Sis?

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