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  1. Looks exceptionally corporate to me. I'm assuming you're intending to join those roads up but other than that I can't really fault it. Wouldn't be opposed to adding more to it, since it looks rather isolated on its lonesome, so I'd also be on board for the 150 item count version of the build. //Approved
  2. Salutations @Hofer, Sorry for the tardy response. We still intend to keep the group going, just taking a much needed break. Things should be ship shape and Bristol fashion within the next day or two.
  3. I thought I'd give everyone a cheeky sneak peek of the Cavalier's upcoming pre-fab:












    Bit of a W.I.P but I think it's coming along nicely, feedback would be appreciated.

    1. Doug Maple

      Doug Maple

      No way. This is spectacular, gentlemen!

    2. Phoenyxx


      10/10 prefab

    3. Banshee


      Not enough loot bunkers

    4. Mommy


      1/10 no 18ft high walls???? 

    5. AMERICA


      Blimey, good show lad! 

    6. Wulf


      What a vessel 😄 

    7. Kattsura


      amazing work!!!

    8. Highlander


      lmao you fucking kill me- i love the ferris wheel as a water wheel XD

  4. Did someone call for the cavalry? A million times yes. Perfect mod. 10/10. Would ride into the triangle again. ^ An overjoyed Lord Ashford and his beloved horse, Bubble Gum Nebula IV ^
  5. I don't know what you mean sir, my driving is impeccable. It's you ruddy yanks that ought to be careful, driving full pelt up the perverse flank of the track. Transatlantic disputes aside, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed being part of Umbra's eviction division last night, there were more moments of hilarity than I can readily count. Although I must admit, I might need a few days of recuperation after all that heavy lifting.
  6. You do know how to make a gentleman blush. We're truly honoured by your compliments and I dearly hope that we'll continue to enjoy many more joyous occasions together. Just Chernarus for now, I'm afraid. We don't have any major expansion plans at present but who knows what the future holds...
  7. A more beautiful sight was never beheld.
  8. It's true, I really do have a problem with megaphones, they're just so triumphantly raucous. Uncomfortable truths aside, I love this sketch, you really managed to capture Ashford's natural flamboyancy. He has a bit of a shifty look about him though, almost as if he's just spotted a couple of foghorns and a loud speaker.
  9. Thanks to @Credidred and @Jadeziggygirl for a highly enjoyable albeit impromptu road trip. Between the spectral wolves and the wonky eyed driving I'm a little surprised I lived to see it through to the end.
  10. Call me sceptical but this seems less of a thread to explore ways of expanding the scope of the Council and more like yet another front to rag on the recent decision made by @Roland regarding group neutrality. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, I'd recommend taking this to the discussion section of the forums, where the rest of the community can, once again, lend their input on the matter. That said, whilst I'm here, I might as well hop off the fence and wade in with my own meandering thoughts on the matter. On a personal level I've always found weighing my character's values against his own well-being one of the most compelling aspects of roleplay on this server. It's led to many a tense, memorable standoff and more than a few tragic deaths. However I feel as though such moral dilemmas should always be owned by the player; if it's your sole objective is to force, not just individuals, but entire groups to irrevocably bend to your personal whims then I'm afraid I can't follow you there. Maybe I'm alone in this view but I've always been of the mindset that just because you're capable of something, doesn't mean you should. As much as we like to pretend otherwise, this is a hobby at the end of the day; people come here to unwind and escape into a character, allow them to play those characters. Yes, realistically the most straightforward way to root out your enemies is to go gun in hand to wherever they're hiding and start shooting up the place but does that really provide the best, most enjoyable roleplay you could possibly give? As group leaders, we've all penned our own lore, I'm certain that between us we at least possess a modicum of creativity. Doubtless there's a myriad of interesting ways of tracking down and luring out your targets, without declaring war on their entire postcode area. Such reckless behaviour is surely the peak of this immortal warrior / endless conflict scenario that so many of you seem to despise. Now, you can affirm your desire to engage in unrestricted warfare all day long, rescinding rights to make reports and snipping the KoS safety net but that doesn't mean you have the consent of the bystanders who seek roleplay in the settlements that bear the brunt of these irresolvable squabbles. How many doctor's clinics and trading camps have we seen come and go over the past year? Despite their harmonious intentions, organisations like the Soup Kitchen and King's Ridge seem to consistently dominate the report thread. It's really no wonder these sorts of pacifistic groups tend to archive within weeks of being approved. They wake up every day between a rock and a hard place. Forced to choose between being brutalised for refusing to help or getting executed for giving help to the wrong faction. Leaving people unable to perform a quintessential facet of their character is tantamount to power gaming and is far more detrimental to the state of RP on the server than compelling warring groups to take their fight elsewhere. Whether you're a bandit or hero, your priority should always be to contribute to the advancement of the other party's storyline in a meaningful way, not to invoke an entire directional shift. When you go out and seek roleplay with people, perhaps you might consider involving yourself in their goals, rather than forcing your own upon them. Allow people room to make their own choices, instead of railroading them; I imagine it's conflicting enough for a charity worker, a person sworn to help people, to have to clothe and feed a group of renowned serial killers. Not to mention the resentment doctors must feel when they disregard triage and set aside critically ill patients because the self-proclaimed Overlord of Livonia showed up with a scraped knee. Provide decisions that mean something, rather than the arbitrary pick a side ultimatum that we've heard a hundred times before. Too often group interactions boil down to one big game of King of the Hill. There are those in this community that seem to forget that you're not here to dominate the map or perma-kill as many people as humanly possible. We're all part of a collective world, not a one man play, let's focus on our own parts and stop trying to write each other's lines. It's unfortunate that we have to roleplay under increasingly strict rules and guidelines, but at the end of the day, they're just a reflection of the very worst we're capable of as a community. Discuss them certainly but please, don't undermine them by creating your own terms of service. Calling in the other group leaders who were, for one reason or another, not summoned to this peculiar vowing ceremony: @Lucas Ossas, @TegsBenedict, @Basko
  11. Sire! I would give you a cupboard full of Beanz for that lengthy, exhausting and honest review on the Chernarus vs Stuart Island thread! You are a true defense lawyer of Chernarus! I bow to thee!

    1. Aristocrat



      You're far too kind, I was merely doing my civic duty. Let's just hope Chernarus makes it through another year🤞

  12. In the words of the famous English playwright, William Shakespeare, fucketh no. But why profane so Aristocrat? I hear you cry. Chernarus is so 2012 and no one plays on it. Apologies mysterious, otherworldly voice but I’m afraid it is there that I must burst thyne proverbial bubble. Aside from those pesky whitenames, three dedicated groups currently make their home on the server: Ladbroke Grove, Redwood Radio and my own dashing Cavaliers; along with a large host of lesser-known dynamics. Also, the 5.0.3 and Poitus Cras seem to pop in frequently to drink blood and eat babies or something. Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve had to take a map behind the barn and shoot it. However, that was Deer Isle, there we had no choice but here, we’re actively encouraging the destruction of years of interwoven storylines on what seems to be little more than an ill-considered whim. Bad Choices With very few plausible options to travel between Europe and the Americas during an apocalypse, and the author’s staunch refusal to sail the island to the Black Sea. Some unfortunates must make the uncomfortable choice between creating a new character for Stuarts Island or buying DLC. Essentially, pay the court a fine or be prepared to forfeit your character. Forcing people to choose between money and roleplay is, as far as I'm aware, something we're supposed to be vehemently against as a community. For those willing to bite the bullet and send their due tythes to Bohemia, as I have, be prepared for another very convincing and plausible excuse as to why all abandon our abodes for yet another Eastern European country, plagued by war and nuclear hell fire. A decision that would not be made by any sane person, let alone a patriotic native. Of course, this could easily be explained away by making Chernarus an utterly inhospitable wasteland, ala Deer Isle. But once we’ve done that, there really is no going back. Sorry Roland, there's a reason you have LMs on staff. Hasty response to a complicated issue The current server split of 80/20 (80/1 since the suggestion), doesn’t exist because people desperately hate Chernarus, after all this clunky yet loveable post-soviet state has supported this community for six long years. It’s rather a consequence of its age and Livonia’s new, younger, flatter, more attractive landscape and Chernarus' recent period of Winter frigidity. I believe we should act with caution and wait for the excitement of this fling to die down before proceeding with a costly, lengthy divorce proceeding. Saying that, we must to some extent accept that this community will never neatly divide itself between the two maps. As we saw with Deer Isle and again with Livonia, people will always favour one over the other. This decision will by no means alleviate the low population issue. No doubt there’ll be a rush to try the new map within the first days of its launch; then, rather inevitably, the population will gradually decline and plateau as people lose interest or migrate back to Livonia. One server will always act as overflow for the community, no matter which pairing of maps are selected. People naturally gravitate towards the greatest concentration of roleplayers, regardless of where they’re located. That’s a big part of what makes DayZRP so successful in general. So, it’s either go back to one server, forcing everyone into the purgatory of an endless queue or come to accept that one bauble will swing lower than the other. What certainly won’t help is taking a rusty cleaver to your uneven knapsack every time a hot, new map pops up on the workshop. Chernarus is O.K. It really isn’t that bad. No seriously, it isn’t. Okay, it’s a bit rubbish but at least it’s our own refuse, something we’re familiar with. As someone who is active on the server, I can confirm that the rumours it has devolved into a Mad Maxesque, PvP slaughterhouse, where gear goblins wage eternal war on each other across the barren wastelands of South Zagoria, are mostly unfounded. Not only is it the reliable, sturdy bedrock of DayZ, with pages upon pages of lore to build upon but its lower population, abundant resources and sparse landscape have encouraged the industrious goblins to huddle closer together; fostering great, settlement-based roleplay in their sprawling hovels of mud and sadness. What’s more it has provided an ideal nursery for newly hatched whitenames to thrive and get comfortable with DayZ’s unique brand of RP without being embroiled in the constant battle royale that is Livonia. The Future of Stuarts Island Community maps are not guaranteed to be updated and improved and are very much dependent on the enthusiasm of the map maker. Indeed, by the author’s own admission, this particular project isn’t even finished yet; there’s not even an official iZurvive map available for it, a veritable death sentence for navigationally inept troglodytes like me. Now, I’m sure Kerkkoh is, as the kids would say, an absolute G and has worked exceedingly hard on this but he’s only one man at the end of the day. If he gets tired of the game or worse, decides that he’d rather not let DayZRP use his beautiful baby, then there’s not a damn thing we can do. I’m sure everyone remembers what happened to Deer Isle when we lost that custody battle. Additionally, the map is, not to be rude, well… rather titchy. Even smaller than Deer Isle by the looks of it, a map widely reviled by the community; it’s not certain how typical roleplay dynamics would adapt to such an unusual environment, if at all. Yes, forcing people into a claustrophobic cage of a map to encourage roleplay sounds like a good idea on paper but if I did that with hamsters, I'd be fined for animal cruelty. In all likelihood it will result in a cramp, chaotic jamboree of broken toes and poor bar service; culminating in a report section a mile long. Also we're still waiting for official, fully fledged lore for Livonia. How long are we going to be bumbling around waving cowboy hats and eating deep fried chicken before we get some coherent scripture for Stuart Island? The Solutions I've come to realise, as I type this long, rambling, incoherent mess of an argument, that it's far too late to change to people's minds regarding this particular decision. At the time of writing, Rolle and 61.83%* of the community seem to have already settled on the matter. However, I have conspired to create two small suggestions which may alleviate our collective suffering in the event of an 'I told you so' outcome; they are as follows: If we must embark on this perilous, one way voyage to the Pacific then I strongly encourage you to give Stuart Island a thorough probation period on a third server. Receive feedback on it before you go poking holes in Chernarus, you might find it's the only seaworthy raft you have left. Our gracious and benevolent masters of lore might deign to consider and provide a plausible, in-lore explanation as to why characters can make a onetime migration to Stuarts Island. i.e. A big, ol', sexy boat shows up, selling tickets for twinkies, the undisputed currency of post-apocalypse America. Thereby saving the destitute masses of Chernarus from being chased into the abyssal depths of the archives by the bloodthirsty, armoured bears of Livonia. Or we could just tsar bomba the whole thing and have ourselves a jolly, good lore wipe; allowing us to sweep up the irradiated ashes into one tidy dustbin. Alas, that, my dear reader, is a thread and an exceedingly long, pedantic rant for another day. *Still a larger majority than Brexit
  13. @Roland - All working now. Thanks for the quick hotfix
  14. It's alright everyone, we fixed it 👍



  15. I'd just like to take a moment to thank the Dev team for their stunningly successful implementation of the levitating, space helmets we requested 🥳


    @Ducky @Watchman

    Do you even QA? 🤣

    1. Mrfuntown


      Yeet, I dont know how they messed that up :'D

    2. Mrfuntown
    3. Watchman


      I aint touched this.. just saying 👀

    4. Watchman


      looks good tho, hide behind a wall and the sniper will shoot the helmet


    5. Ducky


      Love it when you test something locally but it still messes up in the final build.



    6. Ghost of Dank
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