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  1. Time to party like it's 1879
  2. Likewise ol’ boy and it’s just as well, my slaving skills are about on par with my hostage handling abilities; that is to say, non-existent.
  3. Your only mistake was believing I ever had a plan. @Zanaan, @Milo, thanks for coming along for the ride, I thoroughly enjoyed our little, impromptu road trip. And a big thank you to the rest of An Pobal. Your hospitality was beyond reproach, I give my stay in Sitnik four out of five stars on TripAdvisor. Beautiful vistas, charming company, shame about the accommodation.
  4. What a charming thread, it really hit me quite hard over the head with a big block of nostalgia. An absolute pleasure to watch some of these old vids; they remind me just how much this wonderfully clunky game and the community that surrounds it have changed over the preceding years. The Cavs are hardly as ancient and venerable as some of the groups in here but this compilation from 3 years past always makes me smile.
  5. Those were some remarkably riveting revelations. I can't wait to read more about Dr. River's alliterative adventures. Particularly my own Cavalier cameo, which will obviously be the most formative experience of his life. Flattered you picked my title btw
  6. Looks suitably corporate. //Approved.
  7. Happy New Year! We finally made it to the future.

  8. @Jonal's outdone himself again. Bravo! 

  9. Outstanding performance. Who knew my singing lessons could save lives?
  10. @Georgia Banks, it was our utmost pleasure to assist. Thank you for your kind words regarding the uniform, I shall pass your compliments along to my tailor. I'm terribly sorry to learn of your ghastly demise, would that we had not abandoned you to your fate. Hopefully you won't be feeling quite so deceased the next time we meet.
  11. A wonderful piece of writing and exceedingly comprehensive for a first draft; I look forward to perusing the finalised version when it's ready. After reading this I definitely feel as though I posses a much broader understanding of Livonia's politics, landscape, culture and most importantly, its handling of the outbreak. My only criticism would be the lack of push-pull factors. Assuming that we'll have an overwhelming foreign presence, as we do in Chernarus, there really needs to be strong influences driving people towards the country before and during the crisis. The harsh Russian winter is a good push factor, but I don't see why anyone would choose to stop in Livonia over say, Lithuania or Poland. As it stands, a post-soviet, zombie ridden, nuclear wasteland embroiled in constant war doesn't sound too appealing, and assuming the borders are as lax as stated, there's really no reason for non-natives to settle there. On a related note, I'm aware that this is a shared universe, so I'm hoping that travel between Chernarus and Livonia will be permitted. My only concern is of characters instantly hopping between the two countries. Will the lore team be providing an estimated journey time as they did with Deer Isle? A quick google map search will tell you that the distance between Sochi and Kaliningrad would take roughly 405 hours to cross on foot (a little under 17 days), factoring in regular rest stops, it would probably be much closer to a month's worth of trekking. Although I'm certain cars, river boats and other forms of transport would dramatically shorten the journey time. Just some things to consider. Keep up the fine work.
  12. "Even the smallest poll can change the course of the future." We did it, through your tireless clicks the wellies have been brought back from the brink of extinction. So begins a bright new chapter in DayZRP's history, where man and rubber boot might, at last, peacefully coexist. In this new age of prosperity there will be no more need for keyboard warriors; I will diminish, and go West into Livonia. At least until I find another trivial cause to champion.
  13. I'm very much in favour of a Livonia section but I feel as though characters should be transferable between the two; myself and many others would like to continue our stories in a different locale. Perhaps there could be a week long cooldown on transfers, thereby preventing people from magically teleporting between the separate countries. On a related note, I hope the Lore Masters will be providing suitable reasons for people to undertake such a long and treacherous journey; beyond Chernarus sucks and it's a bit nippy.
  14. The new Cavalier winter uniform.
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