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  1. Hellbreed

    Raven Shield Mercenaries Corporation [Recruiting]

    Sooooooo... When can we expect the Ravens Nest?
  2. Hellbreed

    Buckle up, we're taking a little detour!

    Amazing as always Morgan. Cannot wait to see what you ave in store for us.
  3. Hellbreed

    Raven Shield, Chapter two: Smoke and moonlight

    Looks good man, nothing but good memories from my time in the corporation.
  4. A survivor of the company of I.R.A members that came to shore years ago, who came looking for a weapon supply chain to help further the cause back home. Saints to some, if you paid the right price, demons to those who stood in their way. Years have gone by, all that is left is the stories and whispers of the past. and Bobby bears little resemblance to the man he once was. The uniform he once wore with pride and dignity has all but weathered away, his beret burned. Fuel for the fire to keep warm. His body, scarred and beaten. His mind, now tormented by events long ago. He now wanders around, drifting from one place to the other, looking for those he came ashore with, his comrades and friends. But, who in reality only exist in his shattered memories. ''♫Come out you black and tans, come out and fight me like a man, show your wives how you won medals down in Flanders. Tell them how the IRA made you run like hell away, from the green and lovely lanes in Killashandra♫''
  5. Hellbreed

    Raven Shield, Chapter one: Enter or Leave

    Feels nostalgic man.
  6. I remember guarding this place back in RSM, man those were some times. SVR raids, Japanese banzai charges. Almost feels nostalgic.
  • Hellbreed

    Hello, I'm back.

    You're silly. May 2013 is when the first Psi wave hit. No I meant the IRA/Winslow getting banned shit.
  • Hellbreed

    Hello, I'm back.

    Maybe he's already here :troll: Good to see some familiar faces back though. Maybe he is, hue hue.
  • Hellbreed

    Hello, I'm back.

    You should be happy that you haven't met him, and hope you wont meet him in the future, andy's like a shitstorm magnet.
  • Hellbreed

    Hello, I'm back.

    Andy, no matter what you say, you always stir up shit, why did you come back.
  • Hellbreed

    Hello, I'm back.

    Its been like what, a year and a half since shit went down i believe, its about time this server got some OG's back. #BBW
  • Hellbreed

    Hello !

    Well, well, well, look who it is.
  • Hellbreed

    Wie is Nederlands? (Who is Dutch?)

    Ik maak jauw koent kapoet.
  • Hellbreed

    Grüss Gott

    Soon ™
  • Hellbreed

    Goodbye o7

    The time has come for me to take my leave, ever since the disbanding of IRA things have been very boring for me because IRA had most of my friends in it. RSM had a little come-back but that slowly faded away. With more and more OG people leaving from DayzRP the server and quality of RP seems to be going down (thats my opinion atleast) and the server is more and more quiet. There used to be huge clan rivalries going on and battles (SVR/MVD/SGRU vs IRA vs CLF vs Brotherhood etc the list goes on), but those slowly dis-appeared as well. With most of the people from the clans i used to play with (WB,Jerry,Zip etc) starting on a different RP server i have decided to take my leave here. This community has given me awesome times, i made some friends and enemies, have seen enemies turn into good friends as well. Thank you for all the good times. Signing off.
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