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  1. @Magpie @Roman scared the shit out me and my friend as well and we had the guns on him yet we were too scared to harm him we were about to rp cutting skin off of him and then he talked and we changed our minds....
  2. Alex Dickson was a business man before the apocalypse he was born in german with a native American parents the parents decided to move to germany due to financial problems. His parents died when he was just a baby and he was sent to a orphanage since he had no other family in Germany. He had ambitions of travelling through different countries and see what's they like. He was a typical guy with sometimes anger issues when something doesn't go as he has planned but deep inside he is a good and friendly person. Alex Dickson was a successful businessman as so he didn't want to be poor like his parents. He travelled to at least 20 countries but the one he liked the most was Russia, he always thought of starting a family there and stay there for the rest of his life after he retires. Although he troubled of learning other languages he managed to know at least two languages which were english and arabic, but since the world mainly uses english he had no problem making his deals as a businessman and communicating with locals of different countries. He was admired by the people he knew in germany. He lived on his own after he was sent to college by the orphanage community. People liked him because he was a hard working independent person. He had family USA that he always wanted to visit. He had plans to visit them. Just before he wanted to go for a visit the worst news anyone could hear happened as the apocalypse broke out and the virus of the infected ones spread rapidly. Everybody in germany and around the world thought of only surviving it was a chaos in Germany. He lost hope. Alex always wanted to live the rest of his life in Russia when he was travelling to Russia the countries he went through were a complete disaster and unbearable of living. He travelled safely through countries and finally got to Russia and he saw a whole new world ahead of him since Russia was the most stable country in the whole universe and he decided to survive through this chaos. After he arrived to Russia he decided to start a whole new life and bring the better good to this country. Since he already had experience with trading and being a businessman he decided to get the thing he needs and whoever in need survival equipment to survive through this. His journey begins.
  3. The thread looks nice! goodluck!
  4. lozeenzeto

    Chelovechki | Operation: "Katyusha"

    Goodluck on the group gents!
  5. lozeenzeto

    Poodlecorp and other hackers

    Hackers. Tbh I used to hack and it was fun but not when you're hacked thats no fun.
  6. lozeenzeto

    South Zagoria Trading Co. [Recruitment: Closed]

    Hype! Thank you MR. Rabbit
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    Whitelist status

    Sometimes the less the better
  8. lozeenzeto

    PsiSyndicate's new DAYZRP series

    Enjoyed watching it !
  9. lozeenzeto

    The Others [WIP] [Recruitment Open]

    Goodluck boys!
  10. lozeenzeto

    You can check out any time you like...

    welcome back
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    My Art!!!!!

    One BIG happy beautiful family huh...
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