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  1. But if they don't constantly give out warning points for little things how will we know they are good mods and how will they get promoted?
  2. 9/10 Looks good and the song brings me back
  3. Ayyyy Fuckaweddingringiboughtanecklace2121
  4. Gonna be taking my leave as well. The game just doesn't cut it for me anymore and I can't be fucked with the shit that has taken place on the forums either. Really enjoyed my time here, and met quite a few people I can actually consider good friends. Although you all trigger me from time to time, I have this place to thank for a lot, so for that thank you. It's just sad when you feel like it's not the same place you enjoyed over those years. Anyway, I'm out of here ya cucks. To the people I met in game, it was a pleasure RPing with you. I hope that when people met me they could at least tell I put forth some effort and tried making it enjoyable for both sides. Even if I was taking all your shit at the time. So with that,
  5. Bothers me that there are probably screen shots of shit I said in a skype chat half a year ago in one of my friends snake folders but it'll all be ok amirite?
  6. I'd love to, but we should probably get back on topic, which was to limit the time on when you can submit the evidence. And like I said in my last post, which was probably missed, the idea is good and I like it, however most of the evidence we get has no date visible on it, so the rule would be unpractical. And in the case of really bad stuff someone has done we would ignore the rule anyway, so I'm not sure if it's really needed in the end? I mean obviously if someone sends us a screenshot of a one liner someone posted a year ago then we may or may not disregard it anyway. It's all judged on case to case basis by the admin team whether or not something is of abusive nature or not. Rolle, I can recall abusive things you said while in the Banter skype, some of which involved you using some derogatory and racist words towards the kids there, this was well over a year ago, if you were not owner, would i be able to use this against you a year later if you got on my bad side? Cause thats the type of behaviour you are promoting. Ad no threat intended. <3 Not sure why this hasn't been addressed yet. There were around 15-20 people in that skype. Doesn't seem like you cared too much about not being offensive then. Tired of this staff mentality that we're the ones who are fucked up and your shit doesn't smell. It's total BS. We've seen how staff talk about people so how are you going to pretend what Cory did was so appalling? Especially when the person who took the screenshot only used it when it suited their interests. This needs to end.
  7. Seems forum leniency has been replaced by IC rulebreak leniency to me. God forbid you respond to a warning PM with lmao amirite? Remove that guy from the community ASAP! People with little to no warning history are getting hit hard for the smallest forum BS while a PR manager beats an actual IC rulebreak. Makes me laugh.
  8. Who needs a meme thread when there are memes all around this community? Just need a keen eye to spot em'
  9. Crown his ass already! That was absolutely amazing Joffrey. Good work!
  10. You already know to sign me up, homie
  11. I'm sorry... ...but this is a Chet Ubetcha community
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