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  1. When Alan was a child he lived in a house far away from a small town in Chernarus with his father, his mother passed away after giving birth to him and he didn't have any siblings. Alan's father raised him to be a kind person, he taught him to help other people and to talk his way out of any problem and that violence leads to nothing. Alan's father owned a small shop in the town that Alan helped him with. When Alan became 19 years old, his father became very ill, so Alan had to run the shop by himself and when his father passed away from the illness, Alan became the owner of the shop. 5 years passed and one day when Alan was driving to his shop, he saw a man limping in the middle of the road, Alan stopped his car and while still inside the car he asked the man if everything was ok, the man launched at Alan trying to bite him, Alan instantly moved back from the window and noticed there was blood coming from the man's mouth, Alan tried to calm him down, but it didn't work, Alan quickly stepped on the gas peddle, leaving the man on the road, he thought he could get help once he gets to the town, but when he got there he saw people getting attacked by other people on the streets, cars on fire and then a man aimed a gun at Alan telling him to get out of the vehicle or he'll die, Alan did as the man said and the man drove off, Alan ran to his shop and was relieved when he saw that nothing happened to it, he decided to stay in his shop untill things calmed down, he didn't have a raido or a tv in his shop so he just waited in there, a few weeks have passed and one night, Alan heard someone breaking in his shop, Alan turned on his flashlight and saw a man with a kid, the man apologized to Alan for breaking in and begged him for some food, Alan offered the man to stay here untill everything goes back to normal, the man thanked and hugged Alan, they talked about what happened to the town, Alan didn't listen to the news a lot because he didn't have a reason to so he had no idea of what's going on, the man didn't know a lot, but he knew that a few people started attacking and biting other people and after a few days, their numbers have increased. During the night, Alan woke up from a gunshot right next to him, he saw that the man had shot his child in the head and before Alan could say anything, the man shot himself in the head, Alan puked from what happened and almost passed out, he had never something like this, he saw that the boy was very pale and had blood coming out of his mouth just like the man he saw on the road, Alan buried both of them and decided to leave his shop the next day, after a few years, Alan started getting used to surviving, he had met other survivors like him and learned a lot more about the virus, but he hadn't joined anybody yet.
  2. [align=left]I'm so happy to be in this community and I'd love to help it stay active and to meet all of you.
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