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  1. Will this be done just for TTSKO? Or have you got plans to make Gorka or Cargo pants changeable like this? It really does make a big difference. Great work, once again.
  2. I have been waiting for this since the first days of DayZ's release. You are doing gods work. Capri and bloused pants look better than any of the baggy crap
  3. Born in the Chernarussian town of Bora, near Miroslavl' on February 18, 1989, Augustín Černoch was raised in a cultured, musical environment. His father founded the Kutná Conservatory of Music and was a distinguished opera singer, while his mother was an accomplished pianist. Young Černoch trained seriously as a violinist, developing expert skill and a lifelong passion for the violin. As a boy, he lived in an elegant home with his family enjoying elevated social status. But young Černoch also suffered as the target of schoolyard bullies, teased about his very odd toned voice and his devout Roman Catholicism in the mostly Eastern Orthodox town. He was also beaten up by bigger boys and tormented with anti-Russian slurs amid rumors of Byelorussian ancestry in his family. At home Ostojič's mother believed in the value of harsh discipline and frequent lashings. As a result, Černoch was a withdrawn, sullen boy, unhappy, but also intensely self-driven to excel at everything. As he grew he excelled at academics and also displayed natural athletic talent, later becoming an award winning fencer. Too young to serve in the Chernarussian Defence Force, at age 16 Černoch teamed up with the local Četnický, a right-wing, anti-Russian organization of ex-soldiers involved in violently opposing Communists on the streets. Young Černoch was also influenced by the fanaticism of the Chernarussian Lidový movement and its belief in Kmenové heirarchy, and the laws of nature that man should obey. He took delight in associating with these violently anti-Russian groups to disprove the persistent, but false rumors regarding his possible Byelorussian ancestry. In March of 2007, at age 18, Černoch sought the free education, adventure and prestige of a Naval career and became a cadet in the small, Chernarussian Navy. Once again, however, he was teased. Černoch was by now over six feet tall, a gangly, awkward young man who still had the high, almost falsetto voice. Naval cadets took delight in calling him "Billy Goat" because of his bleating laugh and taunted with "Maniushka" because of rumored Byelorussian ancestry and his unusual passion for classical music. But the intense, driven Černoch persevered and rose by 2011 to the rank of Poručík, serving as a signals officer attached to Intelligence under František Picek. The teasing and taunting soon gave way to resentment over the extraordinary arrogance of this young man who was already dreaming of becoming an admiral. Ostojič also developed great interest in women and pursued sex with the same self-driven desire for achievement he applied to everything else. He had many sexual relationships and in 2013 was accused of having sex with the unmarried daughter of a shipyard director. As a result of his refusal to marry her, Černoch was forced by Admiral Radek Pernický to resign his Naval commission in 2014 for "conduct unbecoming to an officer and a gentleman." With his Naval career wrecked, his fiancé, Libuše Křesomysl, an enthusiastic Nationalist, suggested he join the National Party-... And then the outbreak began.
  4. What monuments do we build now? That honestly make you stare in awe.


  5. cosplaying as a wAr cRiMiNaL
  6. Nah i'm pretty much convinced at this point it would be a terrible idea lmao Great in theory, but humans just love to fuck other people's shit up for no good reason ?
  7. cheeky IED mod wouldn't be bad for combat situations tbh
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