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  1. Yung Shade

    • Yung Shade
    • Eddie

    Nice to see you're part of the staff team, DayZRP needs more people like you!

    Keep up the good stuff friend!

  2. Yung Shade

    Beta First Impressions.

    We could, but this is a perfect chance to have a new lorewipe and it would be a perfect excuse for all of the characters not know the map all of the sudden, because most of them actually don't. Imagine being amazed at how big north-west is now and not being able to say anything about it in-game because, welp you've been there a lot and it would be weird for you to only notice and be amazed at it's size the 101th time you visited it. Anyways it's honestly up to @Rolle and the loremasters, just saying I wouldn't mind and that it would be a great excuse for the map suddenly changing. Edit: >inb4 poll asking for lorewipe goes up.
  3. Yung Shade

    Beta First Impressions.

    100% Agree with this. A lot has changed, and it would be really akward to roleplay these changes out e.g., North-West airfield changing completely. It has been 289 days since the outbreak and I'm sure most of the characters have been, seen and know almost everything there is to the map, and it wouldn't make sense for the to all of the sudden not know where a bunch of buildings are and for them to have to forget a bunch of buildings that have been removed. I think a lore wipe would be the perfect excuse for this and to get rid of the akwardsness of having to roleplay this sudden map change out.
  4. *Waiting for .63 to come "around the corner" so I can start playing DayZRP again*

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor wow skeleton on ground

  5. "0.63 is right around the corner" - DayZ Dev team 3 months ago

    1. Oliv


      They never said how long it would take to get around the corner...

    2. Yung Shade

      Yung Shade

      Takes them as long to get around the corner as it takes a DayZ character to get around the corner.

    3. OxeN



    4. Yung Shade
  6. >DayZRP Community >Outside Pick one
  7. Yung Shade

    [Game] Show your desktop

  8. Yung Shade

    They Are Not the Problem. YOU Are.

    Yet we managed to fill up 4 servers when the game was even worse. The game is shit and we can all agree on that, but it had never stopped us from setting up interesting roleplaying scenarios and characters.
  9. Yung Shade

    They Are Not the Problem. YOU Are.

    People need to STOP playing the same character every day for the rest of their lives and START trying out new and interesting characters. People need to STOP endlessly running away from groups to avoid maybe getting innitiated on and START putting RP above gear. People need to STOP sitting in a hotspots like the trading camp 24/7 and START getting out there every once in a while (even if it means you might get robbed). People need to STOP focusing on 1 kind of RP like hostile or friendly and START broadening their horizon and trying out different kinds of RP. People need to STOP blaming things on the game and other people and START looking at themselves.
  10. Yung Shade

    They Are Not the Problem. YOU Are.

    And people also shouldn't hang around the hotspots 24/7, never leaving them in fear of getting innitiated on and losing their stuff.
  11. Yung Shade

    They Are Not the Problem. YOU Are.

    Exactly this! Y'all blaming the game for all the problems, but the fact is that the game has been shit ever since it was released. Yet we all played and enjoyed roleplaying to the point that we had 2 - 4 full servers. it's not the game that's the problem, it's the community. @Erik basically said it all and it's time for change!
  12. Eddie

    • Eddie
    • Yung Shade

    Happy Birthday man! Hope you have a great one!


    1. Yung Shade

      Yung Shade

      Seeing this really late but thanks fam!

  13. Happy Birthday to Me! 👌🎉🎉

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    2. Genji


      Happy birthday! :D

    3. Yung Shade

      Yung Shade

      Bedankt Kerel!