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  1. have this on your profile if u gay

    1. WeirdChamp





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      deleting my account

  2. Congratz on the Admin Pauly-D

  3. stink-e image.png.81bd822eeca3700bfc0a09dbbe94dbeb.png

    1. Hofer


      looney tunes dancing GIF by Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

  4. Congratz on the Admin homeboy, well deserved!

    1. Bryan


      Thanks man ❤️

  5. Hello 😊

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      👉👈   Hey

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      banshee u gey

  6. Who here plays Valorant? If so, add me: ritaGAMING#


    IRA (plz not ban this is my riot # ok thank you)


    1. WeirdChamp


      # is spoiler because naughty naughty

  7. This is not an inconsistency. There are default punishment-guidelines that the staff team follows when handing out punishments. NLR is a 3-day ban, as to where BadRP is a 5-day ban. Your friends who wrote trollish notes got punished for BadRP, as that is where it falls under, and therefore received a higher punishment than the 'unnamed individuals' that broke the NLR rule. You can find the standard punishment guide here:
  8. Welcome to dayz. It's a hard knock life, but you'll get used to it. Try to find warm clothes, keep warm meat on you and take regular campfire breaks. Good luck survivor
  9. Christian Jones was born in England to a family of ramen-chefs. They ran a lucrative ramen shop in the Chinatown district of Westminster, London. Christian grew up with a love for dancing, and choreographed his own dance moves and uploaded them to a small little website called YouTube. His father was disappointed in him, and had planned for him to take over the ramen shop once he would eventually pas away - but Christian was not interested, as all he wanted to do is dance. Christian moved to Namalsk to become a teacher in the art of dance, but a few years after his arrival the world would come to an end... Now he needs a gun, 'cause all he can do is dance...
  10. Raymond Sisfield was born in the greatest country on Earth, AMERICA! He was born on a farm and grew up in a god loving conservative family that owned many guns. He dropped out of elementary school to pursue a career in cosplaying, and would eventually get a job as a Donald Trump impersonator. He was hired to impersonate Donald Trump at a highschool in Namalsk, but once he arrived the borders immediately closed. There was some kind of virus outbreak, but Ray was not to buttered by it, as he had strong and healthy American genes. Now he roams the world, looking for other god loving Americans, in the hope to one day return to the greatest country on the Earth.
  11. Nathalie Xiou Tsihunthar was born in Tibet, but her family moved to Namalsk during the 90s. Her family resided in the town of Norinsk as her dad worked in the Sebjan Uranium Mine which was about a kilometer away from the town. Sadly though, her dad passed away as two racist co-workers pushed him down the mine, resulting in her dad breaking his neck and perishing. Ever since then she started a anti-racist/nazi/facist movement in Namalsk. Then Namalsk turned into a zombie infested wasteland, but allas, her mission is not over yet...
  12. image.png.7765e781df6de694738d2b317532d8fc.png

    1. Millicent




    2. Millicent


      Whoops I mean



  13. *Ryan MacShepherd would press the PTT* "I was in the town, going to the Tesco to get a bag of crisps and some bastard blocked it off." "Can you like, open the door so a fella can get his lunch after a hard day of work." *He would let go of the PTT as he rips a massive fart*
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