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  1. Celebi ❤️ Pokemon 4EVER was an underrated movie.

    1. Cid


      Absolutely adore this movie.  One of my favorites growing up.

    2. Stagsview


      are you sure??


  2. Feel free to send me a (big) list of ideas for re-texture, I wouldn't mind re-texturing a few clothes as I'm already working on some as we speak. I'm not much of a modeler so I wouldn't be able to make any custom clothing models, but re-texturing is a piece of cake
  3. @Cas - My sugar daddy . Only trust 'em as far as I can throw 'em, and I can't throw them far like. @Cuchulainn - Bowlcut lookin' ass, but you're a good lad! Nice pfp on Discord btw. @neom - I'll be lookin' forward to meeting up in Amsterdam if you ever show up. @Ryan Shepherd - I miss you you crane-driving bastards, hope you come back one day. @GMAK - Dump-truck ass, I'd eat your cake any day of the week. @Rutkiy - @Elmo - You already know @sung - Best ghost hunter in all of Chernarus @Angel - Human destroy, monkey create. @Knight, @Marik, @Basko - Dutch lads @Jade & @Drbeans - Duplicate account [PM SENT] @Jackfish - Top lad that throws up gangsigns like crazy @Dan & @William - group of the year EZCLAP @brk - Come back and get KOSed again. @Peril - Realest gamer known to man. @Jean - Thanks for the book @groovy lamb - Some real potential there lass! @Dongle - GUNGA GINGA @Stagsview - Do as you please you Spanish stud @lunathecat - Best human shield known to man. @HoferStinky - @RonnieLR - Only reason Livonia was enjoyable to play on tbh. Up JOYCE! @William89 - Best role-player on the face of the Earth @Taidhg - Thanks for the ketamine lad! @TurkRP - Realest, homiest, and bestest person to every exist! If there is anyone that I missed I'm sorry I still love you, but feel free to Beanz the post to remind me
  4. Premium roleplay there like, good crack.
  5. I been feelin' great. Have been having a lot of fun with the lad @Cas lately, and the gyms have reopened which have given me something to do again besides playing video-games. Lookin' forward to all the potential that the server and life has to offer in the upcoming months!
  6. Good role-play, always nice to teach people the way of the Irish!
  7. For @Cas's sweet ass. I saw that he had signed up for the community, so I decided to sign up as well 4 days later to make sure that I could juice him in-game. Jokes aside, I've know about this community and lurked on it from time to time since late 2014; but I didn't sign up and create an account on it until early 2016, mainly due to the fact that I was completely burned out with the game (both mod and standalone). I instead role-played on one of the biggest GTA:SA role-playing servers for 2 years until my love for DayZ was re-kindled in 2016.
  8. Top o' the mornin' there fella, what's yer name?

  9. Ciarán is the younger brother of Mickey McCoomer, one of (if not) the greatest bare-knuckle boxer from Tallaght. He was born in the year 1997 to a family of Irish-travellers and bare-knuckle boxers. His brother was a bare-knuckle boxer who had retired after knocking a fellow bare-knuckle boxer by the name of 'Eddie MacMurphy' into a coma. After Eddie recovered he invited Mickey and Ciarán to join him in his travels across Europe, which would eventually strand them in Chernarus. Mickey, Eddie and Ciarán are now part of a trader group by the name of 'The MacPedlars'.
  10. *The voice of a chippy Irishman can be heard coming through the radio, as the background is cluttered with noises of a truck being unloaded* "Top o' the mornin' there fella, me name is Eddie MacMurphy, bare-kunckle boxer from Tallaght! Pleasure meeting ya'!" "I can not believe that people would actually steal from one another" "I myself am a hard workin' man ye know?" "I wouldn't even think about stealin' from other people!" "Anyways, me name is Eddie MacMurphy, bare-kunckle boxer from Tallaght! Pleasure meeting ya'!" *The voice of a barrel being dropped can be heard in the background as the radio cuts to silence*
  11. I'm fine with people having small stashes, but the excessive hoarding of loot is just unhealthy. This is a role-playing server.
  12. Eddie MacMurphy, Bare-knuckle boxer from Tallaght's POV: Top of the mornin', my character is Eddie MacMurphy and he is a bare-knuckle boxer from Tallaght. I was traveling with my trading buddies ( @Cas, @Dan & @TheDeepOne ) when we drove through Kabanino and ran into @SnakeyDakey & @Phelps69. We offered them a ride in our truck and I introduced myself to them as "Eddie MacMurphy, bare-knuckle boxer from Tallaght.". I asked the fellers their names and they responded, to which I introduced to myself to them as "Eddie MacMurphy, bare-knuckle boxer from Tallaght.". We drove past a fuel-truck that was on the road and dropped @TheDeepOne off to inspect it. Sketched out by the guys we decided to drop them off on the side of the road somewhere and told them that they were in Berezino. As we are driving away I see one of the men raise their gun and aim it towards the truck, but I do not hear anything. A few second later I am shot, but survive due to being built differently; soon after which both of the men open fire on the truck. We loop around drive back to Kabanino where we pick up @TheDeepOne who we had previously dropped off, as well as @Drywipe who we had befriended the day before. Due to having short-term memory loss I introduced myself to the gentlemen as "Eddie MacMurphy, bare-knuckle boxer from Tallaght.", but am quickly reminded that the men I am introducing myself to have already met me before. We drive back up the road that we had dropped the 2 men off on the see if we could find them, but they had already moved. As we are coming up to the northern-highway we drive past @lunathecat and a man who we suspected to be one of the 2 men that opened fire on us. We drive to the pump station to fill up on gas as @lunathecatdecides to join us. I introduce myself to her as "Eddie MacMurphy, bare-knuckle boxer from Tallaght.", whilst she introduces herself to me as "STEVE". With both of the cars filled up we make our way up the northern-highway as I spot a man ( @DrBrain ) on the road in front of us. As we stop for the man on the road 2 more men pop up from the field to the left of us. I quickly identify them as being the 2 men that had previously opened fire on us and inform my allies before the 2 men get too close. @Dan backs up the truck as we position ourselves to open fire on the men for previously opening fire on us and shooting Eddie MacMurphy, the bare-knuckle boxer from Tallaght. We open fire on the 2 men but I either managed to miraculously miss every single bullet, or had a serious case of the spooky-bullets, as the logs show that I did not manage to hit a single shot. @Dan manages to kill one of the men as @Cas's PC is being raggedy. I approach @DrBrain and introduce myself as "Eddie MacMurphy, bare-knuckle boxer from Tallaght.", reassuring him that we are not there for him and that we are simply there to rain the wrath of Eddie MacMurphy upon the 2 men. It's quiet for a few second when shot are fired from the Carnival north of our position. Both @lunathecat & @DrBrain, who were innocent bystanders in the situation, end up getting killed by the last remaining gunman as we close in on his position. @Drywipe also gets shot and killed when @Dan pushes the man and kills him.
  13. It's a gaming community, so there are of course going to be people that are toxic towards other people. There's nothing we can really do about it except encourage people to respect one another, regardless of any disagreements that they may have with each other; and punish those who actively go out of their way to be toxic towards other people. I personally hate everyone equally, but that's just me
  14. There's no harm in giving someone a fake ID. It's up to the other person if they want to believe it or verify it's validity through emotes.
  15. I like tank-zombies, but their health is just unrealistically high. It doesn't make sense, especially given our lore, that a human being is capable of sustaining that much damage. I'm all for variation among the infected, but the tank-zombie in it's current state is just a meme in my opinion. I understand that they have a big suit of armour on, but the amount of damage they are able to sustain is just too much. Lower their health to maybe 5 or 10x that of a normal infected, decrease their damage to 1.5x that of a normal infected, and make them jog instead of walk or full-sprint. This way they'll still be somewhat of a threat, but they won't feel unrealistically bullet-spongy.
  16. I personally don't think that that this should have been removed just because a small minority of people is abusing the mechanic. People have been abusing the base-building mechanic in a way worse ways and in way higher quantities, and yet that mechanic is still in the game. If people are abusing the mechanic then we should punish them, just like we punish people for abusing the base-building mechanics. The tank-zombies are supposed to drop their attachment as a reward for successfully taking one down; and if people are abusing the mechanic to farm countless amounts of plate-carrier, then that just sounds like loot-cycling to me. -1 on that one chief, everything else looks good though. Big ups my man for the work!
  17. Thanks for the role-play @Cas & @Dan.
  18. Unarchived upon request, please update the thread as soon as possible. /moved to group ideas
  19. Archiving as work-in-progress groups are not allowed. PM a Mod+ to have this un-archived when you have everything required. /archived
  20. Eddie MacMurphy originates from Tallaght, Ireland. He was born into a family of Irish travellers and grew up with nothing but fighting, swiping, and the 'occasional' drinking. Due to fighting for years, Eddie suffers from short-term memory loss after having been hit in the head one too many times. His family traveled through all of Europe looking from scrap-metal and fights, and in January of 2020 they'd find themselves in Russia. The Russian villages were like heaven for the MacMurphy family, as there were enough drunk bomzh (bums) that were looking to fight to keep the entire family occupied. The MacMurphy family would travel through Russia fighting and swiping from village to village, until slowly making their way into Chernarus. When the MacMurphy family arrived in Chernarus, the country was on the brink of pandemic breaking out. The MacMurphy's were not too bothered by it however; and frankly didn't care all to much as they had bigger issues to worry about, like what they were going to eat for lunch and who to fight this week. The frenzied-flu would eventually catch up with the MacMurphy's though, as the people that weren't to interested in fighting 2 weeks ago were all of the sudden extremely violent. The family managed to fight them off for a while, and actually enjoyed it quite a bit, but they would eventually find out that something was wrong. They set up their caravans and decided to 'wait it out', not aware of what was actually unfolding. It wasn't long until food supplies became scarce, so Eddie decided to go out and look for supplies. However, due to his low intelligence and short-term memory loss, Eddie got lost and was unable to find his way back to the caravans.
  21. LESGOO we out here tradin'
  22. Hey there Hanro, A team of staff-members have looked at your appeal, and we have decided to accept it. We wholeheartedly understand that it is never fun too see a friend get removed from the community; but the glorification of permanently banned players is not allowed in this community, regardless of how it is done or what said person did. In the case of a friend getting permanently removed from the community it is best to simply contact them to express your emotions and send them your regards. We are glad to see that you understand your mistake, and hope that you'll have learned from it. With that having been said, we as the staff team do not see any reason to keep you banned from the Discord for any longer. Outcome Appeal accepted | Discord ban removed. Signed | @Banshee & @Hofer
  23. Forum username: Banshee Type of creator: Musician, Video Editor, Graphic designer. Thread link: No active or relevant threads of my own. Music Graphic Designer (Graphics done by me)
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