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    Round 2 Merge?

    If this does happen, make it Livonia please. Chernarus is boring as fuck.
  3. Banshee

    Get rid of forums or minimize it...

    I'd have to disagree with you my man, as I feel like the forums is the main thing that has made this community as close as it is. I personally have grown quite fond of the forums, as I am sure most of us have, and it would be a shame to see the forums dumbed down to strictly serious stuff such as 'reports & appeals'. The forums are a great way to stay connected with the community, get to know what is going on, discuss topics like; Rulechanges, forums changes, but even non-DayZRP related topics such as games and music. Keep the forums as they are, and if people don't like stuff about it, they can simply ignore them and use the forums for the 'reports & appeals' only. Not everything should be taken seriously, I agree, but UP should remain on certain threads such as 'Reports, appeals, questions, etc.'. There's a difference between an UP consisting of an unrelated image or replying wih a simple "xD", and joking around. You can still joke around on most of the threads as long as you contribute at least something to the thread at hand. It's honestly fairly easy to avoid getting an UP warning or caution, as all you have to do is simply contribute to the thread at hand, or refrain from posting.
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    Elddis Scrap Yard Media Thread

    that gif is cursed
  5. Banshee

    An Pobal [The Community][Livonia]

    This group and it's people are really good, and their chef makes some of the best food ever.
  6. Banshee

    Clarification about the rule 3.4

    If you spawn near your corpse, then you should move away from the area untill you NLR timer has expired. As mentioned in Role's update about the rule:
  7. Banshee

    The Cavaliers [Livonia]

    Had a blast meeting y'all earlier today, some explosive roleplay!
  8. Kieran Joyce was born as 'Kieran O’Mahony' in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Both of his parents we're of Irish descent, and had moved to the US in pursuit of his fathers career. Kieran doesn't know any of this however, as his parents abbandoned him at a young age, leaving him at an orphanage. Growing up, Kieran was quite the troublemaker. and would often get into fights with the other kids in the orphanage. It wasn't long before the orphanage was tired of handling with Kieran's temper, and they had him moved to a group home for troubled kids. Later in life Kieran found out that he suffered from 'Borderline Personality Disorder', which 'caused his mood to erratically change without any underlying reason. This made life extremely hard for Kieran, and made him turn to a life of isolation, as he was afraid of hurting others. This life of isolation didn't last long though, as therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy gave Kieran a different perspective and life, and led to his decision of moving to a foreign country. Kieran moved to Chernarus, where he lived peacefully for a couple of months, untill al hell broke lose. An outbreak of world-wide scale broke out in Chernarus, and although fortunate enough not to be infected, he was damned to be one of the 'survivers', fighting for their lives. It didn't take long for Kieran's mental state to deteriorate, leading him to have thoughs of suicide and outbursts of anger. During one of Kieran's trips to the town, he'd had enough, and decided to speed his Jeep into tree, hoping to end his life. His life did not end there though, as the sound of the crash attracted the attention of group of people. Kieran woke up a few weeks later, greeted by a group of Irishman who called themselves the Joyce Family. Kieran was unable to remember anything besides his first name, as the impact of the car crash severely scarred his face and caused him to suffer Amnesia. Unable to recall his past, the Joyce Family took him in, and although they are not family by blood, Kieran thinks they are the closest thing to family he's ever had.
  9. Banshee


    Any girl gamers?

    1. Watchman



  10. Banshee

    New Life Rule warning

    I was under the impression that people would understand the NLR by now, but apparently not. Good on ya for explaning it again in greater depth!
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    Is this abuse of game mechanics?

    I do and see other crackheads do stuff like that all the time IRL.
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    This group good as hell
  14. Banshee


    This how people who be roleplayin' as kids look like.



  15. Banshee

    DLC - Livonia - Discussion and Poll

    13,99 for a recycled map from an A3 DLC and some bears. The game itself isn't even finished yet, with half of the stuff in it still not working as intended, yet Bohemia thinks that it's a good idea to recycle A3 content and release it as paid DLC. yeah, that's gonna be a from me.
  16. Banshee


    Been grindin' 💪 😳


  17. Banshee

    Real life picture Thread

    Only 2 pictures of me that I actually like, probably 'cause my mug ain't in it. Guess this if more of a fit-pic then.
  18. Banshee


    new beat, can't show the preview 'cause the cover art shows nasty nasty y'know



  19. Banshee

    Has anyone ever had night terrors?

    Yes to all pretty much yeah
  20. Banshee

    Has anyone ever had night terrors?

    I know that'd it probably be better for me to see a doctor or a psyschologist about this, which I will be doing very soon, but I was wondering. Have any of you ever had night terrors, and if so, what did y'all do to get rid of them? I've been sleeping awfully for the past 2 weeks, and every time I do manage to fall asleep I've been woken up by night terrors, heart pounding, sweating, and unable to fall back asleep. It's been affecting my negatively in school, as I'm constantly tired due to the amount of actual sleep I've been able to get. edit: My ex-girlfriend had them aswell, but they'd only happen very rarely and never back-to-back. She'd just wake up screaming, and go back to sleep like nothing happened.
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    I acknowledged the warning, now acknowledge this bop from ya boy.



  22. Banshee

    What are you tired of seeing most?

  23. Banshee

    Interview With A Community Member: Banshee

    I appreciate that my friend, and I hope to re-join the staff team once I get back into playing DayZRP on the regular. I remember having blast taking all those item-shop screenshots and testin the mod items with you!
  24. Banshee

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    good group
  25. Banshee

    A world of Wrong (Fanfiction)

    This needs more feet, and don't be afraid to go into detail about them.
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