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  1. Water Scooter

    Water Scooter

    new beat, can't show the preview 'cause the cover art shows nasty nasty y'know



  2. Water Scooter

    Has anyone ever had night terrors?

    Yes to all pretty much yeah
  3. Water Scooter

    Has anyone ever had night terrors?

    I know that'd it probably be better for me to see a doctor or a psyschologist about this, which I will be doing very soon, but I was wondering. Have any of you ever had night terrors, and if so, what did y'all do to get rid of them? I've been sleeping awfully for the past 2 weeks, and every time I do manage to fall asleep I've been woken up by night terrors, heart pounding, sweating, and unable to fall back asleep. It's been affecting my negatively in school, as I'm constantly tired due to the amount of actual sleep I've been able to get. edit: My ex-girlfriend had them aswell, but they'd only happen very rarely and never back-to-back. She'd just wake up screaming, and go back to sleep like nothing happened.
  4. Water Scooter

    Water Scooter

    I acknowledged the warning, now acknowledge this bop from ya boy.



  5. Water Scooter

    What are you tired of seeing most?

  6. Water Scooter

    Interview With A Community Member: Banshee

    I appreciate that my friend, and I hope to re-join the staff team once I get back into playing DayZRP on the regular. I remember having blast taking all those item-shop screenshots and testin the mod items with you!
  7. Water Scooter

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    good group
  8. Water Scooter

    A world of Wrong (Fanfiction)

    This needs more feet, and don't be afraid to go into detail about them.
  9. Water Scooter

    Water Scooter

    Uhhmm, phonk check.


  10. My new DayZRP character:


    Uzegwewe Oblas


  • Water Scooter


    The magical 'passpharse' can be found by reading the rules. Within' them, you will find the knowledge you need in order to unlock the secrets of the 'passpharse'! I will pray for your safe return from this adventure, 'cause sadly, I can not accompany you...
  • Water Scooter

    Water Scooter

    IRL mood


  • Water Scooter

    Vote Now! - DayZRP Loading Screen Contest

    The homie @Watchman has got my vote! All the other ones are also really good!
  • Water Scooter

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Been a blessing to be able to play with y'all! Phenomenal roleplay from all of you
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