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  1. Nathan St. Marcus

    Not much is know about Nathan...
  2. Most of you probably don't know me, but I'll be taking a break for a week or two. I've been stressing a lot with college lately and on top of that something horrible happened today. A couple of hours ago I got a call from my (ex) Girlfriend that I've been with for 2 years. Lately she's been getting really close with this one dude from our college, and she started hanging out with him. She told me they were just friends, but you can guess what happened. She admitted to cheating on me, which broke my heart. Although she says that she regrets it, she also admitted to developing slight feelings for him. And although dumbly enough I said I could forgive, I still decided to break up. Therefore I'll be taking a break for a week or two, I just need some time to get everything sorted out, after that I'll be back to RP like normal. So I guess I'll see y'all in a couple of weeks Peace!
  3. Would be cool to see more thing beside faction settlements marked on the map, the current map is also really outdated. +1 for me
  4. We had something like this on the old website and I really like it. It's really usefull for people that want to set up drafts for group thread, media thread or other big threads. It can help clear up the forums and get rid of those WIP threads. I say bring it back!
  5. I get what you mean, loads of people join this community thinking it's a public server without KOS. Some people just see this server as an opportunity to get geared without risking getting KOSed and losing it. Most people run away whenever a group aproaches them, people run around in military areas just to say "Gosh dangit! Geez I'd love to stay but I'm supposed to meet a friend" before running away and logging out.
  6. I usually roleplay, even when I'm alone. I like slow walking through towns, sneaking past zombies and sometimes talking to myself. Because you never know, there might be someone watching you from a distance, and atleast then they see someone actually doing stuff instead of just sprinting in and outside of buildings.
  7. *Sokol picks up his radio, waiting for a brief second before pushing down the PTT button* "Listen up kid, I'm only going to say this once" "This uhmm, shoot and kill mentality is only going to get you killed" "Trust me, I've seen it happen..." "Anyone can shoot a gun these days, it's nothing special" *There's a brief sillence* "What I'm trying to say is uhmm..." "Be smart kid, Don't go running around and threatening to kill anyone who opposes you" "Because before you know it you run into the wrong person and you'll end six feet under" *Sokol let's go of the PTT button before pressing it down again* "One more thing" "If you ever feel like learning a few things about this place, and uhmm surviving in it" "Try and meet me..." "I can show you a thing or two about y'know... this place..." "Sokol out" *Sokol let's go of the PTT and puts his radio back in his backpack*
  8. Happened to me twice, once someone was talking to me through text and it didn't show up. so I had one of my mates tell me through TS what she was saying in game because he was able to see the text. Another time I was textRPing, because I was at a LAN and couldn't use my MIC. the person I was talking to kept asking me if I was mute and stuff because I wasn't talking. I later contacted him on TS explaining what was going on where he said that he couldn't hear me.
  9. There's a bug in the current build of DayZ, sometimes text from certain people will not show up in game. It can be fixed by restarting the game but imagine this: You enter a building, someone outside sees you going in and text initiates on you (maybe a textRPer), because of the bug you don't see the text. You didn't put your hands up because you didn't see any text and you walk outside just to get shot because you didn't comply.
  10. *Sokol hears Josh's transmission and quickly rushes over to his radio* *He presses down the PTT button and let's out a big sigh* "J.. Josh is that you? What's going on? Where are you" "TALK TO ME MAN WHERE ARE YOU?!" *Sokol runs over to his backpack, slinging it over his shoulder as he reaches for his AK* "Josh do you copy?" "Listen here Josh, you might be a kid... But you're a damn tough one." "Now tell me where you are goddamn it!" *There's a short static* "Yebat' eto der'mo! Not on my watch no fucking way" "Tell me where you are right now before I come looking for you" "XV needs you, fuck... I need you man." "Not like this please" *Sokol let's go of the PTT button before pressing it again* "Ne delay etogo so mnoy, Josh... Please talk to me" *Sokol let's go of the PTT button as he leaves the compound*
  11. Ayy ya'll are back, hope to see you in game soon
  12. namma Jeff

  13. Had fun with the 101 today, hella good times. sorry that our friends hit puberty mid conversation.
  14. @Aiko Poor guy, all he wanted was some love in the apocolypse. But instead he got some heavy BDSM he didn't ask for. @Joffrey I remember when just mentioning your name to certain groups could get you killed. @Ender Sounds hot! @Nihoolious I know how you feel man, loads of people I knew from the camp outrun got banned aswell after I came back from my break. I miss them @Kienyi The bandit life isn't for everyone. Had something like this happen to me aswell. Some dudes initiated on me but they didn't know where I was, I popped up from behind cover and shot them both.