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  1. This is not a misunderstanding, I am fully aware that it is against the rules.
  2. Nick Vonken's POV: Me and Awimba make our way to NWAF where we run into a man with a yellow armband who tells us that we're not allowed ot be on the airfield. Uninformed of the current situation I ask him why not, to which he responds saying that it is a VDV base or whatever. I ask him why we're not allowed though as I've been their a few times before with other people and had no trouble making my way in and out to which he doesn't respond. He asks Awimba for identication, to which Awimba responds by showing him his UN badge from when he was still with the UN. Seeing how there is no actual ID item in the game and this was the only thing Awimba had on him. I look around the airfield for a bit, notice 2 people on the roof of the firestation talking, make my way to the hangar. get initiated on, try to run away and die. regards to: Me and Awimba did not at all try to impersonate the UN group. I did not at all say anything about the UN. And Awimba showed his UN badge from back when he was stil in the UN, as it his is only way of indentifying himself as he does not have his ID. regards to: As far as I kno this is not rule breaking, In real life anyone can say they are part of whatever they are. And as far as the UN badge goes, He could have gotten it from anywere. Maybe rip it off a dead UN soldier, or in Awimba's case have it from his time back with the UN. I'd also like to note that the person that we met at first seemed a bit distracted, as if he was talking to two people at the same time although I could not hear him talk to anyone on the radio or to anyone else nearby. But maybe he was just talking to himself in his mind, who am I to judge
  3. NVFL - 09/08/2017 - 22:50

    Nick Vonken's POV: So me and my "B O Y S" @BlindingGMAK and @OxeN made our way to Grishino, when we noticed a man walking in the middle of town. Being the lads we are we decided to walk towards him and greet him. As we greet him he asks us what we're doing in "his town", confused I ask him what he means by "his town" but I'm quickly interupted by someone. After a bit of talking someone else shows up, who is later revealed to be @JoshuaKav. The talking takes a turn for the worse when both parties start to turn hostile, trying to stay out of it I try and take a few steps back but @JoshuaKav and @Rico98 raise their guns at Awimba and Emeka. I take a few steps back and put my hands up also, not sure if their initiation was also targeted towards me. They move us inside a building and talk to us for a bit, eventually shooting Emeka in the leg for not listining. After a while a group of 3 Unknown individuals show up, @JoshuaKav goes outside to talk to them after which Emeka yells "Help us". @Rico98 tells him to be quiet, and so he does. The chatting outside goes on for a while when suddenly either @JoshuaKav or @Rico98 tells us to wait 1 minute before leaving the building. After they left the building we get up, and Emeka quickly reaches over to the double barreled shotgun that they left inside the buidling. Yelling "The 1 minute is over, can we come out?" Emeka went downstairs when @Rico98responded with "If you come out, we shoot you". (Or something like that) Emeka had enough of it and decided to take action, checking if the double barrel was loaded before running down stairs, opening the door and shooting @Rico98 with his shotgun, killing him instantly. After killing @Rico98, Emeka made his way upstairs and yelled at the 3 unknown individuals that if they wanted to live, they had to just run away. The 3 unknown individuals then ran away from the town, towards NWAF / Kabanino it seemed. Emeka told me and Awimba to go outside with our hands up, after which he yelled "I've got 2 people coming out, they are not with me. Do not shoot them". Me and Awimba made our way outside the building, and quickly out of town. Whilst picking apples, Awimba and me hear gunshots. Looking behind us we see @JoshuaKav and @Survival. @JoshuaKav makes his way towards us, asking us if we knew who he was and how we met. He then asked us if we wanted to see him become executed, to which Awimba and me say "yes". They relocated Emeka to a different location and got ready to execute him when @JoshuaKav shot Emeka in the back. All I saw at the time was Emeka getting shot by @JoshuaKav and @JoshuaKav and Emeka dropping to the floor simultaneously. Confused at what happened @Survival told me and Awimba to back off. We backed off but quickly noticed that he was distracted with trying to help his pall, so as a revenge for him killing our friend Emeka we decide to rush him, Awimba attacking him from the front with an axe and me stabbing him in the back with a knife. Quickly both Awimba and @Survival drop to the ground. Myself still being conscious I take @Survival's rifle and shoot him with it, going over to @JoshuaKav to shoot him aswel just to make sure he was dead. The gun had no ammo left to I pulled out my knife to stab @JoshuaKav to make sure he was dead. A zombie hit me, I started bleeding. Went into a building and bandaged, made my way back to @OxeN and @BlindingGMAK to try and revive them, but allas they were already gone. The end.
  4. Knock knock... it's the spelling police :(

    Also for singular possessive, take the singular,”country”, and add “ ’s ” “Belonging to one country” For the plural possessive, take the plural, “countries” and add “ ‘s”. “Belonging to many countries.” When that results in “s’s”, (countries’s) , the second s is dropped, hence, “countries’ “
  5. Yeah me and @OxeN had a blast, was our first day backa aswell
  6. Nick Vonken

    Born on the 19th of January, 1995 in Hoensbroek, the Netherlands. Nick doesn't like to talk much about his past, he had a hard childhood growing up. Dad was an alcoholic, and mom was out all day working to feed the family. Therefore Nick spent most of his time out on the streets, away from home. Being on the streets all day, Nick met a lot of friends. Most of them were a bad influence, fuck.. I think all of them were a bad influence. When Nick turned 15 he started smoking, When he was 17 he started doing drugs. Nothing too bad, Smoke a joint every now and then, pop some pills whenever he's at a party. It wasn't long before Nick got caught up in the drug bussiness himself. He needed the money, to help his family out. One night, Nick was going to make a quick deal when shit hit the fan. Out of no where 2 guys, armed with a pistol and a bat jumped him. Guy with the bat hit Nick in the face, dislocating his jaw and leaving a big gash on his chin. After knocking him down they searched his bag, took his shit and vanished. That's when Nick realized it was time to quit, before something much worse happened to him. Trying to better himself and leave the past behind Nick decided to travel to another country, get away from everything for a while. He made enough money dealing drugs for the past year, handed over some to his family, and spent the rest on a plane ticket to Chernarus.
  7. Kryold / $ĦAĐΣ 's Music Thread

    Welcome to my thread, Here I'll upload the songs that I've made. The songs are posted in order of age, newest song on the top. I'll continue to update this thread whenever I upload a new song. The end
  8. Desolation Bugs

    Just saw a ZAMAK fuel, and a pickup. ZAMAK vanished after the server restart. Pickup spawned inside a garage and exploded. Edit: Also my friend found a vehicle aswell
  9. Desolation Bugs

    Here's a few of the bugs that I've ran into whilst playing the server. Vehicles seem to be in-persistent and may vanish after a restart. (Actually saw my ZAMAK disappear infront of my eyes about 10 minutes after the restart.) Actions preformed / items picked up and moved ~15 minutes before restart have a chance of not saving. Logging in will sometimes give you a "Broken leg" notification, although you'll still be able to walk properly. (Using morphine or applying a splint get's rid of the notification, but I suggest saving them until actually needed.) Random chance of spawning in naked. (leaving the server, waiting ~5 minutes and rejoining has a chance of fixing it.) Vaulting over objects has a small chance of killing your character, I suggest finding a way around if you value your life. Spawning seems to be completely random, no matter what direction you chose. (At least it seems so for me.) Objects placed will sometimes move and have a random rotation after restart. Dying has a chance of messing up the TFR, thus requiring you to restart the game and sometimes TS. (Happened to me twice.) Applying a bandage will sometimes use the bandage, but still leave you bleeding. Filling up a bottle at a gas station fills it with water, instead of gasoline. Vehicles will sometimes get stuck into objects. (Also be carefull with flipping vehicles, if someone else is standing too close it can kill 'em.) Zombies seem to just come out of the ground near you, have no hit animations and they also run through user build objects and doors. Note: All of these bugs are Desolation bugs, thus there is nothing the DayZ RP team can do about these. Fixing these bugs is up to the Desolation team.
  10. Hebi's Desolation Media Thread

  11. Desolation Redux Release

    Do I have to buy all the DLC's ? Or is just the Apex expansion enough? Edit: 'cause if it's just Apex that I need to buy, I can buy it right now. If I need all of em it's RIP till next month Edit Edit: NVM Apex is no longer on sale, Guess I won't be playing on the ArmA III server anytime soon ;(
  12. Takin' a break

    Most of you probably don't know me, but I'll be taking a break for a week or two. I've been stressing a lot with college lately and on top of that something horrible happened today. A couple of hours ago I got a call from my (ex) Girlfriend that I've been with for 2 years. Lately she's been getting really close with this one dude from our college, and she started hanging out with him. She told me they were just friends, but you can guess what happened. She admitted to cheating on me, which broke my heart. Although she says that she regrets it, she also admitted to developing slight feelings for him. And although dumbly enough I said I could forgive, I still decided to break up. Therefore I'll be taking a break for a week or two, I just need some time to get everything sorted out, after that I'll be back to RP like normal. So I guess I'll see y'all in a couple of weeks Peace!
  13. DayZRP Map

    Would be cool to see more thing beside faction settlements marked on the map, the current map is also really outdated. +1 for me
  14. Draft pages

    We had something like this on the old website and I really like it. It's really usefull for people that want to set up drafts for group thread, media thread or other big threads. It can help clear up the forums and get rid of those WIP threads. I say bring it back!