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"A ghost among the living..."

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  1. Banshee


    NeW BeAt?



    1. Cuchulainn


      Really enjoyed your Minecraft Premier bro keep it up!

    2. Descendants


      I wanna play minewaft with you too, wtf

  2. Banshee

    Permanent player run towns

    People already sorta do/did this. We've had multiple player-run settlements, but most of them were eventually met with violence and aggression which let them to disband. The idea of having a settlement that cannot be destroyed or robbed sounds fun in theory, but in practice would only lead to people using it to big-dick without the consequences of being robbed. I personally think it is best to keep everything organic and the way they are.
  3. Banshee


    anotha one 


  4. Banshee


    New beat on Soundcloud. Check it out!


  5. Banshee

    Base Wipe

    Good on ya mate, good luck!
  6. Banshee

    Unable to update character page.

    nvm, /yeet this topic, it has seemed to fix itself.
  7. Banshee

    Unable to update character page.

    The title kinda speaks for itself. Every single time that I make any changes to my character page and attempt to save it, I get hit with the following error; Any idea how I can fix this issue?
  8. Benjamin Scott Arceneaux Jr was born on the 11th of April, 1996, in his home-town of New Orleans. Growing up was hard for Benjamin, as he was born into a poor and struggling family, with a notorious drug-dealer as a father, and a Heroin addict as a mother. He was raised as a Christian, going to church every Sunday, but he later dropped his religion and became an atheist after the death of his mother. Benjamin followed in his father's footsteps growing up, becoming extremely addicted to drugs such as; Heroin, Bath Salts and Cannabis, and would even lure people towards him using craigslist, just so that he could rob them to feed his addiction. When Benjamin turned 24, he decided that he would attempt to kick his addiction(s). He started off with kicking the Heroin, which was one of the hardest experience in his life. This experience left Benjamin in such an awful mental state, that he struggled with depression and even attempted suicide multiple times. After a year and a half of struggling and seeing therapists, Benjamin was finally in a better place and decided to celebrate it by going on a trip to a foreign country. He thought about it for a while but eventually decided on a country. 'Chernarus' would be the country of his choice, a rather small and unknown country bordering Russia. Upon arriving, things didn't go the way they were planned. An infection began plaguing the country, leaving Benjamin stranded in a country that he barely knows, on his own, with no way out. Currently, he roams the lands, looking for his next can of almost expired beans to crack open, or for a place to spend a night. Constantly watching over his shoulder to make sure that he doesn't get robbed, or worse - killed, over that can of beans that he had just found.
  9. Banshee

    VIP rank change

    Nice changes, weren't really super necessary, but they make some more sense now. gimme MVP for landing page and item screenshots, jk luv u big boss
  10. Banshee

    Any good Sound playing programs?

    Clownfish works in-game, what it does is instead of creating a separate input channel for you to use, it instead installs itself on and changes your current input channel (your microphone), you can use it to change your voice in real-time and play sounds as well.
  11. Banshee

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had a blast roleplaying with @Cuchulainn @wirpy @Rutkiy and @Lucas, had some really character developing and evolving stuff going on at the camp. I'm really glad that I hopped on today, shame that I wasn't able to stay on for long though. Can't wait to see where the story goes on from here and can't wait to hop back on!
  12. Banshee


    New PHAT beat on soundcloud (wip)


    1. Descendants


      play dayz

    2. Banshee


      Maybe in another life my dear friend.

    3. GMAK



    4. Descendants


      also, Stream LaLaLa-BBno$ 24/7

    5. Banshee


      Slaps, but not my style

    6. Descendants


      Roy Purdy- Oh Wow

  13. Banshee

    Metagaming rule trial

    Good change, but hopefully TFAR gets added to DayZSA.
  14. Banshee


    Messing around w/ some house(ish) music.


    1. Saunders


      I need more trap/alt rock 😉 

  15. Banshee

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    I hereby grant @Ryan Shepherd ownership of 'The District', feel free to completely wipe my old thread from the face of this earth.
  16. Banshee


    New beat on SoundCloud.


  17. Banshee

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Hell yeah, glad to be back!
  18. Banshee

    Life is Feudal?

    I dig 'medieval' style games, +1 from me.
  19. Banshee


    Made something again, idk if I'll ever finish it.


  20. Banshee

    Premium Ranks from all purchases?

    Premium ranks are separate purchases.
  21. Banshee

    Mafia ending a good contract [Chidaki Capture]

    Chadeeki* Good video, slava John Johnson!
  22. Banshee


    New beat (preview) for those who are interested.


    1. MajooRB


      Beatmaker huh? Sounds nice tbh

  23. Banshee

    New civilian tents pack up Bug

    Great discovery if this is true and hopefully the devs are able to fix this issue, as I feel like this can and will be used with malicious intent.
  24. Banshee

    Extend character pages family section

    Would be nice, but you could also do this in the 'background' section of your character page.
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