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  1. Banshee


    I was expecting a package to arive and it finally did today, but the contents of the package were not what I was expecting.

    Apparently I accidentally ordered a 'dust cover' for the Akai 61, instead of the Akai 61 itself. So now I have 88 euro dust cover for a keyboard that I don't even own.

    Last time I'm impulsively buying stuff when I'm baked.

    1. Watchman



    2. Rover


      Might be able to return it if the image used was the Akai 61, but yeah. Thats an oof moment. 


      Lots of places use pictures that are misleading and designed to catch you like that. Like clothing that is doll sized, or area rugs for dollhouses where they don't make it easy to see dimensions so people buy the wrong stuff.

    3. Banshee


      The image they used was and Image of the Akai 61 with the dust-cover on it, so my stoned ass thought that the dust-cover was something that came with it.

      Contacted them through email, explained to them that I am a professional retard and that I accidentally ordered the wrong product. Waiting for a response now, but the website is pretty well known and trusted, so I'm confident that it won't be too much of an issue.

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