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    For those who are wondering why I am no longer in staff (again).

    I re-joined staff because I thought that I would finally have enough free time again, but as it turns out my IRL issues and work take up way more time than I expect. I simply did not have enough time to actually do anything in the staff-team as of now, therefore it was best for me to leave until I do have enough time.

    Things should clear up and I should have more time around September, which is when I will re-apply and join the Staff team again, if they'll have me.

    With that being said, I'll see y'all when I see ya. I will dwell the forums from time to time, bumping music that I've made, hopping onto some Streams and maybe even in-game every once in a while, but I will be far from active.

    Take care and love y'all ❤️ 

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