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    Putting this on my wall for the sake of it being a good rant. Not trying to stir the pot or attack anyone, just something that I feel like it has to be said.

    Roleplay is a 2-way street, which is something that a lot of the people in this community don't understand. They create threads saying that hostile RP isn't good, or that it's all focused around gear, but they never do anything to try and make the situation more interesting. They'll complain about 'GearRP' but when they get robbed they simply sit their and pout because their 'gear' is being taken away, completely blocking out any interesting scenarios from happening because they are too busy being mad about their items being taken. The only people that genuinely complain about 'GearRP' are those that attach more value to their gear than the roleplay around them, that's why they get pissed when someone takes it away from them. Same goes for those who hoard gear in their bases and cry on the forums about how they want 'Settlement Rules' to prevent people from offline raiding them or taking too much of their stuff. It's a roleplaying server, not a Rust public server. You're here to roleplay, interact with people, create interesting scenarios, not to hoard gear in your base and cry when someone takes it.

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