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  1. Banshee


    Won't be around for actual New Year to post this, so I'll be posting this now.

    2018 has been a weird year for me. I (kinda had to) quit school to go and work full-time, which is the worst decision I've ever made and some other stuff happened that wasn't all to pleasant. None the less I still had a lot of fun in 2018 and a big part of it is because of DayZRP and the friends I have made on it. I've had loads of fun playing with the friends I've made on this community and I am also really glad that I've been given the opportunity of being in staff, where I have made even more friends. So thank you all for the amazing time that I've had in 2019!

    Some special mentions;

    @brk, @OxeN, @GMAK, @Ryan Shepherd | 

    You bunch are the OGs that got me in to DayZRP. Although I didn't know any of you before I signed up, if it wasn't for you finding me on the ATC that day I doubt I'd even be playing still. I can't even begin to mention the numerous amounts of things we've done together (on DayZRP and off of it.) and DayZRP really wouldn't be the same for me would I not have been playing with you all! Hopefully we'll continue to play and have fun together till the end of times!


    @Everyone else in the DISTRICT (too many to @) |

    Some of you I know better than others, but I've still had a blast with all of you! When @Jerry joined the group and suggested we opened up recruitment I didn't expect to get as many applications and members as we did, but every single one of you have been an amazing addition to the group and I hope to stay in contact with all of you even if the group meets it's inevitably demise.


    @Descendants |

    I met you through staff and you're one chill dude. It's always fun playing games with you, doing staff stuff or just talking. Still can't believe that we played Divinity 2 for 13 hours straight, but it has been the most fun I've had playing a game in quite a while. Thanks for all the fun times and hopefully we'll continue to have fun in 2019 and beyond!


    @DayZRP Staff Team (Again, too many to @) |

    I've been given the opportunity by @Roland, @JimRP and the other Administrators and staff members to join the staff team and I'm really great-full for it. I've always wanted to help DayZRP and the community and I will continue to do so until I am one day un-able to. All of you in staff are amazing and have been really helpful, but I'll have to give a special mention to @Sleepyhead, who has probably helped me the most when I started off in staff. Hopefully all of us will continue to will be able to continue and keep DayZRP as great as it currently is, maybe even better?



    With all of that being said I wish all of you a Happy New Year and may 2019 treat you with lots of luck, love and happiness! I'll see you all next year :trolle:

    1. brk


      banshee out here savingtherolep one swift ban hammer at a time


      also happy new year u big pu55y

      Image result for banned gif

    2. Banshee


      @brk is that OOCHAT?

    3. Descendants



    4. Sleepyhead


      Happy New Year, Banshee! You're a super cool, chill guy and I'm sure you'll continue to do great things in staff. Thank you so much for the sweet mention ?

    5. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Take my fucking beans.

      Happy New year to you fella, it's been fun.

    6. Jerry


      Had to put the foot down ?

      Its been a fucking blast so far boys.

    7. Semiazas


      We are lucky to have you, and hope to keep you for a long time to come. Happy new year!

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