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  1. Banshee


    Lmao you can literally choose if you want to be able to get robbed or not on the server.


    1. Samaritan


      No, you can still get robbed but you decide whether rule 6.1 or 6.2 applies or not.

    2. Kain


      I'm sick and tired of people thinking that you cannot rob at all or do any form of hostilities. Removing Rule 6.1 and 6.2 basically means that you can initiate and commit, otherwise unnecessary, hostile actions without any context. People who abide to 6.1 and 6.2 just means that they want context behind the hostility and I don't think that's much to ask is it? 


      Realistically, if you are going to try and rob someone, you are putting your life on the line, so you should act like what you are robbing is worth the risk. 

    3. Banshee


      • 6.2 You may not use character or group story as a universal reason to initiate hostilities with other players. For example, role playing a bandit, murderer or crazy person does not grant you explicit rights to attack other players by itself, there must be other circumstances, previous history between the players or role play that leads to a situation where being hostile is warranted.

      All these campfire RPers need to do is literally just be nice to everyone and no one will be able to rob them.

    4. Kain


      So, first of all, nice job going to the whole claim of campfire RPers, very nice touch of being patronizing. This build up can literally be anything, an argument for fucks sake. The only time it is perfectly fine in the eyes of the rules to rob is when there is a necessity to do so where the risk of your life is equal to that of the gear you need. 


      The rules are not trying to limit good hostile RP, they are trying to eliminate the bad hostile roleplay and what Rolle did with the whole name thing? That's been a thing since the very beginning of the server creation. If you want to give OOC consent to someone to allow them to break a rule, for example "//Perms to cut off finger", you do so by giving them OOC consent. All this whole name thing is doing is breaking up the middle man so you don't need to ask them for consent in game.

    5. Banshee


      Imagine getting actually triggered over a post on a role-playing forum.




    6. Kain


      Wow, class act. I'm just arguing against your point, no need to reply in one of the most condescending and passive-aggressive ways I've ever gotten in a long time. 

    7. Banshee


      I'm not here to argue.

    8. Kain


      Then why post something like this in the first place? It will cause arguments and I think a lot of people would be well aware of that. 

    9. Banshee


      It's a status update, not a discussion thread.

    10. Kain


      The only thing that this status update does is stir the pot. There's an option to comment on it, so yes, it can literally be anything, including discussion.

    11. Banshee


      Aight, suit yourself.

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