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  1. Banshee


    You would have to log into the forum account that was blacklisted and create a support ticket. This can not be done through another account, as having multiple forum accounts is not allowed.
  2. Banshee


    You would either have to create an appeal in the appeals section, or create a support ticket, depending on what kind of ban it is. You'd have to do this through the account that is banned though, as we do not allow user to have multiple forum accounts.
  3. The wooden storage can be crafted by combining wooden planks and nails (don't know the exact amount you need), the improvised tents have been disabled if I'm not mistaking.
  4. Nice forum rank nerd! Congratulations on the promotion! ❤️

    1. Duke


      Thank you baby ❤️

    2. Hofer


      Who promoted this dude?

    3. Banshee


      Some nerd I think @Hofer

    4. Inferno


      Green boi

  5. Both of the mods add a few pretty nice items that I wouldn't mind to see added to the server, however, I'm not a big fan of some of the weapons that are in the 'MuchStuffPack' as they seem like something straight out of Fallout 4, which I don't think fits the style of DayZ at all.
  6. Walls aren't high enough, too many entrances, and 3 loot bunkers? Are you kidding me? Needs to be at least 5. Jokes aside, base looks pretty sweet. Can't wait to visit you guys and sit at the campfire!
  7. I suspect that someone died and was then cut up by whoever found him.
  8. YOOOOOOOOOO BRO! Sick profile picture!

    1. Cuchulainn


      mother fuck

  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not sure if our dev-team is capable of adding a custom weapon to the game from scratch. Our developers are mainly texture artists and coders, and I have a feeling that adding a weapon to the game requires a lot more than changing some code and textures. Don't get me wrong, the developers we have right now are very talented, but I have a feeling that this may be outside their field of work. Regardless of that, I personally voted no. There are already enough military weapons in the game, and I would much rather see some more civilian weapons like bolt-action rifles and shotguns. Almost everyone I run into seems to be carrying an a variant of the AK or M4.
  10. The server restarts every 4 hours, there's a server message that pops-up when there are 90 minutes left till a server restart.
  11. I'd much rather have base-building (walls & gates) removed entirely, as it seems to only be used for hoarding gear and never for the purpose of role-playing.
  12. Bepis

    1. Pepsi



  13. There's a link to an item store guide in the top-left corner of the item store and inventory. The guide explains how the item store works and the spawning of items works, as well as the prices and cool-downs on the items. I personally think that the cool-down on the items is fine the way it is, so I don't think that it is necessary for it to be changed.
  14. Barrels can usually be found in industrial buildings like sheds and big industrial places, however, you can alternatively use wooden planks and nails to craft small wooden crates. Building a base and storing stuff is not essential though. You can also only pick up what is necessary, such as food, drinks and maybe a weapon, and head out to meet other people and role-play. Plenty of people that play on this server do not have a base, or even a place to store stuff for that matter, and simply use what they can find.
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