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  1. @ImFrosty the title of your video reads: "Replay 2020-09-23 15-39-21", which means that the video file was created at 15:39:21 local time. The logs show that the kill in the video happened at XX:37:48, which means that if the video ended there, the file name would've been something along the lines of; "Replay 2020-09-23 15-37-50". We suspect that there is more to the video than what you have decided to upload - perhaps not before, but most definitely after the video stops. The file name clearly shows that the file was created ± 2 minutes after the kill happened, so we want to ask you if you are absolutely sure that there is no other video on your computer that shows more than just the 20-second clip that you have provided?
  2. More military stuff? Nah. I'd much rather so more variety in civilian vest, clothing, and weapons. The mod adds some cool stuff, yes, but most of the models and texture look really poor, and honestly feel like they're straight out of a Garry's Mod military RP server.
  3. new beat, check it.


  4. Jin Lee was born on the 13th of January, 1987, in a Japanese neighborhood in Los Angeles called 'Little Tokyo'. He grew up in a somewhat rough part of the neighborhood - growing up poor, but eventually working his way out of poverty and into the good life. From a young age (14 years old) he had been obsessed with 'adult' movies, watching them every night before he'd go to bed, and aspiring to one day star in one of his own. This is a goal that he worked towards most of his life - working out to get his body in the best shape he could, and practicing his 'acting' skills with some of the people that he would meet in bars. Los Angeles was a town of opportunities, and it wouldn't take long before Jin was able to work his way into the adult business. Jin Lee came to Chernarus for vacation, a vacation that would quickly turn into a living hell when an outbreak started to plague to country. Now he roams the country, day by day, just hoping to make it to the next.
  5. Banshee


    Where else am I supposed to store my gun now? +1 pocket AKs are bad enough as they are - last thing we need is wallet shotguns.
  6. I'd murder you in the jail cell for some comedic relief. Good interview my love
  7. +1 The power is meant to be out according to the lore, so I don't see any reason to have all of the street-lights be on at this time. They also (somewhat) eat up processing power and can cause people to have a decrease in frames in towns that have a lot of these.
  8. Thank you @Rutkiy, @Para, @Elmo, @neom, @Andrey, @TurkRP, @Burak, @Queerios & the rest of S-GRU for the amazing roleplay today! I hope you enjoyed my little magic trick @Rutkiy.
  9. Group looks extremely interesting - excited to see this up, and excited to see what you lot can bring to the server. Half of the members on the roster haven't played in 4+ months though, so I'd get them to hop in-game sooner rather than later to avoid not having 5 active members. Besides that, everything looks good. Best of luck!
  10. I'd love to see some more civilian type vests. I usually avoid a lot of vests when playing civilian characters because they look too military for my character to have, so some civilian styled vests would be extremely dope to have.
  11. We'll be closing the report, given that the OP has decided to drop the claims against the accused. We hope that you and Para are able to talk about it and resolve the situation. /closed Signed | @Banshee, @Eddie & @Inferno
  12. @spongy21 you seem to have edited and removed the contents of the post - are you still wanting to go through with the report, or do you want us to close it?
  13. If possible, yes please. I love the assault vest but avoid it for this exact reason.
  14. My favorite groups in no particular order. 1. McCoomers 2. Cerna Liska 3. (up) Joyce 4. S-GRU 5. Dead Batteries Also, /merged
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