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  1. *hands over note* "Put your hands up" *Looks up to a raised gun* Funny in theory, but you'd still have to initiate and/or make a demand through voice- or text-chat.
  2. This is already the case. Those who want to appeal a final-warning punishment are required to be active both in-game and on the forums.
  3. An even better solution would be following the rules instead of breaking them, that way you won't get any points at all. I've never received a game-ban for breaking in-game rules, not even once, and honestly it's not that hard. The points system is there to punish rulebreakers who are found guilty of breaking rules within a short period of each other. If said person doesn't feel comfortable playing because he/she is afraid of breaking the rules again, then they shouldn't be playing. If you are able to accumulate enough points as to where you are too afraid of getting permed when hopping in-game, then you must be doing something wrong, and it might be best to step away for awhile and learn the rules a little better. The system is fine the way it is. Don't want to/can't play for 2 months because you've got too many warning points? Good, should've followed the rules.
  4. Congratulations, I'll be expecting some 'Awoos' in-game when the full moon hits!
  5. Zombies are fine, like Andrey and Inferno-Chan said, as long as you sneak around them and don't recklessly run through town then you should be fine. I do wish that suppressors finally start working though, as I would like my pistol to be a viable side-arm for quietly taking out zombies instead of something I carry around for the sake of roleplay.
  6. I have, plenty of times, and so far I have not died to one a single time. I usually carry a pump-action shotguns which seems to take care of them quite easily, and as long as I keep my eyes open in areas that I know has wolves and/or bears it usually not a problem. I'm not arguing that these changes is what the server needs, but to say that they 'limit' RP would be an exaggeration. You can still go and travel wherever you want, even if you are on your own, but you just have to be wary that there are wolves and/or bears around. Why would you go into and area and/or forest that you know has wolves and/or bears, knowing that you are by yourself and unable to protect yourself with the arms that you have. Wolves and bears are supposed to be a threat, they lurk in the forests and if you are unprepared for them they will clap your cheeks. You should be perfectly fine to travel in the areas that are known to have bears and wolves as long as you keep your eyes and ears peeled. It'd be extremely stupid to venture into a forest that you know has wolves and/or bears lurking around, especially if you are unprepared for them.
  7. Tattoo from a few months ago. I'm looking to fill my entire right leg so give me ideas on what to add. Already planning on adding barbed-wire going across the bottom.
  8. It'll force people to group up, roleplay with each other instead of wander in the forest by themselves.
  9. Listen to this whilst reading for IMMERSION Staring @Brayces as "Ellie Hostes" and @Cuchulainn as "Tommy-Lee Joyce" 'Twas a sunny day at the Joyce campground, the sun was shining bright and the young fella by the name of 'Tommy-Lee Joyce' was in his caravan playing with some legos. "Tommy-Lee lad!" someone shouted from outside the caravan, "There's someone 'ere to see ya!". With haste Tommy-Lee came running out from his caravan, it had been a while since Tommy-Lee had any visitors so he was eager to see who it was. "Who is it?" asked Tommy-Lee. "Some girl by the name of Ellie." Kieran responded, "She saw you out the Kitchen de la Soupe and came 'ere to meet you!". "M-meet me?" Tommy-Lee mumbled to himself. "Aye lad, don't look so surprised!" Kieran said as he showed Ellie to Tommy-Lee's caravan. "H-hey there, T-tommy-Lee" said Ellie with a nervous voice, "I saw you at the Soupe de la Quitchen like your cousin said, and I thought I'd drop by to say hello.". Tommy-Lee froze for a second, "H-here to see me? Are you sure?.". Ellie chuckled, poking Tommy-Lee in the shoulder and saying; "Of course silly, who else?.". Unbeknown as to what to do Tommy-Lee chuckled nervously, "Want to play with my legos?" he asked. "That sound like fun!" Ellie responded laughing. Outside the caravans a car can be heard starting up, before a knock can be heard on Tommy-Lee's door. "We're going out for a bit, trouble at the Koup Sitchen." Donovan said, we'll be back in a bit. "Alright Uncle Donny!" responded Tommy-Lee, "I'll stay here and play with my legos!". "Alright lad! I'll give you two some private time." Donovan said as he winked at Tommy-Lee and closed the door. As the cars can be heard taking off Tommy-Lee says; "Looks like we've got the camp all to ourselves now!". "You wanna play tag?" Tommy-Lee asked. "You're it!" Ellie yelled as she gently poked Tommy-Lee in the face and ran outside. Tommy-Lee jumped up and sprinted out of his caravan, "I'll get ya!" he yells while chasing Ellie around the camp. As Tommy-Lee closes in on Ellie she trips, and Tommy-Lee trips and fall on top of her. "Oh god, I'm sorry! Are you okay?" he says, as their hands touch from the fall. "I'm fine!" she says with a chuckles, as she gets up, pokes Tommy-Lee in his side and says; "You're it again, dummy!" Tommy-Lee chuckles, looking at Ellie and thinking to himself; "What a girl, one day I will make her my wife and we will travel the world in our caravan." After day-dreaming about Ellie for a couple of seconds he comes back to earth and notices Ellie hiding behind one of the caravans. "I wonder where Ellie is!" he yells, as Ellie can be heard chuckling. "Hmmm... Maybe she's behind this CARAVAN!" he yells as he starts running towards the caravan that Ellie is hiding behind. "Nooo!!" Ellie yells as she begins laughing and running away. She runs back inside Tommy-Lee's caravan and hides underneath his bed before he's able to see her. "Where is she?" Tommy-Lee thinks to himself as he enters his caravan. He takes a few steps before eventually... "GOTCHA!" Ellie yells as she grabs Tommy-Lee's leg. Tommy-Lee jumps up, before realizing that Ellie is not an infected that had been hiding underneath is bed, but the girl that he was madly in love with. "Jeez... You scared me there for a second." he responds, "Wot 're ye doin' underneath me bed?". "What, you'd rather see me on it?" she says as she chuckled. "N-no... uuhhmmm that's not what I meant at all!" he exclaimed, "It's just that there's bed-bugs and all y'know?". Ellie chuckles, before walking over to the caravan door and locking it. -to hopefully never be continued-
  10. Interesting Idea, but that wouldn't work. The bottom barrel on the repeater is the magazine where the bullets are loaded, if you were to saw the repeater in half you'd destroy the magazine and render it useless.
  11. Thank you @HDragon, much appreciated!
  12. We don't negotiate with roleplayers. It's on sight.
  13. As much as I like the idea, it's a no from me. People are already (ab)using the base-building mechanics by making rust-styled honeycomb bases and shit to keep their gear safe. People are most likely going to (ab)use this for purposes other than roleplaying, such as having a hidden stash somewhere deep inside the forest where they can respawn and immediately re-gear for "RP purposes". There's already enough people playing RustRP on the server, adding this would only make it worse. I'm up for having a sleeping-bag placeable that can be used for RP sleeping purposes, but respawning on it is a big -1 from me.
  14. Blatant lie at 09:25. Here a literal picture of @Ryan Shepherd driving a crane, care to explain?
  15. @neom Ignore the weird sound artifacts, this shit was recorded using Windows™ Game™ Bar
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