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"Hol' up fuckboy, who the fuck said we cool?"

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  1. Banshee

    DayZRP Standalone v1

    Here we go boys, DayZ SA MOD RP coming soon™
  2. Banshee

    Old layout on posts or similar

    +1 pretty dope
  3. Banshee



    1. Watchman

      gotta go fast

    2. Banshee


      @BlindingGMAK always goes fast.

  4. Banshee

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had a blast with @BlindingGMAK @OxeN @brk and @Sophie, no clue who the dude was who took the picture but if you're reading this I need you to hit me up with it!
  5. Banshee

    New Beta stress test

  6. Banshee

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    Honestly I get that he's a streamer and that he'll bring popularity and new members to the community, but there have to be boundaries. He literally went around yesterday breaking numerous rules and no one has reported him or punished him just because he's a streamer. Also people in-game acting weird whenever they meet him, groups who usually hate a certain group of people and are really hostile suddenly started giving stuff away? Guess being on his stream is more important than sticking to your character.
  7. Banshee


    Funny how some peoples' characters change completely when they meet PSI in-game.

    Guess some people can't resist the screen-time.

    1. Lucky1911


      Could not agree more. Reminds me of a few times i ran into mr moon and Kiwo in another rp server before here. They got hounded and people changed and acted dumb vs being in a survival situation 

  8. Banshee

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    Oh lord not again
  9. Banshee

    Objects (weapons, clothing etc) you'd like to see in the game.

    Belt or leg pistol-holster Kneepads that you can wear over jeans, and other pants More variety in civilian clothing and backpacks More variety in melee weapons Shotguns Bows Basebuilding Vehicles
  10. Banshee

    Item Shop Discussion

    @Razareth 1. After purchase how do I access my items and choose my loadout for next time I die. No 2. Can these items be spawned in even while I'm alive? (If yes, how are you going to make sure it doesn't destroy the loot economy? Since it would be possible to spawn whatever as much as you want). You can spawn one item of each category once every 12 hours, it probably won't destroy the loot economy as the items that you can purchase are really simple clothing items that will be quite easy to find once the loot-table contains all the items again. Can't speak for the other questions as that is something only @Roland can answer i think
  11. Banshee

    • Banshee
    • brk

    Black tracksuit jacket is cursed

  12. Banshee


    Here we go again.

  13. Banshee


    *Complains that the item store in to expensive*
    *Buys items on the item store*

    Imagine being me

    1. Eagle


      Sounds hypocritical.

  14. Banshee

    The Company [BRKR]

    Here we go again, good luck!
  15. Banshee

    Item shop descriptions

    Here one more, might add some more later. "Made for the exact thing you'll be doing 90% of the game"