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  1. nomadxvx

    DayZRP 19.6.4

    100% agree. I've been saying the exact same thing
  2. Agreed. Put in place a new rule saying that bases need to be built in a realistic manner. And anything that violates that rule can be reported and removed. It's that easy. I've seen other servers do it so I know its possible without screwing over everyone who doesnt abuse the rules that prefer to not be wandering bandits 24 7 only seeking hostile RP
  3. nomadxvx

    DayZRP 19.6.4

    Pretty sure people are more prone to building a safe spot for themselves to rest when faced with a hardship before running and gunning lmao but ok if you say so buddy
  4. nomadxvx

    DayZRP 19.6.4

    Taking away any sense of security from the average player who doesn't break or abuse the rules is also pretty lame imo
  5. nomadxvx

    DayZRP 19.6.4

    This completely strips the average survivor of any chance of being safe. So it's either you're forced to join one of the few major groups. Or suffer
  6. nomadxvx

    DayZRP 19.6.4

    Maybe have it just be a reportable offense. Have a rule saying walls only to be a certain height. And built in a realistic manner. And any found breaking this rule will be reported and wiped. I see that as a middle ground. Giving the people who actually want a home the opportunity to do so while restricting everyone enough to not abuse.
  7. nomadxvx

    DayZRP 19.6.4

    Taking away the build anywhere mod greatly reduces how many locations can actually be used for the creation of a base. On top of that now it takes twice as long to build. This makes it practically impossible for anyone to make a home for themselves except the major groups on the server. All this will do is force people off the server or push them to join the major groups. Turning the server into nothing but a handful of factions doing hostile RP with each other If anything bases should just be required to be built in a realistic manner. Not completely taken away Horrible idea
  8. The majority of my involvement of the whole engagement was of me running to Krasnostav from Pustoshka, so I did not physically see most of the aggression, but I did hear it through Discord. If you'd like, I can explain in detail my whole run from Pustoshka but for now I'll just explain what I was doing once I entered Krasnostav. When I had finally arrived in Krasnostav the altercation involving Vali seemed to already have been boiling down, but I dropped my backpack near a tree and decided to try and dig in just in case things fired up again. As I was doing so, I was told over Discord that they were leaving in the direction of Severograd. I sat in position for a while longer in case they turned around, but they did not. I ran back to my pack that I had left by the tree and decided to head into town and do a little bit of looting for a few minutes, then I logged out in a two story green house but stayed in Discord, as I planned to get back on, but had things IRL to take care of. I'm not sure how much time had gone by but it seemed like it was maybe 20 minutes since Vali and his men left. Then I heard Spicey saying through Discord that he had been shot but was still alive. At this time only 2 members of the group were in the compound which were @Spicey and @Jane Marie . After hearing this, I rushed to get back on to try and help. I sat in the two story green house trying to monitor the back of the compound to the best of my ability. I was there for an estimated 30 minutes before I decided to push into the compound walls to see if anyone was still inside. I didn't see anyone inside the walls, so I went inside to keep watch on another area of the compound. I was there for another 20 minutes or so, when a stranger started running through the streets of Krasnostav with a flare. We assumed it was a trap, so we just stayed inside and sat quietly while watching him slowly loot the town and then run away. After that, there was no movement or anything happening, so we waited a bit longer, grabbed our things, and then logged out for the night. On a side note, in the videos it can also be heard out loud and is recorded that we all thought that it was Vali's men returning to town and shooting, instead of a random stranger shooting at us for no reason. I feel that this in itself proves that we had not initiated on @FireDude.
  9. Thanks brother. Hopefully we run into each other again soon!
  10. Davit Avtandil was born to a Georgian father and Russian mother. He was raised in Canada until he was 16 years old, when he moved back to Georgia. Because he had lived most of his life in Canada, he was fluent in English, speaking the language as if it was native to him. At the age of 18 Davit joined the Georgian armed forces, serving his term of 12 months. After his term was ended, he used the military contacts that he had established to begin PMC work, which eventually led him to South Zagoria during the Civil War, where he began working with local crime lords. During his work, his eyes became open to governmental corruption and the plight of the working class. He attempted to continue work, but couldn’t get rid of the bitter taste in his mouth as he realized that the government was no better than the very crime lords that he worked for. Davit realized that he needed to cut ties with the meaningless work that he was doing in order to rally the local working class in the mission to overthrow the corruption of tyrannical powers.
  11. It seems I have found a reason to crawl out of my hole finally. E. Mannix will be there.
  12. Mannix was part of a small mercenary outfit that was hired to play bodyguard for a bachelor playboy traveling the world. They arrived in Chernaurus after the bachelor heard about how big the bears get out there and wanted to bring one home as a trophy. After a week of hunting in the forests of Chernaurus, they decided to make their way to Zabolotye, satisfied with the one large bear they had caught. By the time they noticed that the town was empty, they had already been swarmed by crazies. The bachelor was killed immediately along with two others from the group, while the others fled, leaving Mannix to fend for himself.
  13. nomadxvx

    Make blood / heath only regen by using blood bags / saline

    I completely agree with everything you have been saying on this subject, It could definitely add a couple extra outcomes for pretty much any dangerous action, all which only make the whole experience that much more interesting and worth remembering. definitely some good ideas as well that hopefully can be added sometime in the future, definitely think the regen should be pushed back more than an hour as well though since I dont think anyone has ever healed from a gunshot or knife would that quickly
  14. Otto Atwood, a man with a drive for adventure, born and raised in the land of America. Otto moved to chernarus at the whim of his hearts yearn for a beautiful girl, Varvera, whom he met on a vacation. He became a park ranger to support her and quench his thirst for the outdoors. Otto and Varvera married and vowed to live the best life together full of love and happiness, but soon faced a horrid turn of events that leads them down a different path, as they fight to survive. Thats when the outbreak began....
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