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  1. Otto Atwood, a man with a drive for adventure, born and raised in the land of America. Otto moved to chernarus at the whim of his hearts yearn for a beautiful girl, Varvera, whom he met on a vacation. He became a park ranger to support her and quench his thirst for the outdoors. Otto and Varvera married and vowed to live the best life together full of love and happiness, but soon faced a horrid turn of events that leads them down a different path, as they fight to survive. Thats when the outbreak began....
  2. I apologize then for remembering things differently, I would just really appreciate the chance to fix the spelling error because when I had begun typing it out it was late at night so I saved it onto my desktop and finished later, then copied from the file and pasted it to send in for review. So to my knowledge there was punctuation but somehow it was removed and I would just like a chance to fix the problem.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): No link to post, I had passed the questionnaire on my 5th try but was banned for "lack of punctuation in background story" Why the verdict is not fair: The story was comprehensible I just had missed a few period's and coma's Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I just find it a bit unfair that I was banned instead of being asked to fix such a minor problem What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would really appreciate having the opportunity to fix the spelling mistakes and be able to play with my friends What could you have done better?: I could have proof read my story a bit better
  4. nomadxvx

    Hostile Factions and You: A Question

    I probably would not sprint away but more just try to see how they are dressed and if I could hear any conversation between them so I could maybe determine what they are looking for and hope to be in a somewhat defensive position just in case the worst was to occur because there is always the chance that you just walked up on a bunch of crazed clown cannibals and no one really wants to do that
  5. Thank you! I hope I do as well the community looks very welcoming and active
  6. Just finished submitting my application now waiting to be whitelisted and all I can say is that I cant wait to be able to play with everyone!
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