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  1. Thank you all for subscribing and thank you for The support!
  2. I will not betray the family I will not betray the family I will not betray the family I will not betray the family
  3. **Grover Holds Down the HT. A woman's weeping can be heard in the back ground* My Son was weak and betrayed is family in his moment of weakness he threw him self from a cliff and killed him self.... Dumbsumbitch... Don't bother looking for him now. **Grover lets go of the HT**
  4. **Grover holds down the HT and a rough voice begins to speak** No need to worries about my son he's back with with his family where he belongs and we are taking real good care of the sumbitch... **Grover lets go of the HT**
  5. *Grover Holds down the HT* You SumBitch do you understand what you just did you little shit stain? We are looking for you and the longer you make us wait the worst it'll be for your Sissy little ass. *pause a moment* The devil is looking for you boy *Grover releases the HT*
  6. yes i still want the build anywhere mod! I'm a big time builder and i love to have RP in my home and base and i love seeing peoples Safe zones pop up. With out this mod my motivation to play is cut in half. Maybe make some rules about extreme clipping of base supports and so on?
  7. Thank you everyone I definitely had a moment of frustration last night. I know my base is likely to be raided I just keep stuff for mostly rp in it. It's my fight club location. Im trying to build something up for people to rp around. I'll have to get more clever with hiding my loot. Most of the frustrations comes from people taking my barrels and tents haha. Like come on guys you take that you'll have nothing to loot next time you come back to raid my house basically lol
  8. I play almost everyday and usually i can stop someone from breaking into my base. but i'm starting to get worn out. every single day i am raided when offline i can't say its the same person because i wouldn't know but man its such a bummer have to go and collect supplys again even basic stuff to keep building my base. I almost just want to quit playing i'm trying to get my fight club going but i can't keep vodka bottles food or anything people are basically cleaning me out now. Every day! i get a car each day its gone the next! why are people such thieves on this server! its a real bummer! What are some things i can do to extra fortify my base? is it possible to bring back traps? because i would love landmines and bear traps to teach a lesson to those constantly robbing my base if i could be on every moment i would be but i can't
  9. i think the beginning my acting is a little bad i kept messing up Grovers voice then i couldn't think what to say next at times XD but as the video goes on i really get into character!
  10. New movie is coming out soon ! it is in the works right now!
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