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  1. I really like where it is at! feels more realistic. I don't like having to drink water and eating food every 5 mins!. But if you want to make food and drink better maybe reduce the spawn of food! then hunting and Farming would make more sense. I don't know how all of the In-game mechanics work when it comes to server stuff or if it is possible.
  2. Robert Faltin

    Base Raiding / Destruction Time

    i Think breaking into bases is fine its just sucks when its broken into while your offline. It happens right. I don't mind losing gear and guns ammo all those things i just hate losing tents!. Maybe add a rule Thats like. Barrels and Chests are fine to take but tents arn't? either way i've gotten better at hiding loot i don't want to lose! Its hard to say until Gate locks are fixed and more is added for base building.
  3. After looking over all the POV's I have decided to close the report.
  4. If you watch farther into the stream Mayo says hey I was just pissed it wasn't kos and we arn't reporting for a kos just bad RP
  5. Robert Faltin

    Second server and automatic locking

  6. In game name - Robert faultin Or Johnny Iverson (its been glitching out) Name of allies- Armada Bergen, Roy Cropper, lexie, Frank Name of suspects - Jaeger? or Yegor im not sure of spelling. Bobby marbles Additional evidence First clip is after the gun fight bottom clip is the start. First clip has the part where all they wanted was a gun There group decided they wanted the foul off of I think lexi or franky They raise there guns as seen in the clip some run they fire its a quick rob and bag nothing good RP was pretty much me. Details are in the two clips. Also it kinda sucked that it was right next to a server restart.
  7. Robert Faltin

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Here i am Seeing like 15 or people every hour passing through my base Its the way the game is. You adapt hot spots change base building changes the game. i still constantly get alot of good RP. making more rule about stuff or the way rp has to be done will lead to stiffer RP.
  8. Johnny iverson Grew up in Detroit with a bunch of other dumb kids who got them selves into drugs and punk rock at an early age. Johnny has been to jail more times then he can probably count. His parents look down on him call him the worst screw up they've ever created and constantly remind him of that before he ran away. a few years after running away he started a band called rockettwats of course never got any fame being such an edgy name and foul in taste. Johnny spent alot of his time between bands drinking doing drugs and wasting his time eventually he stole enough money to buy a plain ticket to Europe to run around following bands around there and causing general problems for people. on one the road trips He ended up breaking down in Chernogorsk where he found him self stuck during the out break!
  9. Robert Faltin is a doctor from america deployed by UN peace keepers to help Deal with the situation developing in Chernarus. Robert Faltin Grew up in California where he studied to become a doctor during is studies he decided to join them military where he became a field medic after is time in the Armed forces hes path led him to a job with the UN Peace keepers has a field doctor. Robert Faltin has traveled to many country's helping out with countless out breaks of different pathogens and viruses. Unfortunately for robert he could never imagine something on this scale with such horrifying effects .
  10. Sorry i've been busy at work the last few days but here are a few clips from that day. https://clips.twitch.tv/eccentric_stick/HilariousGrouseSoonerLater https://clips.twitch.tv/eccentric_stick/FunnyPoultryMrDestructoid https://clips.twitch.tv/eccentric_stick/PoisedStorkKeepo https://clips.twitch.tv/eccentric_stick/TameLocustBlargNaut https://clips.twitch.tv/eccentric_stick/GrotesqueKoupreyWinWaker I get off work in 6 hours form now i'll add more and to this post
  11. *John half asleep hears the message come through and replies* Hello Mr. Faltin before we arrange any kind of meetup to help you out I would like you tell my why you called on us for help above all others. *He flips to the camps freq to check how much food and water is stored up. He then flips back and waits* *static* Hello. Hello? i've heard of your group. *static* From word of mouth.... *Static Voice fading in and out* I've been Robbed and left in the woods... I've lost direction i am struggling for food and water.*static*
  12. *Static* Hello?.. i am willing to earn my keep.. *Static*... I'll do what it takes to earn*static* my keep. *static Continues on for a moment then ends*
  13. Hello.. Hello? *surprised to here a replies* I've heard about the 101 through word of mouth that you are good people... I'm in need of dire help i am lost and starving.... *
  14. Hello my name is Robert Faltin I am looking for 101camp i'm running low on food and water Please respond on this FREQUENCY.... I'll be broadcasting on this FREQUENCY During the mid day. *this message is on loop*
  15. What is going on with the servers? After a server restart losing 2 hours of progress and or spawning naked in a location with alot other people naked players.
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