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  1. Just wanting to let everyone know that I will be taking a break from the community. I am NOT leaving the community forever. As I will probably return in weeks, months time. I may also post a few things here and there on the forums. But don't expect too much from me. I just have other interests as of now. Just want to keep people informed.
  2. // Good luck with the new clan Shakes! That's your new nickname, Shakes.
  3. Used to play the third one a lot. It's like if Arma 2 was more of a FPS.
  4. I tried this and sadly it didn't work. If it helps I am using DayZcommander to launch DayZRP.
  5. 10/10 For the avatar and name alone. MAJOR TOM! a name one does not simply forget.
  6. 6/10 Only because of your character Alice.
  7. I tested this on other servers(Default DayZ and ArmA) And I don't get this message. I also re install the DayZRP mod but I still get the message...
  8. XVMatt


    I really can't see this working out. It would just become a confusing clusterfuck on TS, People would talk over each other. It would just feel unpleasant overall.
  9. So sentient Napoleonic style goats... I like It.
  10. 10/10 Gijs I remember when you were just a CH. They grow up so fast!
  11. A very high number/10 How can I not know this guy.
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