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  1. Castiel

    Chip's last words

    rip chip
  2. Castiel

    BeanZ WAR

  3. Castiel

    Hiding your character and group on your profile

    I support this
  4. Castiel

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: Kordruga

    Quality interview lad
  5. Castiel

    Blocked means blocked

    Also I believe there is a bug making us unable to block council members as if it's a Staff rank or something.
  6. Castiel

    New guy

    huh? lol welcome
  7. Castiel

    DayZRP Battle Royale

    As a monthly event yeah, not whole server
  8. Castiel


    hey welcome i'm really invested in knowing if you found the passphrase or not can we get an update op
  9. Castiel

    First Person Only?

    We had FPP only server back in 2016, nobody played on it. I agree with you it's more immersive but it's just not what the community wants as a whole.
  10. Castiel

    Hello Chat

    gratz on the whitelist dude
  11. Castiel

    PvP Complaints are a Sign of the Times

    Yes lore wipe end of month do it
  12. Castiel

    Nice to meet'cha!

    Welcome aboard lad, you'll fit right in
  13. Castiel


    orite lad
  14. Castiel

    DayZRP 19.7.1

    Good stuff here. Much needed. Also a big fan of traps etc being allowed as defensive measures and not outright frowned upon. Thanks guys!
  15. Castiel

    Bring back teamspeak?

    All the features you miss about TeamSpeak like the groups having their own channels meaning more people in voice chat can be easily solved by just adding the feature to our Discord server and hoping more people use their DayZRP comms instead of another server.
  16. Castiel

    Bring back teamspeak?

    I think Teamspeak should be discontinued as a whole and we should definitely never go back to it
  17. Castiel

    Option to RP out forced PKs.

    Moody should have PKed back in 2016 though tbf So is this in regards to entire groups getting PKed due to force disbandment and not NVFL?
  18. Castiel

    Barb wire

    If it's doing shit like that then it should be removed until further notice for sure. Game is buggy and unreliable enough as it is.
  19. Castiel

    The Road Dogs (In character Recruitment)

    Good stuff lads
  20. Castiel

    Option to RP out forced PKs.

    If you survive the encounter then it should not be punished as NVFL, period. I also voted no, I don't think there should be even more leniency on this given how rare PKs actually are.
  21. Castiel

    So DayZRP saved me from getting mugged

    I can't believe you complied to that whitename bro
  22. Castiel

    im new to dayz

    alright mate
  23. Castiel

    Jaysh Allah Media Thread

    i am loving this media
  24. Castiel

    Spraypaint Reiteration W.I.P

    Yeah, things like this are what the spraypaint should be reintroduced for. Not just painting guns but using the item to customise vests, guns, possibly even elements of bases?
  25. Castiel

    Babies, yay or nay?

    All fun and games until some cunt has a backpack full of babies. The community is full of children that will troll the hell out of this feature, no thank you.
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