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  1. I'm a big fan of the butterfly too, really cinematic.
  2. great rp with @Jade and @Chewy
  3. great rp with the boys @Dan @William and @RUFUS
  4. I got points for posting an emoji celebrating my new group and return to the server so I can understand
  5. @Drbeans @Methias @APositiveJade great first night back @DieselTheSnowMan great meeting you ian brah
  6. Edward Finch is the only child of Christine Finch, a former prostitute who frequented the Las Vegas strip in hopes of finding wealthy clients. His father could be any one of hundreds of men that Christine offered her services to during the early 1990's. She was an attractive young lady with a bad cocaine addiction, which eventually led to her premature death when Edward or "Finch" as he prefers to be called was about 6 years old. He spent the next few years bouncing around different foster homes and care facilities until he wound up in a mental institution during his late teen years for a number of issues. It was during his time in this particular institution that Finch discovered his potential for manipulation and deceit. After several years of being evaluated and tested by many different doctors, Finch's mental problems were still completely undiagnosed. However during this time he had managed to completely convince himself that there was in-fact nothing wrong with him, and that he was actually far more intelligent and would you believe it, qualified, to be evaluating people's mental health than the certified professionals. Once Finch was 24 years old he had convinced everyone that he was fine and he was allowed to leave to pursue a normal life in the outside world. The doctors agreed that the issues likely stemmed from childhood trauma and had since been resolved. This is around the time when Finch decided to pursue a "career", of sorts, in providing therapy and aid to those struggling with mental health issues.
  7. Cas

    Im back

    welcome back lad
  8. -User was warned for this post-
  9. Also I believe there is a bug making us unable to block council members as if it's a Staff rank or something.
  10. Cas

    New guy

    huh? lol welcome
  11. As a monthly event yeah, not whole server
  12. hey welcome i'm really invested in knowing if you found the passphrase or not can we get an update op
  13. We had FPP only server back in 2016, nobody played on it. I agree with you it's more immersive but it's just not what the community wants as a whole.
  14. gratz on the whitelist dude
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