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    Dead Batteries {Heavily Recruiting}{Active}

  2. Drazan was born in Vinkovci, Croatia in the mid 1970's. From a young age he began training in kickboxing and Muay Thai as his father owned the local gym and had dreams of his son becoming a world champion some day as he never had the chance. Drazan fell in love with combat sports before he had even reached his teen years and inevitably he decided to pursue mixed martial arts as a career. He fought professionally in many organisations across the world from the United States to Japan and everywhere in-between. He had become renowned as a fighter who would stop at nothing to absolutely brutalise his opponent until the referee was forced to literally drag him off, which was popular among some fans but of course very frowned upon also. This happened on several occasions but the final time was in late 2014 whilst defending his world title he ended up killing his opponent inside the cage, resulting in a lifetime suspension from the sport and an immediate release from the organisation. After this upset Drazan was forced into several mental health examinations which yielded results some may not have been surprised by. He decided to abandon the sport entirely and viewed the entire thing as unfair, blaming the athletic commission for not stopping him sooner and pretty much everyone but himself. He became an outcast and decided to move to the city of Novigrad, the city in which his mother was born. The people of Chernarus didn't really follow the sport of MMA and he believed he would be allowed to live out the rest of his days in peace from the heckling journalists and constant examinations. The isolation led to a downward spiral, resulting in even further detriment to his mental health as well as money troubles due to having no life skills outside of combat sports. He dreamed of chaos and wished to one day be as free as he felt in the cage. That freedom of anarchy is precisely what came to him.
  3. Castiel

    Whats your occupation?

    I'm a Barista
  4. Castiel

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

    As a British man I will have to disagree and make it known our nation is garbage
  5. Castiel

    Nostalgia Thread

  6. Castiel

    Chernarus Remake mod

    Add it it will motivate me to play the game
  7. Castiel

    Castiel's Final Warning Appeal 2.0

    Link to the source of punishment: Why the verdict is not fair: Was fair at the time. Was a lot of drama on the forums at the time between myself, a few friends and some former Admins who we didn't have a great relationship with. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The final warning was given 2 years ago, I left the community for around 18 months following this as I had no interest in sticking around. I came back around 5/6 months ago and have been active in-game (as much as I can) and on the forums. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like my warning removed and for my status updates to be reinstated. The change regarding final warnings and status updates being revoked was implemented on March 21st, 2018. Almost a full year after my warning was given. In-fact when I initially returned to the community I had full access to status updates but they were then removed when Amnesty was introducted, so I do think it's fair that I am re-allowed access to the feature given the fact I have not been given my warning after the change was made. What could you have done better?: Been more mature and just walked away from the drama instead of making it worse and being silly. Thanks for taking the time to consider my appeal. x
  8. Castiel

    Minimum age to join DayZRP

    There is no longer an age limit. Lowkey wish there was though.
  9. Castiel

    Interview With A Community Member: JimRP

    Nice one JimRobPeople
  10. Castiel

    Vote Now! - SCEENSHOT OF THE MONTH CONTEST - Valentines/Love

  11. Castiel

    Vote Now! - SCEENSHOT OF THE MONTH CONTEST - Valentines/Love

    The Q has my vote. That's romance.
  12. Castiel

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Whoever the salesman with the PhD in alien protection and his hobo buddy were at GM, that was hilarious and I loved it. Sorry i couldn't stick around for longer!
  13. Castiel

    The Final Judgement

    Looks awesome guys, best of luck to you all!
  14. Castiel

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    Now this I can get behind. A quality game.
  15. Castiel

    Top Groups and Role Players

    I'm not sure about top 5 or anything, but in my time on the server I've never enjoyed a group's roleplay as much as I enjoyed Rampage's group "The Samaritans". That was truly a phenomenal group filled with extraordinary role-players. A very close second would of course be Cerna Liska.
  16. Castiel

    Real life picture Thread

    ya boi got his annual haircut
  17. Castiel

    DayZRP Mod Wiki

    Good work lad. Nice idea.
  18. Castiel


    That shit's so gross
  19. Castiel

    Eddie Malone 2.0?

    I have no idea who Eddie Malone is but no you should not bring back a permadead character without a lore wipe. It ruins roleplay.
  20. Castiel

    Where u live? [State]

    This is a serious thread Jade, no made up places please. I live in South London.
  21. Castiel

    Ill play your song on guitar

  22. Castiel

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

  23. Castiel

    Message to the Leaders of the warring groups (Open Frequency)

    *A brief few words would be transmitted on the frequency before once again cutting to silence* This better not be a trap. This land needs peace.
  24. Castiel

    Everlasting Server War

    It isn't just them at all. It's both sides and I think everyone can agree that the Saviors' side has way less men.
  25. Castiel

    DayZRP rule changes - January 2019

    Big fan of the changes. I think this has the potential to drastically improve roleplay. Thank you, Rolle.
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