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    [CNR] Chernarussian People’s Republic [Open Recruitment]

    o7 boiz n girls
  2. Castiel


    Just bring back my baby Miscreated and I'll be happy.
  3. Castiel

    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    If more people would roleplay in these situations instead of jumping at the chance for a bit of PVP, it can work exactly as you want it to. I remember back in 2016 there was a firefight between 4/5 groups and there were around 12 of us holed up in the piano house in Kab with 4 or 5 hostages. Instead of doing the whole radio thing @Pepe Jones just yelled to all the guys outside that if they kept shooting he was gonna kill every hostage in the room. They kept shooting and he executed every hostage right away as he should have done. He made a demand which was not met and that had consequences. So I kind of agree that it definitely should be allowed, I just think there should be some warning beforehand. Unfortunately there isn't always time to make warnings/demands however as people just run in guns blazing. Very situational stuff.
  4. Castiel


    Looks really good man. Can't wait to run into you guys IG
  5. Castiel

    Energy/Water Rework

    Yeah, I agree. I find myself eating maybe once or twice per playsession, but it seems that my character is constantly dehydrated. IMO slow dehydration by 25% and reduce food spawns by 50%, but keep hunger rate the same. It's almost 2 years into apocalypse we should all be a little hungry.
  6. Castiel

    Kozlovská Rodina [Strict Recruitment]

    I dig it a lot boys. Good luck with this. Excited for the RP it brings.
  7. Castiel

    Interview With A Community Member: Cipher

    Good stuff lad.
  8. Castiel

    Teamspeak 3 Memorial Thread

    hey its me the guy who put those in ur desc i forgot about descriptions wtf didnt even get to see mine one last time GG
  9. Castiel

    Should drugs give you extra HP?

    No thanks. Doesn't make any sense whatsoever for them to give you extra health.
  10. Castiel

    Development Blog #3 - CHRISTMAS!

    Great work here
  11. Castiel

    How to save the community

    You lost me
  12. Castiel

    Teamspeak 3 Memorial Thread

    Good times in that TS. Ridiculous amount of hours in Helpdesk. Room 4. @Melvin deleting Helpdesk. GG
  13. Castiel

    cant find server

    i just manually enter enter s1.dayzrp.com:2300 in IP section since i can never find it in list
  14. Castiel

    Yo yo Yo

    Welcome pal
  15. Castiel

    Absolution [Dynamic]

    GG. Loving the RP with these characters so far
  16. Castiel

    Require both text & VoIP initiations on vehicles

    Wasn't aware that was changed. Both should definitely be required to initiate on a vehicle in my opinion, especially considering how unreliable both VOIP and text are.
  17. Castiel

    Clandestine [Strict IC Recruitment]

    Nice ty
  18. Castiel


    Andrey's screenshot is beautiful.
  19. Castiel

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    That really happened? What were the rules like wtf
  20. Castiel

    DayZ leaving Early Access December 13 Trailer - LUL

    You have my attention.. Wonder if it'll look nearly this good on actual release though.
  21. Castiel

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Great RP with @STAN today, trying out the new characters. @BreadERP was fun to meet you, I hope Cameron finds his enlightenment soon. Was nice to see @Phoenix too
  22. Castiel

    Youtube Rewind 2018

    wtf is youtube rewind
  23. Castiel

    "Time Played" for each character

    Mine is the same Edit: nvm bug
  24. Castiel


    @Roland is there any cooldown at all or can a permabanned player go for amnesty immediately after they're banned?
  25. Castiel


    Forgive me if this is common knowledge as I've been out of the DayZ loop for quite some time, but what ever happened to books in-game? Am I just not finding any or were they removed / disabled? If so is it possible for the Developers to re-enable them?