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  1. Castiel


    Picking and choosing >>> ???

    1. Oliv


      If this is what I think it's about you are welcome to PM me to discuss it or make a thread about it, I'll gladly explain our decision.

    2. Castiel


      Won't go anywhere anyways. We report a guy for KoS and he gets a "caution", we report a post which absolutely does break the radio chatter rules, and not only is the post not warned, it's edited and a spoiler is added containing OOC content which is another rule break for which people have received warning points before i.e Roger. I hear time and time again of myself and my friends being insulted in the Staff chat by way of being called "Meme lord", "The new Rampage" and "Thinking we run this place", sorry to them that I dedicated months of my free time to helping this place keep afloat and improving it as much as I could, it's good to know how much my work was appreciated by being immediately shunned as "The cancer of the community" every time I try to help you guys out.

      Please remove the "Report post" button from my account, then and only then will I stop reporting blatant rule breaks. Until then, how about if members of your Staff team are insulting community members for reporting posts or doing whatever else - tell them to grow the fuck up from Castiel.

    3. Oliv


      As I mentioned, in regards to the post, we have reasons why it was not pointed. For one, Akrasia, which mexi is a member of, has been at war with the pagans for sometime now, a group that the OP is affiliated with. There is no picking and choosing, we look at all things when it comes to reported posts, etc.


      I added the spoiler because the same post has been reported a half a dozen times, mostly by the same people, and has already been found to not be breaking any rules as it is VERY ICly motivated. Every time it is reported, we look at it, and come to the same conclusion.

      If you feel you are being made out to be the cancer of the community, then I can't help you there. What I can help you with is pointing out that passive aggressive posts directed and memes directed at staff and other members of the community will not help with anyone's image.

    4. Castiel


      That's all well and good, fine, thank you for explaining. I have beef with the pagans myself on a character, hence my reply. Instead of a spoiler perhaps Rolle could implement something where the "report" button could be removed from posts once it's marked as fine or whatever.

      As for helping me out, you can, you're an Admin. Perhaps inform Rolle than Staff members including Admins are saying these things about us and maybe something could be done about it. When I was in Staff that shit didn't run, Admins intervened multiple times when people would pull shit like that and certain people even faced consequences for it.

      I care about this place so yes it pisses me off when things like that go unpunished and when I hear about being called names behind my back from some people in the Staff team, who are supposed to be setting an example for the rest of us to follow. If Admins are allowed to call people names in their Slack does that mean I can do it too? Same as in TS? Nope, I would likely be banned because it seems that's the end goal of certain people on your team.

      I like you Oliv, always have and as far as I know none of this applies to you - but please for the love of god listen to me. Just because I meme around a little and have broken 1 rule since I left Staff (The time I posted on Rampage's profile) doesn't make me "The cancer of the community". It seems that certain members of the Staff team would jump at the chance to ban me so perhaps I should just stop posting since some of them have "Rule 4" power, might be best in-case I accidentally post a gif and get warning points from Aiku again.