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  1. Castiel


    So my PC shut off and won't come back on. Someone help

    1. gElmo


      Go outside

    2. Castiel


      Help or die, Elmo

    3. gElmo


      I'll choose death

    4. Samaritan


      Sounds like what happened to me a little while ago, if it will not turn back on. Possibly the PSU. Go onto YouTube and search for PSU power test, oh you'll need a paperclip. You can also do a minimal startup then add things one at a time if the PSU is fine. Good luck. 

    5. Oliv


      mhmm, sounds like PSU. Have you fully unplugged the PC from the outlet and let it rest? I find sometimes it resets the PSU. Might be on it's last legs though.

    6. Castiel


      It's on now... I left it off at the wall for an hour or so, then powered the switch back on but let it rest. 20 minutes later, poof, it's on, been on for 48 minutes now running fine. Yesterday and this morning both times it shut off I was on Overwatch, could it be GPU or MOBO or something? Everything looks fine on Speccy but idk, I'm no expert. Haven't tried running a game again yet though.

    7. Oliv


      possibly pushing the PSU too hard, but still sounds like a PSU issue to me. Still, I don't know enough to know for sure

    8. Roach


      Yeah if it powered back on after some rest, this means your hardware is fine, but the Power Supply is about to die. I strongly recommend you start looking to buy a new PSU Castiel :) But if it turns off again, do what Oliv said (test it) but I am 99% sure it's the PSU at fault.

    9. Samaritan


      Sounds like the PSU is maxing out. Are your temperatures OK? Overheating?

    10. Castiel


      Temperatures look fine to me(?)


      This is taken without a game running though. just TeamSpeak and Chrome. Should I try launching a game? Do you guys have any recommendations for a new PSU? I can get a new one if absolutely need be, I'd just rather avoid it xD

    11. Samaritan


      If you're looking for a new PSU I'd recommend a EVGA 750watt G2. A bit expensive but it'll last ages due to being made with excellent components.

    12. Castiel


      Played 2 games on Overwatch now... Working fine. Lettuce pray I don't need to spend money.