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  1. Kordruga

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    I MISS YOU CASTIEL 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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      Shane Is Dead


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      Sad shit. </3

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    Man, you were an edgy kid.

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    Merry Christmas 

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      Hopefully Santa brings him a new pc

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      ho ho ho

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      He's dead, yung dan :(


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    Rest in Spaghetti, Never forgetti.

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    o7, you old Broker, you.

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    Ain't gonna lie, thought you were chicken tendied.

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    I miss your face


  11. Castiel


    @Keira @Tony nothing we can do. The boss makes his "executive" decisions and we all bend the knee or die. There's nothing left here for me but an inevitable permaban for something stupid like laughing or posting a gif.
  12. Castiel


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    1. Rabbit


      Aren't you supposed to be gone? Silly Castiel, forgot he left!

    2. Flashy
  13. Castiel


    Thank you all for the kind words. @Nihoolious <3 @Emerald Knight feel free to add me dude, I have no hard feelings whatsoever and it'd be good to play sometime. @Hope <3 @Ark Jog on <3 o7
  14. Castiel


    So I got put on 29 points final warning for retaliating a few times to some childish flamebait day in and day out and now I'm finished. I joined this place a year ago and had no idea how to role play. I played and played until my boy @Wumby taught me how to RP properly. Now he, too, is banned for some bullshit after being put on 29 points final warning for - you guessed it - some bullshit. I joined Staff and stopped playing on the server regularly back in July. Was made a GM with the great team at the time consisting of some quality Staff members like Echo, Vector, Staggs etc. who taught me how to be a good Staff member. I did a shit ton of work for this Staff team. Over 100 verdicts written in just 3 months and probably hundreds more signed by me. But then more and more people started getting promotions they didn't deserve and hadn't earned, all the way up to the Admin level. More and more people in positions of power who knew absolutely nothing about this place and how to handle or improve it. More and more people with shitty attitudes in Staff, which was the ultimate reason for my leaving. I left, my friends left. I was flamed and ridiculed by the new/old "Admins" and nothing was done about it. Thankfully the two of them are no longer in Staff to run this place any further into the ground. So instead of staying on here to get low key flamed by 50 year olds with 2007 Facebook memes and not be able to retaliate because for some retarded reason I'm on 29 warning points and they're on 0, I'm just gonna leave this place. I was going to hold out and hope that my mentor would be unbanned, but that's not gonna happen. I guess only newcomers are welcome here nowadays. Thank you to @Terra for slapping me in this report - this made me be sure to always give my role play 110%. You are a great person and was the best damn Admin this place has ever seen. You, Conor and Staggs are the only people deserving of the Legend rank. Thank you to @Wumby for teaching me how to role play and giving a whitename a chance. Thank you to @Jamie for being the best Admin right now. You're always willing to listen and remain unbiased. With you at the helm, this place could go a lot further than it currently is. Thanks to the boys. Thanks for all the beanz. Thank you to everyone who voted me for Newcomer of the Year. I know it's just a silly title on a website but that meant a lot to me. My Steam is on my profile if any of you who don't already have me wanna keep in touch, battlenet is in "About me" if you gots Overwatch. Thanks for the laughs, it was fun until this shit storm. The retarded warning points one after another and now the final retarded warning of 29 points, I am finished. Goodbye.
  15. Castiel

    Im back ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    You left like 5 minutes ago