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  1. Whoever the salesman with the PhD in alien protection and his hobo buddy were at GM, that was hilarious and I loved it. Sorry i couldn't stick around for longer!
  2. Looks awesome guys, best of luck to you all!
  3. Now this I can get behind. A quality game.
  4. I'm not sure about top 5 or anything, but in my time on the server I've never enjoyed a group's roleplay as much as I enjoyed Rampage's group "The Samaritans". That was truly a phenomenal group filled with extraordinary role-players. A very close second would of course be Cerna Liska.
  5. ya boi got his annual haircut
  6. Good work lad. Nice idea.
  7. Castiel


    That shit's so gross
  8. I have no idea who Eddie Malone is but no you should not bring back a permadead character without a lore wipe. It ruins roleplay.
  9. This is a serious thread Jade, no made up places please. I live in South London.
  10. *A brief few words would be transmitted on the frequency before once again cutting to silence* This better not be a trap. This land needs peace.
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