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  1. nothing to see here gamers , keep it moving
  2. I am just hoping @Will has a fantastic day
  3. cas

    PDA Mod

    You're talking about arguably the lowest point in the server's history in regards to quality roleplay. That shit should've never been in the server to begin with. If the LM team wants to make some event where a shipping crate full of PDAs are randomly found on the dock and distributed amongst the population then I won't stop them, it just doesn't make any sense. roleplay is what's supposed to "spice things up" not some random mod that doesn't make any sense to have in the server just so you can text message ingame lmao
  4. cas

    PDA Mod

    why would everyone have a PDA? I don't think this makes sense in a serious post-apocalyptic roleplay setting at all
  5. Have not played Nyheim. Have never and would never play Livonia, looks so bad. Namalsk is my favourite map I've played and it's not close.
  6. My first interaction on the server was being kidnapped by @Sylvester Todd, @Diamond and the gang for some shenanigans in the woods. They took me and another guy and I ended up killing him with a pipe for my freedom. slava 2016
  7. reply here if you’re not gay

  8. @Elmo Cringe 5/6 truths is not bad
  9. idk what this ticker is, but wall of shame still exists for staff afaik? bring them back, they were good fun. bring back meme thread too
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