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  1. this is a prime example of why group goals need to be stricter, they are very generic preacher, I know you can do better. either way glhf and all that
  2. goon squad watchin
  3. didn't rolle already try a console server? how big is the actual demand for this @Houston?
  4. There was a lore wipe last Summer, and I assume the bloke you're looking for is @RonnieLR
  5. Hello gamer, it is me, the one who shot you. I remember this encounter well and what actually happened was that I had previously told you never to return to the school or I would kill you, then when I initiated you began walking away and said we should "just go our separate ways", not complying to my demand, so you got domed. I don't particularly care, which is why I didn't report you for NVFL at the time - just thought I would clear up the misinformation! Now onto the thread. Which were your best and worst moments? My best moments were mostly long ago, back when the groups wer
  6. I don't understand the point of this thread aside from the poll, is there something specific that happened to bring this up now? Largely I agree with @Zanaan, especially the following point: People don't accept any kind of consequences, whether they're in a hostile group or not. As someone who's played in both hostile and "campfire" groups during my time in the server, I enjoy both kinds of roleplay but from what I've seen over the past 9 months or so that I've been back in the community, the zerg mentality and never admitting defeat/accepting the consequences of their actions is
  7. no clue mate I've never built anything, I'm sure professional base builder @Kordruga can answer your question
  8. afaik this is the best way to do it right now, we used to have moredoors mod for this exact reason but it was removed due to lag or something. big clunky gate is your best option lad
  9. As a third party who chose not to attend the event, reading this feedback is extremely difficult. I feel like the gist of what you're saying is "you guys did fine, but also do better" I really don't understand the point of this feedback at all. Seems like it could have been handled via PM or just not posted at all, reading through your post it seems like there is no feedback to give. Again, I did not attend as it didn't interest me but it just seems like you're criticising them for roleplaying their group accordingly to the situation and not letting the OOC "lore event" dictate their IC decisi
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