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  2. good luck uncle ronnie
  3. Why you so sexy bro?

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  4. No worries, you are right This can be closed
  5. Best of luck with the group, I like the layout & goals
  6. If someone is providing obvious troll RP, can we just be allowed to do everyone involved a favour and shoot them to stop them from ruining the server / role play? I've seen at least one or two instances in the past where people have gotten away with these kinds of kills, but have always hesitated myself due to obviously not wanting to be hit with an RDM ban. Obviously I'm all for putting RP first and would only kill someone as a last resort, but if someone is just straight trolling I feel like you're just doing everyone involved a favour at that point.
  7. Millie did not comply and that's fair enough, but that does not give you kill rights on anyone else besides her. Please stop cluttering the report and allow the Staff team to do their jobs. I will not be responding to any more spam and will only respond unless asked by a member of Staff.
  8. I didn't steal your gun nor shoot, I was going to comply and put my hands up but was gunned down before I was given any time to.
  9. Lovely roleplay today with everyone! Great having Mickey & Ivan finally have their first private meeting @cjackson821 also had a lot of fun fucking with the police and making @Elmo shout at them like a chad. Was nice RPing with @MarcLR, @nrmoser1992, @Sammiii, @Mommy @Malthis @Millie @Cactorrio @AndreyQ @Jackfish @Cuchulainn @Havikar and the rest like the sexy @Banshee Also @The Preacher and @TZ spying on @Frequency and i
  10. Looking through the scope at people is not an initiation. If you read the rules you would see that an initiation must be consist of a demand & a consequence, no demand was given. The reason we told Nick not to aim his gun in your direction was because we didn't want you to infer it as any kind of hostile action - however it was never intended to be, he was simply getting a better look at the person who was standing there staring at us with no pants on.
  11. Server and location: S1 Chernogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 3:45 Server time - 27/09/2020 Your in game name: Mickey McCoomer Names of allies involved: Jitka @Millie Mallory @Sammiii Edward @nrmoser1992 Nick @Happy_Doge Name of suspect/s: Thomas Luciano and friends Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: We headed to the Cherno pub where we ran into @Sammiii and @nrmoser1992 who we'd been roleplaying with earlier in the day. We stood and talked with them for a few minutes before a fella sprinted over to us wearing no pants and making trolly noises, I questioned him as to why his cock and balls are out in the street and he sprints away. A couple of other fellas come over to us, obviously allies with him, we ask if he is their friend and they deny it. Two of them are acting kind of trolly as well, whilst the third questions @Happy_Dogeabout his pistol. This continues for a few minutes until they finally leave. We discuss them for a moment and decide to start heading away, when they come back. They're acting very baity/trolly and one of them begins doing the waving emote for no reason before walking past us with his hands up, so @Milliegrabs the gun from his back and puts it in her backpack - since it's very obvious that they're planning on initiating on us or giving us no choice but to initiate she figured it would be good to disarm at least one of them. They continue following us, the one fella is crouch spamming and acting like a monkey so @Millie asks him what he is doing to which he responds "My character is very antsy" - speaking OOC in voip. They continue providing nothing but troll RP - when @Millie kindly asks them OOC to stop the trollish roleplay, one of them responds in OOC lying to us stating it is not troll RP. We finally get away from them and head towards the roundabout where we continue talking, when the half naked fella runs over to us, doesn't say a word for a minute or so (I believe) - I am responding to some radio RP on Steam when I hear an initiation drop so I close the overlay, attempt to comply and am immediately gunned down without adequate time provided. After we head to helpdesk I am informed that @Sammiii was not killed unlike everyone else and was instead taken into a house and stripped naked so the trolls could provide some pervy roleplay or something along those lines - I'm sure she will be able to provide more detail on this when she posts her POV.
  12. What is that star trek helmet bro
  13. /moved to intros? welcome to the community
  14. Hello - I do not have video evidence. We were walking back to camp after Millie had a car accident, I see the car coming down the road toward us and tell Silvie to watch out so we both get out of the road. I then notice that it is strangers in the car, become suspicious and let people know to get out of the way. They attempt to VDM Millie, she takes a shot, some of us initiate, they yeet the car down the steep hill into a tree hopping out and a short firefight ensues. Both of the criminals die but manage to take the yungfella Vincent down with them. @Happy_Doge was the fella who the two accused had initiated on prior to the attempted VDM as he was left behind in our camp. They tied him up with some rope, stole some things from our camp and hopped in the car prior to this is what we discovered afterwards - he can likely provide more information if it is relevant at all.
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