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  1. @ggvix I see your point. First person would actually make it more realistic. But something must be considered, DayZ first person camera movement has some shaky motion. I know from experience that many gamers and dayz players (including me) suffer from motion sickness when playing first person games, especially when the first person camera is shaky. Making the server first person at all times would make me unable to play longer than a hour before I have to take a hour break. I'm sure there are other players in the server who also get motion sickness from long first person playtime. Idk if that is considered when admins/GameMasters were deciding what the camera would be in the server, but I just wanted to give my reason why I am against First Person Camera, not cause I need to see through corners but literally cause of health issues.
  2. TheSilent12


    As relaxing as fire camp is. Everything outside the lighted trees, ground, bushes always keep one of your eyes open when you try to sleep. Silhouettes in the distant darkness take different forms in the dark but what they are actually is left to your state of mind.
  3. TheSilent12

    Photo op :)

    Jeez, even in post apocalyptic setting people still take selfies? Jk! nice midnight fishing photo.
  4. TheSilent12

    Savage Stage.

    Pictures from character's savage stage.
  5. IGN: Max Vinski Country: Bulgaria English skills: Very High (almost perefect) DayZ Mod Experience: Lost Count Had Dayz Mod since 2015 (maybe even before that) DayZ Standalone Experience: Since Dayz Standalone hit Steam (800hours+) Roleplaying Experience: Member of the server since 2016, Did Roleplay on other games also. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Scout/ Stealth/ Navigation/ Can get out of situations by twisting words/ Snitch/ Information gather. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yes Additional notes: Currently surviving like a savage in the woods. Best way to contact you: PM via website or Discord Backstory: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-9416/
  6. Is this the same people who were in this group back in 2016? If so, when I came back to DayzRP, I've been looking around the website for the people I used to play DayzRP with, but could not find everyone. Hit me up with a PM, if someone remembers. This group brings back memories, especially when I was helping with the art back in 2016. Good luck with group.
  7. As far as I know, night time is 1 hour long, daytime is 3 hours. You have some consecutive unlucky timing when joining the server. In my opinion its ok like this, cause I really missed night time and the eeriness of night (especially in the woods) back when server only had day time.
  8. I don't wanna pretend like I am some professional psychiatric person or anything like that, I did good in psychology in school but that is not even nearly enough to brag about knowing things in that subject. However I do think this is the source of your night terrors. Can I also ask, do you sometimes find it hard to breath or your heart rate rising just by remembering stressful/bad situations?
  9. @Water Scooter are you stressed? Do you overthink things? Did something bad happened that you are still thinking about it? Do you find yourself often in situations where you get stressed/anxious/distressed often? Do you panic easily?
  10. I am willing to help, but my work schedue is keeping me really busy this month. However I would like to make a suggestion that i think will give uniqueness to your map project: sewer system or kanals in the big towns would be cool, caves in the deep forest areas, underground bunkers, caves that go deep inderground, waterfalls if possible. I always dreamed of places like this in the server. Anyway good luck with the map, I wish i had the time to help, i have contributed in mods/maps etc in games and have some knowledge how to code/design maps, but i barely even have any free time.
  11. I hope so too, been in the woods for too long.
  12. TheSilent12


    Ohh my, thats an Avengers style screenshot right there. Ohh wait, green armbands so it was you guys that found my little campfire. Scared the hell out of me. Hope I gave some interesting RP using my memory loss as plot of the RP. PS: to the one who said he loves me - What the hell man?
  13. Green Armband guys. Believe it or not, these were the first people I met in months. Was warming myself near my campfire when they scared the hell out of me. Hope I managed to keep you interested in my lost memory RP.
  14. TheSilent12


    Some times little thing like this, can go a long way for some. Nice screenshot.
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