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  1. TheSilent12

    Add contaminated area

    It will give some RPers the opportunity to be the ones you pay to go fetch you an item from there. Or forcing a hostage to do it. (should ask permission first OOCly from the hostage of course) Overall it will add some interesting roleplay with it.
  2. TheSilent12

    Krysí Hnízdo [Rats Nest]

    This looks really amazing, it stood out from other groups. Gives me that Last of Us vibes, great Idea, great and unique goals. Good luck with it, hope this group goes a long way.
  3. Great, another group that can be a threat to my character. ? Seems interesting group, good luck and have fun. Hope to be on your good side if we meet in game. Beans for ya.
  4. I member once I was making my way to Gorka. It was in the middle of the night in the DayZRP server. I decided to go through a shortcut through Black Forest. I was making my way through the middle of the forest, when I saw a Lighten up Lantern on the ground, 50 feet in front of me, as I was approaching it I see 3 silhouettes just starting at me. I froze and barely made an attempt to say hello, all the sudden they start charging towards me while laughing freakishly. I turned around and started sprinting. They just kept laughing and chasing me. Finally I made it out of the forest, I stopped and turned around to make sure I lost them. Even after I lost them, I could still hear distant laughing coming from within the forest, scariest experience I ever had. Never going back to Black Forest...!!!
  5. Welcome good person in DayzRP. Be Cautious, the server is so full of all kinds of people that you never know how your character will develop. Some situations brings the best you, some bring out the worst you, some just make you snap and turn evil, and ofcourse some situations can break you, like they broke my character. Overall its quite the ride so buckle up and get ready to be scared/disturbed/angry/sad/determent. Welcome to the best RP server (atleast in my opinion). See you in game hope you have fun experience.
  6. TheSilent12

    [2e CIE] French Foreign Legion [Recruitment:Open]

    Ohh the French are back!
  7. TheSilent12

    The Brokerage

    Thank you for the fast response. Sorry for the bad news. I simply changed my mind and found something else that will better suit my character.
  8. TheSilent12

    The Brokerage

    I wish to be removed from the roster, due to leaving the group, I only filled application, did not join the group officially IG. I informed the leader via discord that I cancel my application. Decided to write a post here too, to make sure my cancellation will be done.
  9. Sure, No problem. I think you are already familiar with it though. P.S. If you read the chat from the stream, please don't hate me for disliking Awimba ? . He seemed scary, disturbing and a bad influence (as a character personality, not the RP or the person playing of course)
  10. I just watched a stream couple of hours ago where you guys were involved. You seemed intimidating. Good luck with your group.
  11. Join a group there are alot of groups that do some really interesting RP. Also extend your exploring, there are some really interesting, scary and strange RPers, you just gotta find them.
  12. TheSilent12


    This Reminds me so much of New Vegas from Fallout New Vegas, can't forget my first amazement when I entered the casino areas. Thanks for reminding me of a great moment in one of my favorite games. You get beans for that!
  13. I am all for slower but more deadly zombies. Bigger numbers of zombie spawn, and headshot to be the only way to kill them. I know it is quite the work to to do, but it would be interesting to see how players will handle it and what their experience will be. Also a little idea/suggestion, rare types uniquely looking zombies, that have rare loot on them.Harder to kill and more deadly (2 - 3 hits and you are dead).
  14. Please, no. I like the zombies now, they are actually a threat.
  15. Well, there are a few rocky ground areas around the map, but you cannot make tents or build walls on them (like the rocky area above Svetlo). I tried to pitch a tent on the ground but it would not allow me to do so because of the ground being solid rock. So please gamemasters/admins/mod developers, consider making tents and walls to be able to be build on rocky grounds if it is possible. (I don't mean building on top of rocks, I mean the ground next to big rocks) I found myself a nice rocky closed area that would make for great hidden little camp. Thank you for checking my post and sorry to bother. Best Wishes, Silent. p.s. I know I am not very good at explaining sometimes, so i can provide picture samples of what i mean.
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