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  1. "Nobody tells you how the world is going to move on without you. One second you're relevant, finger dead on that pulse, and the next you're confounded in a swarm of filthy popcorn buzz. The hell is a Buzzfeed anyway? Not to mention all this garbage coming out of the eastern block. Sure, it's all benign in a way, and only the stupid suffer -- but you weren't there back in the day. Sure it was bloody -- but there was truth in all that gristle. You had a sense of purpose, felt you could lift the stones and show the world the dark heart that beat underneath it. I guess we're back to that, maybe I should smile a bit more." "More about me? Well I was born in Philly, but I don't recall any cheese-steaks. Dad bought some property in upstate New York after the war and that's where my remembering starts best. Cut my teeth as a journalist in the Big Apple, did my time in my Miami during the whole cocaine thing. Covered my share of war crimes too. Can't say I have the delusion that I was an instrument of justice -- but that bit of pressure, I feel, made sure scumbags couldn't out-think the authorities; especially when the authorities are doing the scumbagging too. Man do I miss a good contra scandal." "Retirement wasn't all it's cracked up to be. You try to ignore the news, but you can't turn away from the trainwreck. Everyday you just want to get back out there and peel the skin back on those inhuman bastards -- Uh no not the infected, but yeah they're something too. My grandson followed in my footsteps in a way -- decided to become a photojournalist. Came out this way to cover wars...damn idiot. Never could listen. I couldn't bare to watch my son mourn him without knowing the truth. No body, just a letter from Reuters proclaiming him MIA. So I got on the first plane I could to lovely Ukraine. Followed his steps as best I could, until...you know." "My bones are too old for this stuff, I know. I should just find some UN nest and hang low. I can't do it though. You see that's what makes the difference in a world like this, when there aren't any lies to hide behind. It's your grit, your ability to ride that ship to shore through the storm. So damn easy to the wrong thing..." "So you gonna' put that pistol away or what?"
  2. @Keira for forgetting to mention me. @Cowboy man, im so glad i decided to play the brother to your crazy ass that day. @Pinkerton dayz just ain't the same without that gravely voice of yours. not to mention you're just a helluva guy. @Pontiff move somewhere that isn't on fucked up Frenchy time so we can actually play shit. Still the best preacher around. @Tony Glad there's at least another geezer around to shake a cane at the kids. The level of detail you put into things is amazing, and I'm always anxious to see what zaneyness you'll pull next. @knightcrasht probably the most reliable person I know. @Dvlinhbmy brother in trying to infuse Fallout into Day Z. They'll eventually come around, don't worry. @Squillium that shot, man. @Joules America's favorite ball of rage. @Raptor Hide your daughters, folks. @MeenMuginLovin and other post-Jackals. It was a blast rolling with you guys before the lore wipe. @Chief thanks for letting my sleep on your couch in the cantina. @Viking miss you, buddy. @Faith even though everything involving you was/is a clusterfuck, I cherish the chaos. @Lyca the Cannibal of Kindness. The soul of this community when things are darkest. @Roach been a fan of your stuff since I joined, and it really sold me on how good DayzRP could be. Going to do my best to be more active with the familia when I can. And to anyone else I've forgotten -- you have my love. @reesesaddict Fine, you too. Jesus.
  3. "Alright buddy, since we're all snuggled up around this campfire, I guess this is the part where we share our life stories. I can almost see the fade to black on and the montage starting now. Alright cue scene -- and throw in some music to set the mood. Something with a cool bass line -- yeah that's it. Now hold on to your fucking hat because this is going to blow your damn mind." "Now I work in an industry that Interpol would probably deem as...problematic. I get shit across borders. Now I know what your thinking -- I must be one of those assholes that keeps rebels swimming in sweet lead and firepower. Naw man, that's entry level shit. Exotic reptiles was my bread and butter. Anybody can smuggle some inanimate hardware into a country. Now bringing in a 9 foot, sentient death machine into war torn southwest Asia? Just feeding that motherfucker would be enough to turn your hair white. That's how I ended up here, in fact. Some jerk-off local war profiteer orders himself a fucking komodo dragon, some whore with a gnarly love bite on her calf comes to the party -- next thing I know...after one of the best cocaine benders I've ever had, good shit...the place is a lunatic bloodbath with all these savage fucks clawing and screeching at each other. I tried to use the predatory prowess of the komodo to defend myself, but these crazies ate the thing. 27 bottles of liquor is what it took to get me out of the scrape." "Right, so I'm not going to bore you with the little details. Don't know my dad, mom loved meth, you do the fucking math, Einstein. It takes very precise conditions to create a man such as myself, and buddy let me tell you this: you're lookin' at someone who is to weird too live, and too rare to die."
  4. Well, shoot. Happy Birthday.

    1. Aisling


      thank you brother xD

  5. Kudos for using DSM. I mentioned this a year and half ago in one of the other mental illness threads but I'll mention it again -- I work in mental health professionally so if anybody would like to run anything by me in terms of roleplaying MDD/bipolar/schizophrenia I'm happy to help you troubleshoot -- just poke or pm me or whatever.
  6. Rad rping with @Shikaka and @Dvlinhb, plus everyone else at the UN camp. Good to have some boys to crack open a cold one with.
  7. "When my dad got locked up for the last time, I told my brother people never change. That was a fuckin' stupid thing to say." "If you're wondering weather or not you should trust me -- I'm afraid I can't give you much good reason. In a place called Alligator Mississippi I headed up group of outlaws on Motocycles. We weren't ruthless, but we weren't good either. I done some bad things with them -- and got my brother tangled up with them too. My brother got himself into some trouble a few months back, and I knew the deputy sheriff had him dead to fucking rights on it too. Christ, I remember just sitting there with that gas can outside the deputy's house with a full gas can in my hand. I thought he was out working the night shift -- I can only thank god that I noticed the light on inside when his daughter got up to go to the bathroom, I guess. Deputy's ex-wife had dropped of his 12 year old girl to stay for the weekend. If I hadn't seen that light turn on, I would've burned that poor girl alive without knowing it." "I owe it all to God. The capital G one." "So I defected from my position in the motorcycle club, and joined up with this international missionary group. Go oversees, build some houses for the less fortunate, and try to set myself straight. I all seemed so simple. Chernarus wasn't such a bad place -- despite the dust of war just barely clearing the air seemed just so much cleaner. Until it wasn't. The night it happened, we were staying at this summer camp between building jobs. Church kids were literally singing kum-bay-fucking-ya around a campfire when those fucking things ambushed us. I did what I could....it just wasn't enough."
  8. "Hello, my name is Marty, and I fly planes" "I was born in a little town called, Peaster, that's in Texas. Yup, the same birthplace as famed pulp writer Robert E. Howard -- oh wait, you weren't gonna' guess that. Well shit, at least you know now. Well me and him was born in the same place, but I'll not bore you with the minutia of country living. Hell, in the current state of things, just add some sweet tea and you're halfway there. I grew up next to a Navajo indian reservation, where they taught me how to one with the natural world. Play your cards right and I'll teach you a thing or two." "So who am I. Well I'm a compound, compact, lee-thile flying machine. I've flown just about everywhere that has air. Military background? Of course, but I discharged before deployment for being too damn good. It would've degraded the entire morale of the United States Airforce to have to perform under my shadow, honey. This flyboy has been working independently since 04' to help ensure liberty across this great blue world of ours. Y'see I was keyed in on all this apocalyptic stuff before the rest of these knuckleheads. I've been building, preparing, and training for this for longer than I can remember. Problem is, all my stuff is back home. So sugar, you've just happen to run into the right fella' to help you survive this whole ordeal. So if you every find yourself in trouble, you just call me, ya hear?" "Yeah, I was hired to fly these two Bennet boys into the country -- Their boss, El Carlito, wanted to make sure this job got done right, and that's why he hired me. Shit hit the fan when we stopped to refuel -- wild, mangled derelicts came out of the woodwork and tried to eat us. Lousy government didn't help much by preventing our swift exit -- last thing you need is some impotent shysters with riot shields keeping you from being free, my friend. So here I am, stuck in the eastern block with these two bounty-killers -- But you know? I think I'm going to be just fine with that."
  9. @Tony, great rp man. I don't think I've ever had to think so much before each response in an RP scenario. Roleplay equivalent of chess, man.
  10. @reesesaddict, excellent job man, you've come a long way since last fall. and @Tony, as always very entertaining, and I'll be damned if I said I don't love Freebird being used in any action outro.
  11. Thanks Tony. Best way to break in a new character is a grilling from Felix!
  12. Tony, you're one of the good ones. Seriously, I don't have the words to describe how cool you are. Always a blast rolling with another oldschool text rper from the dark ages. Love ya, bud.
  13. Had to pick up dinner right after I finished the episode so I didn't really get to laud on you in the TS. Definitely a contender for one of your best pieces of work, definitely my favorite of this series so far. Keep up the excellent work, Roach.
  14. Thanks to @Father @Joo and @Fluffy for all the fun today! @
  15. Great rant, Tony. You and I have discussed at some length our experiences in past and I know we both have seen good roleplaying communities crumble under similar conditions. So in the spirit of that I'm going to throw in my two cents and some anecdotal junk. This community is at place where it is either going to need to evolve or it'll die. We're at the precipice of change and we'll either grow up or everyone will move on to other things. So what kind of change am I ranting about? Mostly it's just adding depth to our lore and to our setting -- and as Tony put it, people needing to start putting the collective STORY before simply trying to have an enhanced FPS experience. And If I'm being perfectly honest, we're going to lose some folks if we successfully make that transition, but we won't lose all of them like we might if we fall into stagnation. I think most of our good-to-neutral aligned characters are doing a fine job, if not a little too friendly on the road (which I'm guilty of too). But where we've seen a real roleplaying deficit is in our antagonists (not all, but more than enough). Even as a badguy you don't "win" roleplaying by beating somebody into submission, ya' win by being such a bastard that you cause the other person to forget they're sitting in front of a computer and actually feel the emotional strain of what has been done to him. That takes wit, that takes skill, that takes effort. And it's a right damn honor to perma at the hands of someone who is great at being a villain. Now there are a number of narrative limitations because of the game we play because typically a threat needs to be threatening, and the simplest way to be threatening in DayZ is to A). Have more people, B). Shoot gooder, and it's hard to fulfill requirement B without being in a constant state of conflict. I'm not totally sure how we're going to fix this, because my expertise here comes from being either something of a dungeon master, or through using entirely text-based roleplaying, but I feel we can figure something out and make that the new status-quo. And to all those Negan neophytes -- it's not what he DOES, it's how he makes people feel. In summation, we're going to make some changes, and I hope those changes can come organically from the community because if not being a jackass requires more rules that have to be enforced, we're gonna' have a bad time. To paraphrase one of the worst roleplayers from my other longstanding roleplaying community of 15+ years, after we expanded our lore and changed our ability approval process to prevent people from having vampire lazer-eyes without earning it: "This place used to be like a whore I could just have fun and roll around with, now I have to put a condom on and get tested and stuff". Once again, great rant Tony-boy.
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