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  1. Osip was a lonely potato farmer who grew up on a farm in Gorka a village in Chernarus, he was a quiet man who kept to himself with little human interaction. One of the only times that he had to go into town was to get some supplies for him and his beloved dog Viktor. The last trip he went to sell some potatoes at the market in town, which is how he made most of his money other than selling deer or bears he had hunted. The town felt rather eerie and quieter than usual, as he usually had attracted a few customers by now, but all of sudden he saw on the horizon his ''good'''friend Corey walking towards the stall, Osip began to get his normal order ready a hefty bag of Chernarussian Potato's. But when Corey came closer he noticed there was something wrong, he was walking with a strange stagger, almost as if the fat around his legs had gotten worse and blocked his ability to walk properly Viktor approached Corey and was expecting a nice pat on the head as he usually did, and that is when Corey lunged for him and took a chunk right out of his neck. Osip shaken from what he had just seen and grabbed the big heavy bag of potatoes and beat Corey to the ground and freed Viktor from imminent death. After that Osip retreated to his farm to bandage Viktor and stop the bleeding. He applied the bandage and all seemed fine untill he saw strange figures approaching his farmhouse.
  2. "I did not get carried" Its getting annoyed the amount of people who are salty. -User was warned for this post- lads i don't need to be carried - Bulldog
  3. a real time ???? Stop skipping year 8 English and learn to spell <3 [video=youtube]
  4. Link the steam profile that carried you plz. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198064988920 here you go m9
  5. ezypzy [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8U-XNMvAIc
  6. Been queuing for 6 hours now, still 400th in the queue.
  7. Been queuing for 6 hours now, still 400th in the queue.
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