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  1. Before the apocalypse Osip was a lonely mechanic, who lived in the village of Gorka, he lived alone on his parents farm after they had passed away in November 2009, he had grown up in Chernarus all his life in Gorka, he did not have many friends as he was bullied at school for being the poor child in the class, this affected Osip his entire life and stopped him from making many friends expect for one person, named Viktor ivanov. Not having any friends expect for Viktor made him cautious of talking to people he didn't know. When the apocalypse broke loose he did not know what was wrong he turned on the radio and heard about people being eaten in Chernogorsk, he was worried and alone so he gathered together some supplies of water and food and a small single shot rifle and a few shells and took them up to the barn at the top of the farm. He was scared as he could hear cars and trucks driving all night on the main road most days, but one day the road was quiet and the town was silent, on the way down to the house to collect more food from the store room and water from the well he heard some screaming from in the town, after hearing the screams he quickly ran up to his barn were he had temporarily been living since the CDF transmissions on the radio. After a few more days hiding in the barn he began running out of fresh water and food and was being forced to go out in the wild to gather supplies.
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    nice emote
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    Official CS:GO Thread

    "I did not get carried" Its getting annoyed the amount of people who are salty. -User was warned for this post- lads i don't need to be carried - Bulldog
  4. a real time ???? Stop skipping year 8 English and learn to spell <3 [video=youtube]
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    Dont Starve Together Giveaway

    4 please Thank you
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    Official CS:GO Thread

    Link the steam profile that carried you plz. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198064988920 here you go m9
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    Official CS:GO Thread

    Finally got DMG
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    [SVR] Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki - Origins (Recruitment open)

    Nice Hungarian internet m10 lol rekt m9
  9. ezypzy [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8U-XNMvAIc
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    SVR Media thread

  11. Been queuing for 6 hours now, still 400th in the queue.
  12. Been queuing for 6 hours now, still 400th in the queue.
  13. joost4533

    [ACTIVE!] [WP] The Wanderers Pass [Recruitment Open]

    good luck!
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