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  1. ge936

    Bad version.

    Any ideas? im getting bad version, server rejected connection. Obvs followed all the how to join step cos ive been playin a bit. idk
  2. Farmer Ted Giles, the name says it all. Ted grew up on the family farm in the UK, Being taught everything he could possibly know about farming from an early age. He lived 30 years of his life harvesting crops and tending to the cattle. Early starts, late finishes, hard graft... Ted turned 30 years old and by this prime age he had it all. A loving wife, a son called James and his beautiful farm that was so successful, ted could literally sit back and watch it run itself with the help of his son. Life could not get better, and it didn't. After a few years of just ticking over, Ted began to feel a rage inside. Slowly at first it began in the pit of his stomach. He couldn't put this feeling to the back of his mind for one minute. It was a constant feeling of annoyance, like being poked with a stick, right to the stomach. He went to the Doctor to see if it was a medical issue such as cancer that could be making him feel this way, but he had the all clear. He visited several psychiatric doctors to see if they could help him with the anger and rage building up inside of him. They all gave him a sound bill of health and said he had a sound, competent mind and could not figure out what was causing this. A few months passed and Ted had still yet to find a solution to his rage. He was reading a newspaper and saw an article for Experienced agricultural workers required for training jobs in Chernarus, all expenses paid. After some deep thought, Ted came to the realisation that he didn't want to live the life he leads right nowand headed off for chernarus. He didn't say anything to any of his loved ones or workers on the farm, jus straight up and left for a fresh start. He felt somewhere in his mind that by doing this and training other young farmers, he would become a new person, a new life, a new feeling inside, perhaps how he used to feel when he was a younger boy on the farm himself. Then it happened...
  3. Jimmy Giles started out as a hard working, clean, polite farmers son. His father taught him everything he knew about growing crops and how to tend to them. He had everything going for him. He was to be handed down the family farming business which had been grown for generations and was so big it could never fail. But Jimmy fell on to a different path. like anyone, jimmy loved to let loose on the weekend and have a good time with his friends. Being a weekly thing, going out getting drunk with your teenage friends soon gets boring after a while, so they started to mix it up a bit. One of the guys pulls out a bag of white powder and then that was it. Jimmy snooted this and that was it, his life was great. This drug was literally the best thing jim and his friends had ever done. so much so it became a weekly event. this became an expensive habit and they would go to see the dealers every other day, almost becoming friends. A few years pass and jimmy had hit rock bottom. Lost his job on the farm, kicked out the house by his family and cut off, and hugely in debt with the dealers. He is given an opportunity to clear his debt. He is told to fly from the UK to takistan where he will be given a package, he is then to transport the package from takistan, across the border and in to chernarus and make the drop in Chernogorsk. Left with no choice jim takes the opportunity. All is well until he hits the Chernarus Border. The authorities were tipped off about the package and jimmy was taken down. The package contained large amounts on illeagle hard drugs which unfortunatly jimmy had to take the wrap for. He was sentenced to life and imprisoned on an island just opposite the coastal town of Kamenka. Left to rot and serve his time, life became very slow and painfully depressing, until it happened...
  4. Thanks for your answers guys. I tried for so long too! Haha I wonder what it is about? Very strange. Again, sorry to the guys is was with GM!
  5. Hey. So I was at green mountain role-playing with a few people then my game randomly froze but I could still hear people. I tried everything to get to my desktop but had to hard reset. Now every time I try to join dayzrp, it loads the image screen then when it should load in to the game, it's a black screen with "direct" in the bottom left corner. I can connect to public servers and other private servers just fine. Just seems to freeze on dayzrp. I'm still trying to solve it on my own but any ideas will be appreciated! Sorry to the guys I logged on! I'm trying! (My character is Farmer Ted)
  6. Hey! Farmer Ted is back after some time away. Played the last 2 nights and I'm definitely back again. I feel like I've missed so much but hopefully i'l bump in to you. I'm so excited I can't wait for the harvest!
  7. Server and location: S1 Novy Police Station Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time roughly: 24-04-2017, 00:38 Your in game name: Ted Giles Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Will Young & SGTChris Miller Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Again, the video is split as i didnt have an indication i was recording so i stopped and restarted right away to make sure. Also I would like to apologies for my comments in the video. Although nothing bad, I was feeling pretty irritable yesterday so was muttering nonsense. Video 1 - Video 2: Detailed description of the events: Right after the server restart, i ran up to novy and headed to the police station where i found Will young crouched in a room upstairs. We roleplayed a little and then all of a sudden his friend SGTChris Miller showed up. They then proceeded to take me hostage so i began recording. During the hostage take there were several periods of silence from the initiators and talking in game, out of character, about what was being typed in chat. They then proceeded to roleplay carving a smile on to my characters face, causing a scar which they later mention to which permission was not asked. They then proceeded to try typing the 500m rule in chat as to confirm they were safe from attack. like come on guys, get your shadowplay on and report anything you feel is wrong. dont type the rules to me, just roleplay it out. (i did say to them i had friends coming but i was in fact alone). Around this point i will hold my hands up to not being the best roleplayer but i was feeling a bit deflated due to these guys behaving in this way. For example cleary reading my full name off the screen having checked my pulse and asking if hes saying it right, (my full name was never asked for nor said by myself, i explained this in chat to try and rectify). After about a 20 minute hostage take/robbery i was executed on the grounds of what i can only assume was a potential threat being made by myself, my character did not agree or disagree with the words i said being a threat. However it was portrayed by Will Young and SGTChris Miller, it was still irrelevant as i was in handcuffs, restrained, and no threat to anybody at the time i was killed. In a nutshell, i was taken hostage and killed for no reason. Thanks,
  8. Enjoyed searching for "the peaches" with Quincy Koss - Mojjoh. Good RP. I like your character man, hopefully we meet again soon!
  9. Thanks to Brandon Gram. Saved me from a sticky situation and had a nice stroll from vybor to green mountain with him and the RP kept flowing. Good stuff
  10. Although I don't know a lot about your character I like him, We seem to share the same goal Had me laughing man. Definitely need to meet again! Good RP
  11. Me and my friend were stood in between the barracks originally before anyone was killed. That's when the man who was shot came to our location and was killed. I was stood there confused and when I tried to move out the way I couldn't as quick as I wanted to because the chainsaw blocked me. I then put my hands up and move on to the open. I was saying the idle threats to confirm to whoever was shooting that I wasn't part of any hostilities.i didn't want to run and risk being killed because innocent people don't run. It as a lot of confusion as to what was going on and who was shooting who. I know I could have definitely provided better RP and character placement then I did but I wanted to understand what was happening and RP it out.
  12. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Roughly 18:39, 20/06/20 Your in game name: Ted Giles Names of allies involved: Unsure, the 1 guy in the video Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Myself and the friend I was with headed over to the military base just north of, Veresik. just as we got through the wall a random player came and warned us of some trouble, seeing nobody inside we went in to find the loot we were searching for. We saw a player head around to the barracks so we went to say hello, this player raised his gun at me and told me not to come closer with the chainsaw I had in my hands to which I complied. This player then ran to the north wall of the compound. Another random player then came to where me and my friend were stood and the player who ran to the north wall began shooting at us and killed the player that had came to our location. There was a lot of confusion as I didn't know who was doing the shooting or who had just been shot. Another player then came in and said that the shooter was confused and was firing upon friendlies in the area. A voice then stated "everyone in the compound put your weapons down and your hands up, you are surrounded" to which me and my friend complied. Others in the compound did not. The ones who did not comply then ran away and the friend I was with stated that whoever initiated had chased after them with some kind of rifle. From the point of initiation to this point there had been no RP towards me and my friend. Having been told the initiator had ran after the others who he had intended to fight with, I ran back to pick up my chainsaw and my friend continued to look for loot as we both thought they had moved out and we would be ok as we were never part of any trouble leading to this event to begin with. I then walked in to the barracks, turned around outside and then was killed. I am unsure if my friend was killed after that as we were only communicating in game. I received no RP instructions as a hostage other than the first initiation with no time limits given to complete any actions. Not sure if I was in the wrong by picking up my chainsaw again, Probably shouldn't have done that but if I was instructed to drop it by the shooter I would have.
  13. ge936

    Jake`s "Dank" Media Thread - Not So Sassy

    This is brilliant! haha had me in stiches!
  14. ge936

    Nemesis Media Thread

    Hahaha Brilliant
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