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  1. @JimRP or @Phoenix me and everyone talked and would like to take the report down.
  2. @sh4wzy If you weren't trying to get into a hostile situation so early in the morning, why did you initiate? Especially since @Kase wasn't being hostile and was just curious who you were and what you were up to. Just saying.
  3. Server and location: Server 1 / Pridigorki (East of Cherno) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:08, 3/5/2019 Your in game name: Brandon Donati Names of allies involved: Kase (Kase Mcilrath) and HeyItsGrimm (Spencer Grimm) Name of suspect/s: Jordan Jones Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: Spencer Grimm, Kase Mcilrath and I were running back from a run and we came across this base when we were running back. We scouted it out and saw two cars and some walls that looked like a building. We then spotted 3 people and Kase decided to go up and interact with them to see who they were and what they were up to while Spencer and I took up position on the hill. Kase went into the base to see if they were there since we lost sight and then he jumped off the side because he couldn't remember which way he went in (I think a door was locked or closed). They chased him out and initiated on him. Kase put his hands up and Spencer and I started shooting at them. Spencer got killed and I ran, while still keeping eyes on the base and their location, and found a new spot and location and was watching them. I sat there for a good 15 minutes and then they ran around a corner in their building and I never saw them again. I figured they were sorting out the new supplies they got or whatever so I snuck up to the base and was sitting outside. (By the way, I had Spencer start a timer to make sure it was accurate). I didn't hear anyone running around or coughing or talking in game. When my allies got to me about 20 minutes later, they even went up and checked and tried hailing them in game but they never spoke or showed up or anything. I wanted my revenge and I couldn't get it and it kind of ruined the moment but... okay I guess.
  4. I love status updates. 😄 Also, remember when you used to get this screen if you fucked up your resolution? xD


  5. Alright, whatever. If all of you think Discord will benefit the community.. we'll see.
  6. This is just in response to a couple people wanting a poll; I think it would really help, especially with the decision making.
  7. Look, guys, I didn't want to turn this into a drama fest. I wanted to just suggest bringing Teamspeak back; we only need one Teamspeak and it should be run by DayZRP but I guess the player base has no say in anything anymore. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Exactly. I agree whole-heartedly.
  9. Discord is feasible for staff mostly because it's easier to deal with problems and have personal chats. The only problem is that Teamspeak brings people together more because it's a hell of a lot easier to use than Discord. And also, the fact that he's not willing to even consider it for his community, especially with how many people want a Teamspeak, you would think that the owner would do something to make people happy and have them have fun. People play RP servers for the sole reason of meeting new people and talking to people without having to go through a huge process to talk to one person out of how many we have in the community. Like c'mon.
  10. See, this is what I'm talking about; having people create their own Teamspeaks and Discord servers to talk is just driving a wedge in between the community in terms of communication and overall just being able to talk about it. Also, if you're getting DDoSed in your Teamspeak servers, clearly you don't have the right server or protection. If you're worried about cost or some bullshit about losing money, well, clearly you don't care about the community; especially since you're not willing to listen to your community. Just saying.
  11. Well hello there; it's been a while since I posted something and a lot has changed since I decided to peek my head back in. However, I do not agree with getting rid of the Teamspeak. Why would you spend extra money on another server but get rid of something that the majority of the community uses easily and without problems. I get that Discord is free and it saves a lot of time but it reduces community involvement because people are always in their own calls or not even barely paying attention to it. With Teamspeak, you can post things in channels and easily create private channels for people to join. Private channels aren't a negative aspect because the people are still in there and you can easily poke them or message them to bring something up with them or just purely talk to them. With the new update that came out, especially with modding being available now, it's bringing in a lot more players and it'd be 10 times easier to just post a Teamspeak link and have people join it once then post a link that people have to click on and open a client and get settled; it's a lot more of a process. Overall, Teamspeak is just a better voice client to use. If it's a problem with cost, hell, I'll pay for it myself if people are actually going to use it and I'd make all the permissions and update it; if that's what it takes to bring this community back to what it was. There are plenty of amazing people here, and I'm sure a lot of you that read this will agree, and I feel like in-game and out of game interaction is severely limited by not having a Teamspeak. I'm serious about paying for it, @Roland or @JimRP. JimRP especially knows that I express myself valiantly based off the amounts of reports I've been in the past 3 years I've been a part of this community. Not having a Teamspeak is a huge disadvantage to the player-base especially with accessibility for talking to people. I understand that it may be easier for staff members to use for problems and such but Discord is free. You get what you pay for and it's not much with Discord besides groups and specific channels to post things in. It's basically just another forum except you can join it and talk in it. Might as well take down the website and put it all in the Discord, huh? Anyways, I want to personally bring back Teamspeak and I'll do anything in my power, being a 3-year member, to bring Teamspeak back. You would think that me being here for 3-years would mean something and especially posting something that I KNOW would benefit the community; or, I could just be some crazy guy that wants to control everything but I definitely think that it would benefit the community. I want this community to thrive just as much as the next person but it's not up to me. I mean with that clothing store that the @Roland and @JimRP created for receiving clothing in-game would be put to something, and I'm sure it is, but I'm sure there's plenty left over to use on something that would benefit the community. Feel free to leave your responses in the comments, negative or positive; nothing hurts my feelings and I definitely want to know what people think. -Leucifer
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