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  1. Groups shouldn't ever have member caps unless the actual leader of the group wants them, that's just simple. As for roaming caps...just no...say you put a 10 roaming cap on, 11 people are on which means either 1 person gets left behind or its randomly forced to be split up into a 6 and 5 group who might be roaming to the same place...it's just silly.
  2. The Kolovrat incident was a very hair trigger event that happened to misconception and then how people reacted afterwards. This is a very different situation all together, what you are implying suggest we will start banning things like Christian and Islam iconography just because small groups inside these rather large religions have bad people. Listen I really dont want to clutter this thread with discussion over this, its a very important symbol to norse paganism and we really shouldnt be just banning symbols because a small group use it for bad things. You just let them win when you do that.
  3. Just going to step in a defend the Valknut before someone gets the wrong info on it. The Valknut is not a symbol of that specific ideal you are speaking of, its the knot of the fallen and is on many Viking rune stones/grave stones, just because 1 group used it in a bad way once does not mean it itself is a bad symbol and it is a very important symbol to that of us norse pagans.
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  5. Past Grimnir was born in Norway long after the old world fell. His father Runar met his mother in a small settlement that consisted of many Norse Pagans who banded together with his father being a Gothi and rune reader. With the slow collapse of smaller settlements Runar set out with Thyra (Grimnir’s mother) to try spreading the word of the Old Gods and bring people back to their settlement. Sadly, during one of their outings Thyra went into labour thanking the gods however that they were around a slowly collapsing settlement when it happened because if not for that both Grimnir an
  6. I recognise your name so we may have been in groups together but ive been here since the first lore wipe so id be surprised if we hadnt bumped into each other at least once.
  7. Age: 23 Why do you want to volunteer for events?: I enjoy helping push the lore and other peoples roleplay, it also gives me the opportunity to interact with people I most likely would not normally. What can you contribute with?: I have been here for quite a long time so I have a decent amount of experience when it comes to roleplay, this being hostile, civilian, hero, villian, doctors and scientists so this makes it easy for me to adapt, improvise and go with the flow of roleplay naturally. Timezone/when are you available (server time): GMT+0, I am available most afte
  8. The Scar and Fal need to be completely removed from the trader, and the spawn rates really do need turning down. The fact it seems rarer to see someone with an AK variant or to even find an AK variant is really weird to me.
  9. As others have mentioned this topic truly is over discussed. For a start if you have a base it will be raided, end of, online or offline its gonna happen. As for the idea of "never allow any raids during nighttime(out of game)" thats never going to work because well....this isnt only a US server. Your nighttime isnt mine, putting these limitations on what times people can do it will never work because people from across the globe play on the server and as such their timezone doesnt exactly link to yours.
  10. Until I saw this thread I had completely forgot we even had traders, thats how little I go to them or care they exist. It does explain why I dont hear many people asking to trade items around me anymore. So when they were first implemented I disliked them being added especially with ATMs as that kinda just....doesnt make sense to me. As it is right now, I dont use them and I can say I will never use them, I will still prefer to trade with actual people like the people in Berezino with the bar having stalls set up to trade at, it just to me feels...more organic. Nothing to me feels more ja
  11. Lee Anson POV: Met these guys on the railroad as we were traveling towards bere, had some fine rp at the start. We were talking, making jokes and we could see he was a little hesitant so we tried reassuring him everything was fine, after a bit he seemed comfortable around us but still a little wary. After a bit his friend shows up out of nowhere, we talk with them both and see he has a teddy bear so some of our guys try at first to see if he is willing to trade for it, offering money and even a gun or two for it but he wouldnt budge. It turned to us trying to strongarm him for it after bu
  12. Welcome bro! Glad to have you

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  13. Happy Birthday, hope you have a good day today.

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  14. *A tired male British voice would come through the radio* "Hey...its been awhile. Get in contact with me on the old frequency so I can catch you up on current affairs. Be careful around the North, be careful everywhere honestly." *White noise fills the radio before he continues, a fire heard crackling now* "I wouldn't get your hopes up about how many people you will remember...a lot went missing around the same time as you." *The radio falls silent*
  15. Lee Anson POV: I move into Zeleno in tow of friends, we move to the Police Station where even from down the road I can hear the occupants talking. We chat with them for awhile, and then @MarcLR rolls up with @ChewyLR to which they respond something along the lines of "get your guns out" and all crouch watching the car approach. They head out, put their guns away and I follow. They speak with the two that just rolled up, saying they are fugitives and the like. Eventually @Duke says our codeword, we initiate and 2 of them decide to non-comply by pulling guns out. I attemp
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