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  1. Grim

    M1A rifle

    mags can be found at most military areas. I had 4 mags at one point but dropped two. As for the ammo its winchester .308 so can be found in civilian houses. This can be hard to find and most of my ammo has been found through finding their mags
  2. Grim

    There is not one gender of AKM!

    Also...I know this is very nit picky but it isnt an AKM in game...its a KA-M a gun made up by BI for i think that exact purpose. Remember BI mainly do Milsim games, so they know what guns are. Notice how there are only a few guns that have their names changed? Mainly the russian variants. SKS, AKM and makarov. This might be for copyright issues but also because now you are looking at a completely different gun. Our KA-M isnt an AKM specifically because it doesnt fit into one specific variant of actual AKMs.
  3. Grim

    BadRP & NVFL - Stary - 04/03 - 23:00

    No, however at 2:07 in my video its clear i hit you in the side with a sledge hammer in the side using textrp since I didnt want to hit you too much with the actual hammer to not risk killing or koing you. At around 2:34 is when you ACTUALLY even make a response to this hit, when Luca points out to you in character that you were hit...to which you reply "ouch, that hurts" in the most monotone voice i feel you could manage. In the video your excuse for not feeling the pain is that youve taken shit tons of painkillers...thats it. To the point where I was able to stab you in the hand and you shrug it off saying how its annoying and tingly (all that is recorded and posted in that video too). As for the snoring, how were any of us supposed to know you were snoring?....we assumed it was perhaps a breathing problem because NO ONE in their right mind would ever make snoring noises when surrounded by people with guns. On top of that how are we supposed to take an IC action and interpret it as an OOC message...are you saying you were talking OOC in VOIP using the snoring as a way to tell us we were boring?
  4. Grim

    BadRP & NVFL - Stary - 04/03 - 23:00

    POV: So I logged into Gorka, get told everyone is at Vybor so begin to run over, as I do im told that some are heading to Stary to deal with an ex-Savior so I decide to help over and help with that. I get there, initiation drops, i walk over and hear him talking about his backpack and asking us to bring it or something like that. We walk him to lone house where we begin to interrogate him, he gets lippy so i smack him with a sledge hammer and tell him to cut the shit...his response to the hit was a very monotone "ow" we shrug that one off and continue to interrogate. As this is happening he gets lippy again so i text chat rp that i hit him in the side with the head of the sledge hammer, I didnt even get a response from this hit, someone said he said ow but if he did it was very quiet. This continue and he angers my character a little more so he stabs him through the hand, not getting a response as if the guy completely ignores what ive done and only when I begin to move it around in his hand he mentions how its a "tingly feeling" even though there is a knife through his hand that im moving around. Luca takes over, knocks his knee cap out and thats where he goes ooc while lying down telling us to be original and then telling us to shoot him. Dunno what happened with my audio, it didnt record my mic but the other recordings from other people have my voice
  5. Grim

    Generation Zero (Closed Recruitment)

    Well this is gonna be fun
  6. Grim

    S1 - KoS/Miss ID NWAF - 2019-02-06 22:25

    I would like this report to be closed, me and ryan have talked in discord and have cleared everything up.
  7. Grim

    S1 - KoS/Miss ID NWAF - 2019-02-06 22:25

    I was only still there because orson was trying to be a peaceful negotiator and since one man was already taken hostage i had my gun out for his protection as he said how he had his hands up. I also stated "if they shoot at us i guess we will shoot back" my intention the whole thing was only ever to shoot in defence IF we were shot. As for being warned, i assumed there he was warning us that HE would shoot us if we didnt leave, afterwards he said how his man was taken hostage, saying "he wants me to move my men back or he will shoot my man" never indicating that you guys had threatened to shoot them or as such US if we didnt leave the area as well.
  8. Grim

    S1 - KoS/Miss ID NWAF - 2019-02-06 22:25

    Server and location: US 1 - NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:25 06/02/2019 Your in game name: Lee Anson Names of allies involved: Distritct, Orson Diddy Name of suspect/s: Saviors Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Me and Orson were heading to NWAF to loot, we hear a megaphone in the field but are unable to tell what the person is saying. We walk closer and hear the voice again, recognising it as someone we know, so we head over to see what is going on. Once we arrive they inform us that there is an incident where one of their men has been taken hostage. Orson offers up our help and proceeds to walk over to the building the hostage taker is in, weapon away and hands up to try and talk to him to come to a peaceful resolution, stating that he had a friend with him. After awhile of me laying down and just crouching behind a tree (with my gun out as i was worried about orson's safety but i never aimed it once) when suddenly i get shot in the head and die instantly.
  9. Grim

    Good samaritan rule

    I personally never liked the rule, it just allowed for random rdm to happen and meant that someone could get a safe shot off from 500m away without worry of being shot first. The way I see it, if you wanna be a good Samaritan you can always just initiate on robbers, it allows for rp and makes you consider if you actually want to get involved. Since you will have to put yourself in immediate danger.
  10. Early Life: Lee was born in Kilmarnok, a town in Scotland to a single mother. Not wanting her son to grow up in the rough area they were she asked for the help of family in the south, they agreed to give her housing until she could find a job and permanent residence. As such Lee grew up in a place called Havent, and he lived a rather uneventful life with going to school and hanging out with friends, his mother at this point had finished her medical training and became a midwife. It wasnt until he was around 8 he started having an interest in fire, being entranced by the shapes, colours and heat. His mother would find him sitting for hours in front of their fireplace, just watching the flames and seeing how things would burn, paper, wood, leaves and other plants. Some making it change colour and others making it smoke a lot. At this point in time was also when his friends showed him computers, causing an interest in computers to perk up, sometimes playing with them and sometimes just taking them apart and putting them together again. Finding Himself: At around 12 years old, Lee had begun to not just take apart and put together things in exactly the same way but he also began to make his own things. Nothing strange, little robots that would walk, an automatic door lock for when he didnt want to be disturbed, a ball thrower for when he was bored in his room to list a few things. His love for fire never dulling though, choosing to work mainly in the light of fire, having candles on his workbench that he would light instead of having his room light on. 2010 was the year he got his scar, it was the first time his mother had bought fireworks for them the light on new years eve, but lee wanting to see how they made the colours and shapes took one and decided to try taking some apart and making his own. In the usual way he was working on his workbench with a candle beside him, being naive and never really learning about gunpowder he left it beside the candle. Hearing his mum coming up the stairs he moved to put the automatic lock on the door and knocked the candle over right into the powder, causing it to ignite right beside his face giving him the scar. Usually that experience would either teach people to stay away or to be more careful, but that was not Lee's style. Continue to experiment, making larger makeshift explosives and fireworks, he was noticed at the age of 16 by a small gang, offering him money if he would make them certain things to terrorise or annoy people. These were of course used instead to terrorise other gangs, allowing the small group to expand and become well known. Eventually paying Lee more and introducing him to a man who would show him how to work with larger explosives. Outbreak: At 18 he split from the group, another larger mercenary group in London had heard of him, offering him a large amount of money to come work for them instead. This was the beginning of how he found himself stuck in Chernarus. At this point Lee was in his own mind an expert with explosives, fixing things, inventing and he saw himself as someone who was quite good at treating wounds (thanks to the countless amounts he had caused himself from explosive mishaps). As such after 2 years in this group, his set of skills and an opportunity arising in Chernarus the group selected him and some others to head over to start a little base so they could move over and try taking over what they could of the land. So using contacts in Chernarus they were able to get in...then trouble hit as communications were cut off, unforeseen circumstances and how quickly everything spiralled out of control. Lee was left alone in a country with a language he barely understood and a threat he didnt 100% understand how to deal with. His mentor training him how to use rifles, sidearms and hand-to-hand combat made him and his group at the start very useful, once he got a good understanding of the country and threats he began to sell his services to anyone willing to pay, people needed protection and some people wanted explosives so he found himself always busy just how he liked it. Likes: Fire Explosions Fixing things Inventing Cherry Coke Chicken Dislikes: Disrespect of his family Showing his scar Being idle Cold Strengths/Skills: Making explosives Repairs Improvisation Medical care/treatment Weaknesses: Cold Understanding undertones of people Keeping still Meeting new people Sticking to plans Wounds: Burn scar across the right side of his face Bullet grazing scar just above his right ear Countless burn scars across his torso and arms Shrapnel scars across mainly his torso Family: Vox Rada Hayden (R.I.P) Preacher Orson Thomas (R.I.P) Jonah (R.I.P) Edward Enemies: Anyone that harms his family or Vox
  11. Grim

    S1: NVFL, attempted KOS, possible bad RP - 04/26/18 ~ 20:35

    Lucian Mortem POV: So as stated by the others we all meet up, and decide to try attacking GM. We split into 2 teams with me and Gyth around the front, while we scout the place out Svoboda approach from behind us unknown to us at first. As soon as we see them we begin to try moving away but are easily spotted. We begin making conversation with them at the gate and Gyth states he was a US Marine which changes the tone in the air. I say quite quickly how i dont really know the man and how i am from the UK when they ask me, eventually after asking him multiple times for his MOS and Gyth not knowing it, they initiate on him. At this point my character backs off a little but doesnt run away, once they take him inside the man i was talking to Radec (I think that was his name or how you spell it) begins to talk to me and asks if I wanted to come in, at first i say no but he hints that it wasnt really a question more a request that i enter. After this me and Radec move to a separate corner and begin to converse, me explaining my characters story and how he got to Chernarus. After awhile we hear gunshots, which i assume now was AP taking out Julia and then hear the initiation on the compound, being surrounded by people with guns out i wasnt too thrilled with immediately taking my gun out and trying anything so i try my luck at waiting for a better opportunity which never arises. After a small amount of time, gun shots cease and I am approached by Radec and his commander who ask me to follow them, drop my weapons and backpack so they can question me. After some questioning they allow me to leave, under the assumption I had no connection with Gyth or the attack and let me take my equipment back. I assume at this point both ic and ooc that i would move away, assuming after some small amounts of questioning that they would potentially let Gyth leave similar to me but hear the gunshots and assume they killed him. From this point i personally moved away from the area for IC reasons.
  12. Pre-Apocalypse: Alexi was born in moscow to an English mother after she fell pregnant during a one night stand college party. She was in moscow as a foreign exchange student studying sociology, mainly the study of war and its the affects when larger powers interjected themselves. Due to this Alexi grew up in a home with a lot of war books, and oddly enough even with his mothers dislike of war made Alexi very interested in combat. All the books he would read around his house would talk about victories, death and power that would come from conflicts. As such when he first started school and was bullied due to him being half English his first response was the fight back and from there he would always respond to problems with violence, no matter the scolding his mother would give him. 2009 Chernarussian War: When Alexi was 16 he joined the military cadets, planning on joining the military properly when he turned 18 these plans were cut short by the war. His mother informed him that she was going to be heading over to Chernarus to try and document the effects the turmoil was having on everyday citizens. Fearing his mothers safety he went with her, renting a small apartment in Elektro they were relatively distant from most fighting but his mother was a risk taker when it came to her paper. Hearing from a source that communications equipment was being held in pusta she went over to try interviewing civilians there about how they felt about the presence. 3 days past with no word from his mother, Alexi decided to head up to pusta to try finding her...but instead found the mass grave, her body laying on top as she must have come in as it was happening and was probably the last to die. His heart breaking as he just sat there for a few hours looking at her before swearing to seek revenge. Alexi found where the nearest CDF camp was, went over and volunteered to join the fight. Partaking in many fights he used all his knowledge from military cadets and rage to refuse to die in any of his battles he survived through the civil war but he didnt come out without many physical and mental scars. While still with his CDF squad he heard of the rumours that Russia were helping the Chedaki forces, this leading him to blame not only Chedaki but Russian for the death of his mother he refused to return to russia, instead staying with the CDF until the infection came. Infection:
  13. Lucian was born in the UK to a single young mother. Not having much money and having no one to turn to his mother taught him how to survive on the streets. Once his mother had got a good enough job to allow them a nicer house he started to spend his free time with friends instead of stealing. After that he grew up a normal basic life, he had all kids normal traits, he was mischievous, curious and care free. As he grew he never really lost those traits though, as such he found himself in a lot scenarios that were not too favourable. However, while being in those situations he was able to gather a lot of information, valuable information too, as such he began to sell his services to gangs and other shady people. Gathering information and scouting areas for these groups. He continued to do this for years, a specific group in London hearing of his skills and taking him on permanently. This was where he learnt how to handle handguns, shotguns and where he was taught how to fight hand to hand or against a knife and as such this is also where he got his scar. Around this time the news was covering Cherno, the outbreak was the attention of many people which included his group who wanted to find out what the disease was and if it could be contained/sold. This is how Lucian got to cherno, his group sending him and a small team over to try scout out the area, gather info about the disease and relay if it was worth while trying to get some of the disease to sell. Things went south fast, with the borders soon shut down he was trapped. His team slowly dying as they were unable to deal with this unknown threat. The only thing that kept Lucian alive was the experience he had on the streets being able to navigate cities and areas unseen.
  14. Grim

    S2 EU Killed for no reason/ 24/06/16 12/53

    For a start I was still sitting down with my pistol already basically on your friend. Also how in gods name am I actually supposed to know you two are friends since you both walked in, didnt say a word then one of you walked out? Yer...that clearly shows you two are friends. NVFL? I had an FNX...a weapon I knew I could fire faster and I was already pre-aiming at the guy since he had his weapon out so when he initiated it didnt take much to aim and shoot him. He was long dead before I was. If you make a comment about how I said ill cover the door while the other guy bandage me is because I had no idea if he had friends and id rather be safe. As for you telling me to stop "crying" about it, where does it even seem I am crying about it? I was just simply stating why did you not just simply ask for food from us two instead of immediately engaging in hostile rp?...would it not have been easier for all of us if you just sat down around the campfire and interacted in the rp that was already going on? I will ask again, please help me understand why you initiated instead of just asking for food?
  15. Grim

    S2 EU Killed for no reason/ 24/06/16 12/53

    Wait so instead of just ASKING for food to RP and making so we wouldnt have had to worry about that you instead thought it was better to initate? thus making it so any rp between our characters would only be hostile or you would have just left after? It seems like by doing that you made it so any chance of any form of rp couldnt have happened because you didnt just simply ask. Edit: Also were you and the other guy who killed both me and the OP in TS or did you only meet through game and talk in-game? Because I dont exactly know 100% how the KoS sharing rights works so this can help me understand a little more but dont you both have to be in TS together to share KoS rights? If so...is that not 2 accounts of KoS that Danny commit? I may be wrong but just wanted to point that out.
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