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  1. Grim

    S1: NVFL, attempted KOS, possible bad RP - 04/26/18 ~ 20:35

    Lucian Mortem POV: So as stated by the others we all meet up, and decide to try attacking GM. We split into 2 teams with me and Gyth around the front, while we scout the place out Svoboda approach from behind us unknown to us at first. As soon as we see them we begin to try moving away but are easily spotted. We begin making conversation with them at the gate and Gyth states he was a US Marine which changes the tone in the air. I say quite quickly how i dont really know the man and how i am from the UK when they ask me, eventually after asking him multiple times for his MOS and Gyth not knowing it, they initiate on him. At this point my character backs off a little but doesnt run away, once they take him inside the man i was talking to Radec (I think that was his name or how you spell it) begins to talk to me and asks if I wanted to come in, at first i say no but he hints that it wasnt really a question more a request that i enter. After this me and Radec move to a separate corner and begin to converse, me explaining my characters story and how he got to Chernarus. After awhile we hear gunshots, which i assume now was AP taking out Julia and then hear the initiation on the compound, being surrounded by people with guns out i wasnt too thrilled with immediately taking my gun out and trying anything so i try my luck at waiting for a better opportunity which never arises. After a small amount of time, gun shots cease and I am approached by Radec and his commander who ask me to follow them, drop my weapons and backpack so they can question me. After some questioning they allow me to leave, under the assumption I had no connection with Gyth or the attack and let me take my equipment back. I assume at this point both ic and ooc that i would move away, assuming after some small amounts of questioning that they would potentially let Gyth leave similar to me but hear the gunshots and assume they killed him. From this point i personally moved away from the area for IC reasons.
  2. Alexi was never planned, maybe he was never wanted either because he always felt that when his mother would tell him how she came to be in Russia and how she ended up staying because of him. Alexi's mother, Daisy, was just a student when she first travelled to Russia in a foreign exchange program. She chose Russia because of her families old links with Russia and how she took Russian when younger as her second language, she was studying sociology and biology at the Moscow State Uni. Whilst there she met Alexi's father, someone who apparently went to her University as he was at a Uni party but quite obviously wasnt. Being rather drunk they shared one night together and Daisy fell pregnant. Worrying about finance she applied to local jobs to try and help fund her new baby's needs. Alexi wasnt too much trouble until he was able to walk and talk, he was very adventurous so would spend hours finding all the hiding places in his mothers house, which his mother wasnt too worried about as it let her study peacefully. Once he reached 5 this escalated dramatically to exploring the outside world, within a month the whole neighbourhood knew him by name and would ask him for help if they lost something in a place hard to get to. This went on for years, steadily increasing in popularity and even making some money from his service of retrieving hard to acquire items, however as his reputation grew he caught the eye of the sketchy groups who thought they could use him to run many different illegal things. When he turned 12 they approached him, and being so young and not understanding the world fully he accepted jobs they gave him as it helped him make more money in one of those jobs then in a weeks of small jobs. He was content and happy with doing this as it helped him support his mother. As he got older and continued to learn about the world he began charging more for his jobs and running riskier jobs, when he was 16 he took a job that was his biggest one and biggest mistake, he was tasked with getting into a military base and stealing some weapons. He was able to get in and to the weapons but as he was trying to escape he was caught, after being given a plea deal to betray the people who hired him to let him go free he refused saying how he wasnt one to backstab and that he wouldnt risk his mothers life. Instead he offered to join the military, seeing his potential due to being able to get in and his unwillingness to give up information they decided to allow it but under very careful watch. He took the one year conscript training, he was then put into marksman training, he found the training fun and challenging as well as let him find people who were better than him to challenge him to improve. When he finished training he wasnt the best in his class but was tied for second best, while they couldnt mistake his ability to get good vantage points and spot targets his judgement and aim lacked slightly compared to his comrades. Eventually he was given leave to return home to his mother, allowing him to celebrate his birthday and all the birthdays he missed for his mother. Even if he felt like he was never meant to be born or that at first she didnt want him to be born, as he grew older he realised that his mother loved and cared for him as much as he did for her. This lasted for months, at this point his mother had also passed her university exams and became a biologist for disease prevention so naturally when there was word of the virus spreading in Chernarus his mother was one of the many volunteers to be sent in with the first wave. He didnt hear from her for a month when he was finally pulled back into the army, his squad leader stating that he was to be one of a few squads that would be sent into Chernarus to rescue the scientists and biologists from his mothers unit. Worried for his mothers safety he was happy to go in, what he found horrified him though, the initial base was completely destroyed but from the bodies they found none of corpses were their targets so they were to keep looking. Due to unknown causes communication with mother base was gone, so they just continued with their mission unaware that his squad and the other squads were supposed to have extracted due to dangerous circumstances. Slowly as they spent more time in the country unit members were lost due to outdated information of what hostile existed and their capabilities. Eventually Alexi was the last of the unit left but even now he continues to search for his mother. Goals: - Find signs of his mothers location (Ongoing) - Rescue her if she still lives (Requires previous to be finished) - If not allow her soul to rest and lay her to rest (Requires previous to be finished) - Make a life for himself in this new world (Ongoing)
  3. Pre-Apocalypse: Before the world ended Lucian was a....normalish boy, he didnt have many aspirations or goals he just enjoyed being social probably because he came from a big family. One of his favourite family members was his uncle and cousin, both were trained soldiers who taught him how to fire a gun, hunt and scavenge. His uncle was a retired british special forces and his cousin was a british marksman. Education wise he left college after studying computer science and never wanted to go to university. Before Chernarus: - Infection When the virus first started to show itself in Chernarus the whole world watched with antisipation, wanting to see how it would all unfold and if they would be able to keep it undercontrol and isolated. It was soon very obvious that they couldnt contain the virus, but it was far too late when everyone realised that. Lucian woke up to his mother waking him up as quite as possible and explained that the virus had finally got to the UK and in his home city. Taking at little time as possible family were gathered up as well as food, the roads were blocked completely so everything they needed was being carried. Stopping at a local hunting shop that was very unknown lucain picked up a rifle with as many rounds as possible. Eventually they made their way to the docks where they found the biggest boat they could and loaded the food they were able to scavange, all their medical supplies and weapons. In total there was his mother, sister, father, step-father and grandparents that would have to survive on this boat. They spent months on the sea together, only ever docking to gather food and fuel. Lucian became adapt at hunting since that was a large portion of the food they would eat since the boat had a freezer. This lasted for months until they got near turkey where a group of pirates who took over their boat and took them hostage, they were treated as bascially slaves for months while they formulated a plan to try and break out. When the perfect time finally came, they stole a boat and any supplies they could but they didnt get far before they were caught. Not wanting to deal with their insubordination the pirates decided to just try and kill Lucian and his family. Ramming the boat, shooting and sinking the boat Lucian was struck across the head by a bit of damage boat, cutting across his nose just below his eyes while also knocking him out. Chernarus: When he eventually woke up he was in a foreign land, his family gone and wounded he relied on his ability to hunt to survive on the outskirts of a city he would come to know was named Elektro. He would only venture into the city for drinks, weapons and when he was unable to find food.
  4. Grim

    S2 EU Killed for no reason/ 24/06/16 12/53

    For a start I was still sitting down with my pistol already basically on your friend. Also how in gods name am I actually supposed to know you two are friends since you both walked in, didnt say a word then one of you walked out? Yer...that clearly shows you two are friends. NVFL? I had an FNX...a weapon I knew I could fire faster and I was already pre-aiming at the guy since he had his weapon out so when he initiated it didnt take much to aim and shoot him. He was long dead before I was. If you make a comment about how I said ill cover the door while the other guy bandage me is because I had no idea if he had friends and id rather be safe. As for you telling me to stop "crying" about it, where does it even seem I am crying about it? I was just simply stating why did you not just simply ask for food from us two instead of immediately engaging in hostile rp?...would it not have been easier for all of us if you just sat down around the campfire and interacted in the rp that was already going on? I will ask again, please help me understand why you initiated instead of just asking for food?
  5. Grim

    S2 EU Killed for no reason/ 24/06/16 12/53

    Wait so instead of just ASKING for food to RP and making so we wouldnt have had to worry about that you instead thought it was better to initate? thus making it so any rp between our characters would only be hostile or you would have just left after? It seems like by doing that you made it so any chance of any form of rp couldnt have happened because you didnt just simply ask. Edit: Also were you and the other guy who killed both me and the OP in TS or did you only meet through game and talk in-game? Because I dont exactly know 100% how the KoS sharing rights works so this can help me understand a little more but dont you both have to be in TS together to share KoS rights? If so...is that not 2 accounts of KoS that Danny commit? I may be wrong but just wanted to point that out.
  6. Grim

    The Game

    God damn you Terra...
  7. Grim

    S2 EU Killed for no reason/ 24/06/16 12/53

    [video=youtube] Sorry about the "created with sony vegas" as I had to edit it a little since shadowplay recorded it to be a lot darker than it was.
  8. Grim

    S2 EU Killed for no reason/ 24/06/16 12/53

    Hello, I am the person who was sitting with you and had campfire rp with you. I have video evidence up to the part just after I killed the guy who initiated on me. Sadly I did die due to bleeding but that was my own fault since I did say "bandage me while i cover the door" to you instead of bandaging myself. I will look into editing and uploading my PoV however thatll be somewhat annoying as it seems like shadowplay caught it all as if it was pitch black even though I could clearly see.
  9. Grim

    [FM] Free Medics

    Awesome to see the Free Medics back. Hope to see you guys in-game...just hope I never have to eat Brian's "splender" again.
  10. Grim

    The Pact [Recruitment Open]

    Oh how I missed being part of a group. It's nice being back with the old dogs. I'll see you guys once I get back Monday ready to RP
  11. Grim

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Can I get a GUID reset please. // Gina: PM sent
  12. Grim

    [Outlaw] The Outlaws - The Return [Recruitment: CLOSED]

    Why you hate me? :'(
  13. Grim

    [Outlaw] The Outlaws - The Return [Recruitment: CLOSED]

    We are back baby!
  14. Now I seem to be getting this issue.