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  1. I mean I am not bothered by my discord being changed and find the discord bit rather funny. My forum profile was funny for the day but it's slightly frustrating at this point being unable to edit my forum account and use my diamond features but eh I guess
  2. Hey Pestol, been awhile since ive seen that face. Missed you brother, please do ignore the name. It is the same Grim but rolle ya know...hit my account haha.
  3. I got you. You are up there now
  4. “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” - Albert Einstein Written from Aslan's Perspective In a world of rapid decline, global conflict and daunting uncertainty, there’s little left of home and safety. Chernarus is changing, and so, the people that inhabit it have to react and change with it. People to trust are harder to come across, and thus it becomes increasingly crucial to stick with the ones you know through and through. United behind the main goal of providing a safe place of living, the cast of civilians in Olsha set out to create a community for hopeful people with nowhere else to go. After the fall of the RAC Vybor checkpoint as well as the RF encampment in Novodmitrovsk, many civilians had lost their place of home. With no one providing safety against the surrounding world and some of its people, it was now up to the individual to provide for themselves and their own. Like-minded people started banding together, and quickly the community in Olsha got established and organized. Lee, Cillian and Tion decided on getting organized, and providing leadership and giving the people of Olsha a name to go by. As uncertainty grows and mysterious circumstances unfold and no decisive sources to rely on, it is partially their mission to uncover the events that have led everyone together. To understand the outbreak, and the ongoing national tug of war to better prepare for what is to come and to give the people the truth of the matter that they deserve. With an extensive cast of characters, everyone in the community has their place, something they do best and something others can rely on. Everyone provides, and everyone has a say in the matters being discussed. Like one big family, we take on the challenges of the world and grow stronger with each conflict we have to tackle. We pride ourselves on kindness and helpfulness. Guidance and compassion. Safety and protection. No one knows what the future holds for any of us, but whatever it may be, no one can conquer it alone. So, as the road ahead narrows and fogs up, we stand together to pave the way into the unknown… To cross this New Divide. Written from Luca's Perspective Until recently I believed that I had no place in society. my whole life wasted away as I hid myself from the outside world and the humans walking it. I didn't feel alone, because I was used to hanging out with myself anyways. I trusted that I didn't fit in. That I had no chance of a normal life and a normal thought process. When I came to this country, I had no plans or ambitions or hopes that it would change my mindset on the rest of the world. I came for a vacation, and I got that vacation. Little did I know, the people I would meet along the way whilst being stuck in one spot would forever change me for the better. These people are my family. My package deal. They've given me a 2nd chance to see the world through different eyes. They've included me in their lives. At the end of the day, we all need to rely on each other for survival now. This whole situation is a mess, but life before wasn't any different. Life now may even bet better. More hopeful. Society nearly killed me many times in the past. Maybe there's a shot of making a change and building up something that most of us have been seeking for years. Whatever the path may be, I know I won't walk it alone. @Gwimm-chan UwU - Lee Anson @Wolfstorm - Tion Thomas @Dingle - Aslan Ravn Ehlers @PhoenixLR - Luca Rylie @Poster - Reese Matthews @IvarTheNarrator - Cillian Holm @Bailey - Caesar Galliard @Raptor - Desmond Shieda @Searoz - Josh Rylie @Scouse - Damian Del Toro @Anthonyy - Arthur Ford @Conrad - Jett Turner @FireDude - Bishop Darkwood @Havikar - Isaac ONeill @Crazychimp - Michael Bonnet @Angel - Heather Connor @Lyaria - Ashley Gibson @Syx - Dexter Volek @Maverick Cobalt - Sean Fletcher Goals will be updated as the group progresses Build foundations of our own community and set our roots down in a secure location (Achived) Work together to adapt to the current situation in the world and grow stronger as a family (Infinite) Allow outsiders to use the community for resources given they provide something in return that helps the community's growth (Infinite) Stock up on resources to secure our survival within the crumbling society (By Day 30 - Achieved) Assist other survivors with medical attention and medical supplies whenever necessary (Infinite) Work with like-minded groups and negotiate trade routes in order to supply our people with necessities (By Day 50 - Groups: 3) Uncover the Truth about the Virus Outbreak and gather information on the government and military objectives moving forward (By Day 50) Scout out the South Zagorian Region for ideal hunting locations and safe areas to fall back to in case of an emergency (By Day 40) Keep out of politics and conflicts between other groups that aren't our problem (Infinite) Locate patients of "The Good Doctor" for questioning on their mission and purpose in South Zagoria (By Day 60) All recruitment is strictly done In Character and selective. However, if you would like to arrange meeting us ingame, please contact either @Gwimm-chan UwU, @IvarTheNarrator, @Wolfstorm or @Dingle Graphics by @PhoenixLR Lore by @Dingle
  5. I do not think there is anything i can do to fix this...i wish i could. Lee and Arthur do click well, he is really fun to mess with too. It is always a pleasure to see Know especially when he saves mah life, hopefully you wont need to save my life that often though haha
  6. It's not like I wanted or chose this name...god help my soul
  7. Born to a middle class family in the south of Britain Lee had a rather simplistic and easy life as a kid. He was a passing grade student, he was the type of kid is school that everyone knew this didn't make him popular though, he didn't have a huge friend group it was just more people knew of him. As he grew older he discovered his obsession with fire and explosives, the noise and how unpredictable they were interested him and he wanted to find a way to control it or manipulate it. So this is what he spent a lot of his childhood and young teenage years doing, showing off some of his projects to friends and even selling some of them to friends to pull pranks he found a way to make some quick money and have some fun. Upon turning 16 he had had many issues with his family, he decided to run away where he was picked up off the street by the DCC after hearing about his running away. He was trained and almost brained washed by the DCC until he was 18, with his training finished he was put into a team of 5 members and appointed their munitions and explosives specialist. As to not put the new team in too much danger and to monitor them to ensure no desertion the first year of missions weren't anything special, protective escorts for drug lords, corrupt politicians and some celebrities. It wasn't too bad or hard and gave them time to get use to each other as well as how the company ran their business. He went of many missions of varying difficulties after their year probation. Some of these missions were more haunting than Lee expected them to be, with one in particular that he still has nightmares about. After this mission the team noticed a change in Lee, it wasn't anything bad but he was very defensive of the young, he hated if they were roped into fighting or wars intended for adults to fight. Sometimes directly disobeying orders in order to save children or villages. His latest mission was an undercover op, he and his team were to go to the newly opened to tourism Chernarus. While there the team is to scout out major regions to find a potential area for a new home base, this is to allow DCC to being operations to occur easier inside the Russian regions. Given the new identity of Lee Anderson he was sent to the North area such as Pustoshka, Gorka and Stary Sobor areas to see if the more secluded areas might be better suited. His cover was that of a charity worker, this allowed him to get close with many community members and they trusted him. This allowed him to ask questions others might not get answers too, but once reports of the Flu started becoming more common and riots occurred Lee tried to contact his team but even after all this time he still hasn't had a response. After a week of trying he got the last radio message from his team, all of them had perished to infected or the disease itself. Hearing this news he decided there was nothing holding him to the people he use to work for, he was no longer a pawn for them to use and he is now taking his life back into his own hands. Unsure of what awaits him he does what he feels is right and protects those he cares for. - Fire - Beef - Adventuring on motorbike - Dr Pepper - Curry - Traveling - Arrogance - Ignorance - False Brovado - Disregard for human life - Explosive creating - Bass guitar - Archery - Traveling - Survive - Link up with team (Failed - All dead) - Report back to DCC (Failed - Desertion) - Protect new family -WIP This isnt everyone but i have met many people and its hard to add everyone, this will be updated as i go.-
  8. If you record yourself breaking a rule of course it should be used against you. If no rule was broken said recording couldnt be used against you, its really that simple. You cant self-incriminate unless you break said rules.
  9. .308 win was added by the moreguns mod however is a civilian spawn ammo if im not mistaken. Making it very rare due to us having a lot of civilian spawn items which push the win ammo aside a lot making it rare.
  10. You can really see where the line between bungie and 343 is for taking over by the armour really. The mjolnir armour made such a drastic change from 3 to 4. You can see that from the box art alone. I'm hoping with infinite since they have showed that the armour looks a lot more like old halo that it will return to its former glory.
  11. ODST are the real MVPs, I loved the game and reach was definitely tied with it for my personal favourite game.
  12. Grim

    M1A rifle

    mags can be found at most military areas. I had 4 mags at one point but dropped two. As for the ammo its winchester .308 so can be found in civilian houses. This can be hard to find and most of my ammo has been found through finding their mags
  13. Also...I know this is very nit picky but it isnt an AKM in game...its a KA-M a gun made up by BI for i think that exact purpose. Remember BI mainly do Milsim games, so they know what guns are. Notice how there are only a few guns that have their names changed? Mainly the russian variants. SKS, AKM and makarov. This might be for copyright issues but also because now you are looking at a completely different gun. Our KA-M isnt an AKM specifically because it doesnt fit into one specific variant of actual AKMs.
  14. No, however at 2:07 in my video its clear i hit you in the side with a sledge hammer in the side using textrp since I didnt want to hit you too much with the actual hammer to not risk killing or koing you. At around 2:34 is when you ACTUALLY even make a response to this hit, when Luca points out to you in character that you were hit...to which you reply "ouch, that hurts" in the most monotone voice i feel you could manage. In the video your excuse for not feeling the pain is that youve taken shit tons of painkillers...thats it. To the point where I was able to stab you in the hand and you shrug it off saying how its annoying and tingly (all that is recorded and posted in that video too). As for the snoring, how were any of us supposed to know you were snoring?....we assumed it was perhaps a breathing problem because NO ONE in their right mind would ever make snoring noises when surrounded by people with guns. On top of that how are we supposed to take an IC action and interpret it as an OOC message...are you saying you were talking OOC in VOIP using the snoring as a way to tell us we were boring?
  15. POV: So I logged into Gorka, get told everyone is at Vybor so begin to run over, as I do im told that some are heading to Stary to deal with an ex-Savior so I decide to help over and help with that. I get there, initiation drops, i walk over and hear him talking about his backpack and asking us to bring it or something like that. We walk him to lone house where we begin to interrogate him, he gets lippy so i smack him with a sledge hammer and tell him to cut the shit...his response to the hit was a very monotone "ow" we shrug that one off and continue to interrogate. As this is happening he gets lippy again so i text chat rp that i hit him in the side with the head of the sledge hammer, I didnt even get a response from this hit, someone said he said ow but if he did it was very quiet. This continue and he angers my character a little more so he stabs him through the hand, not getting a response as if the guy completely ignores what ive done and only when I begin to move it around in his hand he mentions how its a "tingly feeling" even though there is a knife through his hand that im moving around. Luca takes over, knocks his knee cap out and thats where he goes ooc while lying down telling us to be original and then telling us to shoot him. Dunno what happened with my audio, it didnt record my mic but the other recordings from other people have my voice
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